Stunning Australian Landscapes for the Soul Searching Traveller

Stunning Australian Landscapes for the Soul Searching Traveller

Right now, the unfortunate fact is that no one is really thinking about travel. And anyone who did have travel plans is now having to put off their holiday adventures for a little longer.

It’s also true that while everybody is under lockdown, cabin fever is starting to kick in for many. If your lockdown finds you questioning what really matters to you and seeking a little exposure to nature, check out some of these beautiful Australian locations, and perhaps think about planning a soul-searching journey down under for a point in time when we’re free to explore our wonderful world again.

Also known to the locals as Ayers Rock, this sacred spot has a rich cultural history that dates back 600 million years. Most travel guides will recommend visiting at sunset or sunrise, when visitors can see dazzling iridescent skies overhead, making these the perfect times of the day to appreciate the magnitude of this incredible landmark. Although travelers are asked not to climb the rock, there are plenty of local hiking tours offered in the area.

Uluru Australia
Photo credit: IG exploreuluru

Lake McKenzie
Lake McKenzie on Fraser Island is a beautiful natural wonder – it is one of 40 perched lakes there, sitting 100m above sea level and made purely of rainwater. With no source from the ocean, it is completely free of any external pollution. Where better to feel attuned to nature than by those clear, crystalline blue waters?

Aside from its spectacular photogenic views that’ll inspire travel envy in anyone following your social media, its local name of Boorangoora translates to ‘waters of wisdom’ – just saying it out loud sounds calming and cathartic, so experiencing it in person is sure to be inspirational.

Kanangra-Boyd National Park
Located in New South Wales, Kanangra-Boyd National Park is home to incredible rugged landscapes, with rocky cliffs that are perfect for hikers. With an easily accessible lookout allowing remarkable, clear views overlooking Kanangra Creek, Kanangra Walls and the playfully named Mount Cloudmaker, this park is home to many impressive natural sights.

Kanangra-Boyd National Park
Photo credit: IG: aussieinsiders

Gold Coast
You’d be forgiven for thinking this Australian region got its name for the color of the sand under the sun on its beautiful beaches. However, it was actually named the Gold Coast because it’s traditionally one of the pricier property areas Down Under. Aside from the awesome beaches, it’s also not too far from a few fab local theme parks, including SeaWorld and Dreamworld.

Gold Coast, Australia
Photo credit: IG manolev_architects

Extra travel tips
If you’re planning to spend an extended break in Australia where you chip in for a cheap car to get around, has cheap parking for all Aussie airports and has the lowest-cost city-hopping flights.

The land down under has plenty of unique and beautiful sights to offer, and with so many nature hotspots close to the cities as well as in the Outback, it’s perfect for anybody planning their next getaway.

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  1. Australia has amazing Places to visit. I would like to visit Gold Coast and Uluru , its so breathtakingly beautiful.

    1. They are stunning... but might be available for next year after when the borders are open.

  2. AUSTRALIA FOREVERRRR!!! Have only been to Sydney so far, but am planning to go back. Thanks for this list -- esp. on the Gold Coast!

  3. I can't wait to get back to Australia. I love the views and epic landscapes.

    1. Hopefully Australia will be open for tourist starting next summer :)


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