Filipino Grocers in Melbourne You Should Visit When you Crave your Filipino Mom’s Cooking

Filipino Grocers in Melbourne You Should Visit When you Crave your Filipino Mom’s Cooking
Who would not crave for this humble Filipino dish?

They say that travel isn’t complete without trying its local food. It is one of the best ways to understand the people, and food is a good ice breaker.

But what happens when you wake up one day, and you suddenly crave for that delicious mouth-watering smell that makes your tummy crumbling?

I woke up one day in that state in my bed here in Melbourne home where I’m now staying for 2-months now. And then I realized that nothing compares to a simple home-cooked Filipino meal, the way my loving Mom used to prepared for us.

Filipino Grocers in Melbourne You Should Visit When you Crave your Filipino Mom’s Cooking
Every Filipino knows that meal isn’t complete without Mang Tomas Sarsa!

It isn’t like western foods that need aesthetics and plating needs to be one point. Filipino foods don’t need those extras, because the foods per se are already enough to crave for. 

I’m not sure about many Filipino-Australians here (some might be converted already) but I think I wouldn’t get tired of our local foods. 

So I asked my Dada if there are local Filipino shops around because I am craving for that friend tinapa (that same funky fish that most white people hates) because I would be truly disappointed if I can’t have it like ASAP.

If you are in Melbourne like me, chances are you are in the hunt for local Filipino grocers nearby. We’ve made the list of Filipino stores that you can visit and start stocking your pantry now. Don’t forget to bring your own shopping bags!

where to buy Filipino foods in Melbourne

Manila’s Best Groceries & Gift Shop
Address: 5 Linden Tree Way, Cranbourne North VIC 3977
Phone: (03) 8738 8862
Other services: Filipino souvenir gift shops, money remittance, LBC Balikbayan boxes, phonecards
This Filipino shop is our go-to place for our frozen dried herring fish, including those dried daing fish. They also have heaps of Filipino-style processed meat such as tocino, longganisa from Pampanga, and ham that are perfect for a good Pinoy breakfast. They also sell Filipino local delicacies, such as puto (or rice cakes) and ube!

Melly’s Asian Groceries
Address: Shop 43/166 Somerville Rd, Hampton Park VIC 3976
Phone: (03) 9799 2565
Other Services: Money remittances, Sea Cargo Services, Filipino Movie rentals, phonecards
Located inside the Hampton Park Shopping Centre, this small shop also has a variety of processed meat and local Filipino sardines. But this is the place where we’ve got our local banana (frozen saging na saba) which I love most when cooked steamed.

Indah Asian Market

Indah Asian Market
Address: Hampton Park Shopping Centre, Shop 60 Hallam Rd, Hampton Park VIC 3976
Phone: (03) 8787 8789
Just right next to Melly’s, and although it is a local Indonesian shop, they have a huge aisle of Filipino foods and canned goods. They the Magnolia’s ice cream and the famous FIC ice cream. If you are into the famous Filipino dessert called halo-halo, this shop sells heaps of halo-halo ingredients!

Famous FIC ice cream available at Indah Asian Market
Famous FIC ice cream available at Indah Asian Market

hese frozen kinds of seafood are mouthwatering, available at Indah Asian Market
These frozen kinds of seafood are mouthwatering, available at Indah Asian Market

Lucy’s Filipino & Asian Groceries
Address: 56 Spring Square, Hallam VIC 3803
Phone: (03) 9796 4289 / 0432 415 478
Services: various cooking ingredients, popular local ice cream & cosmetics plus native sausages, frozen fish, meat & veggies, TFC (The Filipino Channel) authorized agent, money remittance, door-to-door boxes & international phone cards.

Inang’s Asiamart Filipino Asian Grocery
Address: Shop 8 Central South Morang Shopping Centre 338-342 McDonald's Road South Morang VIC
Phone: (03) 9424 6726 / 0406 0602 688
Services: Filipino and other Asian groceries, LBC boxes, money remittances, and other Filipino delicacies

Filipino breakfast
My Dada knows how to prepare Filipino foods… he’s converted!

Hopper’s Pinoy Asian Store
Address: 6B Dunlop Road, Hoppers Crossing VIC 3029
Phone: 0410 151 149
Services: Filipino groceries, balikbayan boxes, money remittance.

Editor’s Note: This is #Notsponsored post. We personally visited these grocers and want to share you places that we recommend.

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  1. It's good that you get to taste something that reminds you of home

  2. Oh this is quite a useful post as one of my friend has recently shifted there and could definitely make use of your suggestions.

  3. Didn't knew that there are already existing Pinoy stores in Melbourne, I initially though in Sydney only. I saw the Mang Tomas, and yeah, makes a meal a legit Pinoy touch.

    1. I get cranky if I don't eat Filipino breakfast in a week!

  4. Giod thing there are those places in Melb. SIL is there and will tell her these. She might want to try buying in one of those places.

    1. I am grateful there are Filipino stores here in Melbourne! Gurl, I am craving for dried fish like everyday!

  5. This is a great list! I bet lots of Filipinos living in Melbourne will be happy to see this. When I was an expat, I also buy Mang Thomas from Filipino stores. The best! HAHA!

    1. Mang Tomas is the best! I learned to appreciate more of these type of food than when I was in the Philippines.

  6. It's great that you found those stores. I remember when I went to Sydney, I was like a child who went to a great toy shop, when I found a Filipino stores. haha

    1. I know right! My boyfriend's kids also learning to love many Filipino snacks! I have to make a haul just for them.


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