Is Gumbuya World the best waterpark in Victoria?

Gumbuya World
Waterparks usually the go-to destinations of many of us during the summer. It is always fun and exciting, and heart-pumping for some, but sometimes it doesn’t scream fun.

Maybe I am quite old for this kind of fun?

Or maybe I just prefer a peaceful kind of waterparks and a theme park like Gumbuya World is not for me.

So why I am still writing about Gumbuya World when my experience is not that good enough?

Disclaimer: Video and photos are captured back in February 2020.

It might not be good enough for me, but I know that many of you might enjoy this waterpark destination. 

And for the sake of sharing travel stories, and letting you know many destinations around Australia, I am here giving you some insights about Gumbuya World… and it is up to you to decide.

Gumbuya World: When it Started

Gumbuya World

When a group of entrepreneurial investors comprising Jayco Caravans owner Gerry Ryan, Wal Pisciotta of Carsales.com.au, Adam Campbell, Brett Murray, and brothers Ray and Ron Weinzierl purchased the original Gumbuya Park in September 2016, these successful businessmen brought with them a vision to breathe new life into a facility that had lost relevance as a family entertainment destination over time. 

Having opened in 1978, Gumbuya Park unquestionably provided its share of fun times for many families along the journey, but still seemed stuck in a bygone area that was being created interstate and commending the bulk of the tourism dollars in this competitive market. It would not be unfair to say that Gumbuya Park was relatively short on attractions and lacking in wow factor. 

The new owners then set about delivering on their vision to re-imagine a place that they had enjoyed with their families when they were younger and to leave a legacy for future generations. Work subsequently commenced a multi-million dollar redevelopment of the 166-hectare site, with the first stage of the rebranded Gumbuya World having been unveiled in December 2017.

Visitors were introduced to a brand new and more welcoming family entertainment experience, with the creation of a multi-faceted venue combining all the attributes of a water park, theme park, and nature sanctuary into one crowd-pleasing hub.

Gumbuya World

Gumbuya World’s location on the Princes Highway at Tynong on the outer edges of West Gippsland not only makes it accessible to residents in the region but importantly, also positions it close enough to the city to attract families from the suburbs of Melbourne as well as visiting tourists.

Gumbuya World’s Attractions

Gumbuya World

Once inside, it is only a short stroll to reach the entrances to Gumbuya World’s four exciting precincts – Oasis Springs, Oz Adventure, Outback Explorers, and the Wildlife Trail. Moving between the different sites is easy due to their close proximity to each other.

The site’s family-friendly layout takes everything into consideration, including lots of amenities and plenty of cafes and snack outlets to ensure nobody goes hungry or thirsty.

Gumbuya World offers something for everyone, but the clear major drawcard is the water park, Oasis Springs which has almost doubled in size as a result of the recent Phase 2 development.

Gumbuya World

New additions in Oasis Springs include a huge heated family wave pool, The Break, which will provide endless fun this summer. Holding two million liters of water, the wave pool is set to become the ‘beach in the South East’ and also features a separate kids’ area.

The massively popular water slides in Oasis Springs have also been boosted in Phase 2 with the arrival of Tiger Snake Tango and Red Belly Racer. Tiger Snake Tango is a twisting, twirling slide that sends you zooming in darkness, while Red Belly Racer provides four lanes of high-speed racing fun.

Right next door to Oasis Springs is Oz Adventure, which is Gumbuya World’s theme park and home to its biggest and most nerve-racking ride, Rebel. Adjacent to Oz Adventure, you’ll find Outback Explorer, which has been specifically tailored for kids, with the inclusion of popular attractions like dodgem cars and playgrounds. 

Gumbuya World’s final path then leads to the Wildlife Trail, along which you’ll be captivated by 52 amazing animal species. All the traditional family favorites can be seen up close here, including koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, dingoes, wombats, emus, reptiles, and a wide variety of birds.

Admission at Gumbuya World

Gumbuya World, Victoria’s only water, wildlife, and theme park has reopened since November 2020 for summer in a COVID-safe environment.

Throughout November, all four of the attraction’s ‘worlds’ (Oasis Springs, Oz Adventure, Outback Explorers, and the Wildlife Trail) will be open from 10am until 5pm on weekends, with the Wildlife Trail open on weekdays from 10am to 4pm.

Days of operation can vary according to the time of year. It is recommended to always check the website at www.gumbuya.com.au for opening times, following the current COVID restrictions in VIC State.


Tickets per Adult (14years old and above) are $52.00 each.

Gumbuya World tickets

Discounts apply for seniors and also on pre-arranged group bookings, whilst children under three years of age are admitted free. Adults and children can make significant savings by purchasing annual passes, which provide unlimited entry for 12months along with other benefits and represent excellent value for money.

Tickets for Gumbuya World will be capped in line with current Victorian Government guidelines and all patrons must purchase tickets via the website before visiting, with no tickets available at the entrance.

For more details about getting your tickets, visit Gumbuya World tickets here.

Gumbuya World COVID Safe Plan

Gumbuya World COVIDSafe Plan

Advising the Gumbuya World team is looking forward to welcoming back visitors after what has been a challenging year, Gumbuya World Chief Executive, Ron Weinzierl stated “we are so thrilled to be able to reopen and are looking forward to throwing open the doors just in time for the warmer weather. There is so much on offer, from rides to amazing wildlife and water activities galore.

“The health and safety of our staff, guests, and wildlife continues to be of the highest priority, so we have implemented a range of new measures in line with Government recommendations to ensure that everyone including all visitors can enjoy the park safely.

“This includes hand sanitizing stations throughout the park, cashless payments, social distancing on both dry land and in the water, and compulsory masks for anyone over 12-years old,” he added.

Click here to view the Gumbuya World COVIDSafe Plan

Gumbuya World

How to Get There:

Gumbuya World map

Less than 50 minutes South East of Melbourne’s CBD (straight down the M1 Monash Freeway)
You will notice the giant bird installation on the highway, which will lead you to Gumbuya World!

Gumbuya World
2705 Princes Highway
Tynong, Victoria 3813
Phone: 03 5624 9888
Email: info@gumbuya.com.au

Acknowledgment of Country:
We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the Country throughout Victoria and recognize their continuing connection to land, waters, and culture. We pay our respects to Elders past, present, and emerging and ask that during your travels you respect these cultures, peoples, and land. 

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  1. The park looks amazing. And your infos are great!

  2. I have not been to a waterpark in years - not since we left Florida. There (we lived in Tampa) was a great one next to Bush Gardens. The one you featured seems really fun too - blessings!

    1. I understand babe! My visit in Gumbuya is the last occasion I visited a waterpark. I discovered it isn't my cup of tea, unless they have place where I could enjoy my wine and watch the view.

  3. Gumbuya World looks great. I wish i could visit it right now . We are in the middle of yet another lockdown here. Great pictures too.

    1. Yeah always a busy place especially during off school season.

  4. Oh my! My kids would go gaga over here! They miss swimming. We also went to Clark waterpark pre-Covid. Sigh..When again. Anyway, you rock that bikini!

    1. Yeah, we went there in Clark in 2019, and it was so funny coz they have weight limits! Bawal ang mabibigat!

  5. This brings back memories of life pre the pandemic. I hope we can all get to go back to places like this soon.
    Elizabeth O

  6. I've never been to Victoria, i would love to go there for a couple of weeks, soon i hope.

  7. Gumbuya World is actually very fun if you take a friend or another family with you. Or if you get an annual pass. I have met so many amazing people there, I talked to a lady in a wheelchair who had her back broken looking after horses, I met up with people I had known years ago in Gippsland, after the fires there was a sense of camaraderie in the place, it has been a good meeting up place for our family. Also we have experienced lots of activities there such as the music concerts, movie in the pool night, retro cars displays, school holiday activities like Leggo, the Australia day celebrations and games for kids like throw the trout in the barrel, the music concerts were great with Aussie icons, or just to chill on the lilos on a Summer day when the pool season is in action. We also saw surfers from W.A. showing their skills on the surfs up, lots of action there. This is a 'meeting up' place, so if you find it a bit boring perhaps next time take another family with you and just chill out together while the children play. More parts are planned for Gumbuya World but it is a little difficult for business owners no doubt during covid. This place is legendary though, they helped with the fires in Gippsland too. It is an oasis in a busy world when sometimes you just need to chill. I am hearing you that it needs more to do for the adults, fair enough, especially older adults. Maybe it could be improved in time, with a better viewing area in the current eating area, make it bigger and better for sipping wine and looking at the beautiful views over to the mountains -surely something they would want to capitalise on! Thanks and enjoy your travels


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