Loom Footwear Review: The Best Waterproof Sneaker You Must Have

Loom Footwear, waterproof sneakers
For more than 12-months of living here in VIC State Australia, I learned to appreciate more being outdoor and explore different local places. Even though this COVID-19 limits our movement, we still find ways to be out there, being fit and healthy while enjoying the fresh air.

And wearing my Loom Footwear makes my outdoor activities more convenient, comfortable, and surprisingly stylish as well! 

Now that stiletto heels are out and been replaced by more flats and sneakers, having this Loom Footwear is like a heaven-sent. 

Loom Footwear, waterproof sneakers

Loom Footwear, waterproof sneakers

Loom Footwear, waterproof sneakers

Reasons what I love about Loom!

Loom Footwear Waterproof Sneakers
One thing that I love about Loom Footwear is the fact that it is waterproof. Wearing this shoe makes me feel comfortable to be outdoor even during the rainy days, and even out there in the bush for our regular walks.

Its 3D mesh and Cosmo technology help to absorb and let out moisture from the air, ensuring that your feet stay dry even after working out for hours.
My feet never felt sweaty even during the scorching weather heat! Amazing!

Loom Footwear gives amazing comfort
Comparing to the rest of my sneakers, Loom is the most lightweight footwear I got, lighter than the stiletto heels I’ve got during my birthday! It is so lightweight that I almost not feel the weight of it, makes my walks bouncy, and supremely comfortable. 

I can walk in steeper hills and terrain without worrying about getting calluses, or even feet strain. Loom’s flexible construction with Exelcast Sole and cushion makes this extraordinary experience possible.

Wearing it for four seasons, including during the cyclones hit the town isn’t a problem. Loom made my feet extra safe and secured.

Loom Footwear is eco-friendly
Did you know that Loom is a vegan shoe?!

Loom is produced from 100% cruelty-free materials, making them one of the best eco-friendly shoes in the market. The brand is devoted to sustainable alternatives to help reduce pollution in our environment.
They have a manufacturing process that puts sustainability first by consuming less water and electricity than other competitors which reduces carbon emissions. They sourced materials from cruelty-free farms and use Merino wool (shorn from Merino sheep).

Loom Footwear is easy to clean and handy!
I have this habit of making sure my sneakers are in pristine condition after I’ve used them outdoors. I am happy that Loom footwear makes it so easy to clean and removes all the specks of dirt, by just dusting it with my shoe brush, and using my shoe wet wipes. Unlike other shoes that give an awful smell when it gets wet, Loom isn’t. 

Loom footwear is made of flexible sustainable materials that make it easier to pack inside the bag without damaging its original form.

Loom Footwear, waterproof sneakers

Loom Footwear, waterproof sneakers

Loom Footwear, waterproof sneakers

Loom is my perfect travel companion during my recent visit to Queensland, and exploring the sun, sands, and the outback!

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Where to buy Loom Footwear?

Check their website at https://loomfootwear.com/ and don’t miss their current promotions for their avid sneaker lovers!

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  1. This footwear is gorgeous on you.Glad it is waterproof and eco-friendly too.

    1. Thanks Amila! And the best part, it is lightweight too.

  2. I love that it's eco-friendly, that's awesome! I would like to have waterproof shoes, I'll have to check these out.

  3. That's nice indeed, so comfy! Will look for this as I might start my fitness regimen. By the way, are you wearing Femme de Luxe loungewear? :_

  4. I bought a pair and water started leaking through after about a month of use. The poor durability is not worth it in my opinion.

    1. Aww that is a bummer. Mine still no leaks and been using it most of the time when outdoors.


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