10 Tips for Planning a Low-Key Bachelorette Weekend

10 Tips for Planning a Low-Key Bachelorette Weekend
Forget everything you think you know about celebrating a bachelorette party. While these bachelorette weekends are usually fun, exciting, and wild, if you or your friend who’s getting married would prefer a more relaxing and low-key bachelorette weekend, we have you covered with some alternatives. 

Sure, partying it up with your best girlfriends in celebration of getting married sounds like fun, but a relaxing and rejuvenating weekend can be far more rewarding. And who says you can’t party on a low-key bachelorette weekend, too? Don’t worry! Even if your bachelorette plans seem calm, there is always room to dance it out and pop champagne with your best girls. 

Here are some of the most rewarding and relaxing low-key bachelorette weekend ideas. Have fun and don’t forget to unwind! 

1. Cozy Up in the Cabin
If you find yourself wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, take your girls on a trip to the cabin. Stop for snacks and your favorite champagne on the way up so that you all can unwind and hang out in peace. Don’t forget to pack cute loungewear so that you and your girls can chill in style. 

2. Go on a Yoga Retreat
Are you and your best girlfriends total yogis? If so, you may want to book a luxe yoga retreat somewhere tropical for you and your bridal party. This could be the perfect opportunity to relax and connect deeper with your spiritual self and your friends. Make this a week-long trip and enjoy this time with your best friends!

3. Book a Staycation
While traveling to a remote location to enjoy a getaway may seem relaxing, it takes a lot of planning. If you or the bride wants a bachelorette weekend that is easy to get to, book a staycation at a nice hotel in the city. Even though you’re not traveling far, it will still feel special. Grab a drink at the hotel lounge or book a massage at the spa. You can always dance the night away in your hotel room with your girls. You could also pack bachelorette party dresses if you decide to hit up a local nightclub if you’re feeling up to the party!

4. Schedule a Spa Day
Instead of drinking and partying it up with your girlfriends, a relaxing day at the spa or an ancient and luxurious bathhouse sounds like an amazing way to celebrate. Your girls could probably always go for a massage, a manicure, a pedicure, and some quality time with you. We love this idea if you’re looking to keep your bachelorette weekend laid-back while also creating a peaceful and relaxing time for yourself and your bridal party. Having a spa treatment and relaxation before the big day is always a fabulous idea!

10 Tips for Planning a Low-Key Bachelorette Weekend

5. Go on a Relaxing Vacation (If Possible)
Pack your bags and bring your best girlfriends and bridal party along for a getaway to a place you have been longing to go. If you’re heading somewhere tropical, make sure to pack trendy swimsuits for you and your girl squad so you can lounge by the pool in style. But not all vacations have to be somewhere warm and beachy. If you want to hit the slopes with your girls or escape to a winter wonderland, we love those ideas, too. Either way, you will find yourself returning from your bachelorette weekend feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. However, with the current state of the world, just make sure to check travel restrictions for specific destinations.  

6. Host a Pajama Party and Game Night
If you really aren’t desiring to escape to a tropical destination or making a big deal out of your bachelorette weekend, you can host a pajama party, sleepover, and game night at your house or a friend’s house. This is such a fun way to feel like a teenager again while getting together with your girls to celebrate. You can also play fun board games with your friends if you find yourself looking for ways to make the evening more entertaining.

7. Take an Art Class 
Do you want to get creative with your girls? Take a paint and sip class or a pottery class to get your hands dirty while also having a fun evening with your bridal party. This celebration and girls’ night out is a super low-key activity that won’t even feel like a bachelorette party. 

8. Host an Intimate Dinner Party
Are you stuck in between wanting to celebrate your bachelorette weekend, but also not wanting to do something super excessive? Host a dinner party where each guest brings a different dish. This will be a great way to get together and celebrate with your friends. You can jazz up the night with fun decorations or keep it as low-maintenance as possible. Totally up to you! 

10 Tips for Planning a Low-Key Bachelorette Weekend

9. Get Together for a Picnic 
If you love the outdoors, plan a fun picnic in the park with your bridal party. Like hosting a dinner party, you could have each guest bring a dish that’s special to them to bring variety to the spread. This is a low-key way to celebrate the fact that you’re about to be a newly married woman while getting together with your closest friends and family. If you want to elevate this celebration, you can always hire a professional picnic planner to design a space that’s perfect for a bachelorette celebration. 

10. Visit a Winery
We love going wine tasting! Visit the countryside to enjoy the best wines with your besties and enjoy the peacefulness of the vineyards you tour. Whether you visit one winery or you hop to a few in the same area, we hope you have a great time and find your favorite new wine!

Whether you decide to keep your bachelorette celebration low-key and laid-back or you decide to go all out, these celebrations are the perfect way to start off the days leading up to your wedding. It’s important to get together with your girl squad, reminisce, laugh, and have a great time before your wedding!

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