Visiting Walhalla Long Tunnel Gold Mine

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In 1862, with gold fever already gripping much of northern Victoria, a group of prospectors decided to take their chances down the south. Led by Ned Stinger, they trek from the Goulburn Valley, down the Aberfeldy River, reaching the Thomson River, which they followed downstream.

Carefully searching tributaries, they reached what’s now known as Stringer’s Creek. As they followed the creek upstream, the glint of gold is abundant, and it’s not long before word of their luck spreads, and the gold rush to the ‘Valley of the Gods’ begins. 

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The blacksmith’s shed where the early mining tools are located, along with the safety helmets you need before entering the mine.

After it’s discovery, it was an almost instantaneous rush. A lot of people came, the population suddenly grows and it became a tent city. The word got out about all the gold and the big quartz miners from Ballarat, Bendigo, including Maryborough and they came down looking for reefs. They found a number, the most significant of which was Cohen’s Reef, which runs from the Railway Station north for a distance of about eight kilometers; a total of five large mines are established on that reef.

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With over 50-years of history, the mines produced 40 tons of gold – the Long Tunnel Extended Gold Mine alone yielding 14-tons of gold. During a time of great economic depression, it was the top producing gold mine in Victoria for five years, and for one year, Walhalla topped the gold mine production in Australia.

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Some people did very well during those times, others not so well. Many Chinese miners did well and grew vegetables, including butchers, bakers, and candlestick makers who made their money supporting the mining industry. 

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The Long Tunnel Extended Mine was at the heart of Walhalla’s gold production. It attracted droves of prospectors trying their luck, and it still draws crowds of visitors, including those looking to strike it rich. It commenced work in 1865 and it worked for just under 50years, closing in 1912. The tunnel goes into the mountain about 300-metres and the shaft goes down 3400-feet. These are levels all the way down 100-feet apart.


How the gold mine works? 

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The quartz was extracted from the reef and hauled up the shaft and out the tunnel, taken to the crushers and batteries, where it was pounded down to coarse sand. It was then ground down to flour and then when it went over mercury plates and the mercury amalgamated the gold and everything else got washed off into the creek. 

Despite its safety, there were still casualties over its years of operation as a working mine. There are rumors of lost souls roaming around the mine, but I haven’t experienced any sign of it during our tour. 

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The Long Tunnel Extended Gold Mine is one of the most accessible gold mine attraction in the state, allowing for wheelchair visitors and those with mobility issues while offering an authentic experience.

Pets are not allowed.

Tickets and Admissions

Tours will be conducted at the advertised times and as tour sizes will be reduced to COVID-19 restrictions, additional tours will be conducted to meet demands. School groups, and bus groups are welcome. 
Family with 2 adults and up to 4 children - $60
Adults - $20
Children under the age of 16 - $15
Children under the age of 5 – FREE
Seniors, bonafide students, and concession card holders - $15
Group tours may be conducted by arrangement. Costs for groups of over 12 people are $12 per head.

Note: All prices are in Australian dollar. All tickets will be purchased at the Mine Office at 165 Main Road Walhalla, prior to the tour. Accepts cash or card.

Operating Hours: Saturday to Sunday – 12:00noon / 1:30pm / 3:00pm | Monday to Friday 1.30pm

Long Tunnel Extended Gold Mine Current Situation

The mine is open for tours every day, with several daily tours during school holidays. However, due to the current restrictions brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, number of visitors are lower comparing to the past years.

Aside from the current pandemic, Walhalla also experienced a devastated massive mudslide brought by the huge storm in June 2021. The gold mine is partially damaged and currently undergoing clearing and rehabilitation.

We are so lucky that we had an authentic experience visiting the Long Tunnel Extended Gold Mine back in January 2021. Our local tour guide, Geoff (he is also the Manager!) was very versed in the workings of the mine, including its history and many anecdotes. The took us 200 meters into the hill, quite cold inside for with an average 12 to 16-degrees Celsius, and it was well kept. 

Truly a must-see destination, and hopefully Walhalla will open its doors to the public after its rehabilitation.

Walhalla Long Tunnel Extended Gold Mine
Address: 165 Main Road, Walhalla VIC 3825
Phone: 03 5165 6259 
Email : infor@walhallaboard.org.au
Website: www.walhallaboard.org.au


Acknowledgment of the Country
We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the Country throughout Victoria and recognize their continuing connection to land, waters, and culture. We pay our respects to Elders past, present, and emerging and ask that during your travels you respect these cultures, peoples, and land. 

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  1. Walhalla Long Tunnel Gold Mine place brings out a lot of curiosity in me. I always love to explore weird places like this and learn how things works. Such a fun activity to do!

    1. Yeah, sometimes it is quite eerie and weird, but knowing their back story makes me feel humble. There are so many abandoned gold mine in Australia, and this is also a proof on how Australia becomes what it is today.

  2. This is an interesting alternative to regular "touristy" destinations, it feels like a time long past. Glad to note the prices are in AUD, as I thought 60 USD was quite expensive!

    1. Learning the old stories of gold mining is quite interesting, and sometimes eerie.

  3. I feel silly. I never really thought about gold mining in Canada and I should have realized that it was up and down the west coast. I wouldn't mind visiting and learning more. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Oh you mean Victoria, Australia, not Victoria in Canada.

  4. That Walhalla gold mine looks awesome. I love touring old mines. I have to visit it when I take my trip to Australia!

    1. There are still many operational gold mining mostly in Western and South Australia. I should visit them next time!

  5. I've never been into a mine before! This looks like an amazing experience.

    1. It is amazing, but knowing the early stories makes me feel a little different. People back then engage to gold mining as the main source of income.

  6. This looks like such a neat place to visit. We've been to a few tunnels and similar attractions and my boys thought they were awesome so I know they would love this!

  7. This is interesting, I've never been to a mine tunnel. I hope I can visit one someday.

    Fransic - https://www.querianson.com

    1. If you enjoy history and adventure, visiting gold mine is a good idea.

  8. My hubs amd I were recently at some tunnels and caves. I find this stuff fascinating

  9. This is such a great experience. A step back into time.

    1. That is true. A mirror on how hard the life is back then.

  10. I'd love to visit this historic place. It looks so exciting!

    1. There are many abandoned gold mines in Australia, and a few still operational but modernized.

  11. Wow ���� never been to a Gold Mine before but i'm pretty sure exploring this is truly a great experience. The place reminds me of those old western movies for some reason. Thank you for giving us a virtual tour

    1. You are right! It does look like in old western movies, including cowboys.

  12. Wow, this is quite interesting! It's a little spooky but I'd love to experience and visit this place too! I din't know about this until I stumble to this post.


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