Romantic Entertainment Ideas for Your Upcoming Anniversary

Romantic Entertainment Ideas for Your Upcoming Anniversary
If you've reached a milestone anniversary or just want to plan something extra-special to celebrate your years together, there are many things to think about during the planning process and entertainment is one of them. While food and drink are important, entertainment helps prevent the possibility of boredom, ensuring that everyone has a good time. 

Or, maybe you're planning a surprise party for the anniversary of your parents, grandparents, or close friends? Either way, hiring entertainment is practically a must for making it as memorable and as romantic as possible. 

The only question is, what are the most romantic options? 

A Harpist

The beauty of classical music as played through a harpist is one of the most romantic sounds. The instrument has long been associated with elegance and romance, filling even a large room with lovely tunes from contemporary selections like Michael Buble and Celtic music to classics like Handel's Passacaglia performed with a romantic spin. 

Most professional harpists will provide you with recordings of their work you can listen to, allowing you to select the songs that best align with your vision for the event. Some of the most romantic include the title track from "Beauty and the Beast," a rendition of Lana Del Rey’s Young and Beautiful or Annie's Song by John Denver.

An Italian Vocalist 

Italian singers can set a romantic scene that evokes the canals of Venice and the days of old with singing gondoliers belting out songs known as barcarolle, a version of famous arias heard in Venetian theaters. A trio is fabulous a capella though many are soloists that can also play instruments like the piano or guitar. 

Just imagine having a singer that belts out Storia d'Amore (Love Story) or La Costruzione Di Un Amore with lyrics that suggest love is something that takes work and years to build, but the effort made results in love that can transcend, reaching incredible heights. How perfect would that be for a marriage that's stood the test of time?

A String Quartet

A full-string quartet is the utmost in grace and elegance, with soft melodies that are sure to make the celebration one to remember as a total sensory experience. It's the kind of music that can bring a tear to the eye, featuring the viola, cello, and two violins. As with other live performers, it also allows you to be flexible when it comes to the pace of the music. A quartet can easily slow the tempo down at just the right time or replay the end of a selection with visual cues. 

Depending on the quartet you choose, some can even create an original song just for you two? Or, if you have songs already in mind, the musicians can put together a custom arrangement that makes it more personal. If you want to liven things up, you might have them play a set of bolder music, perhaps renditions of some of your favorite rock songs, or even the soundtrack for romantic films and shows like "Outlander" or "Titanic."

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