Top 10 Greek Islands to visit in 2022

Top 10 Greek Islands to visit in 2022


A unique formation of volcanic rock has literally given rise to some stunning views and grounds for exploration. Santorini’s iconic bright white houses with blue-domed roofs overlook an equally colorful island. Home of red cliffs, black sand, and turquoise waters, Santorini can be navigated via numerous guided tours that focus on local industries such as winemaking, or visitors can trek high into its hills to find the perfect spot to watch a famous pink sunset. Those wanting to journey deeper into the island’s history and geography can descend to explore Akrotiri, an archaeological site that excavates a 16th-century volcanic eruption. 


Famed for its buzzy, cosmopolitan atmosphere, Corfu is perfect for those wishing to sample some of the region’s best food and drinks. Bustling restaurants sit alongside beaches that are perfect for swimming and sunbathing as well as wild rides on speedboats or more relaxed cruises. Its water parks and resorts will have youngsters in their elements, too. To see the island at your own pace, it’s also possible to rent bicycles and mopeds. Horseback trekking tours are available for those wishing to journey further inland and discover the wildlife. 

Top 10 Greek Islands to visit in 2022


A treat for visitors who want to dance the night away, Mykonos makes no apology for being the premier destination in the Greek islands for bar hoppers, gig-goers, and clubbers. From its open-air cinema to lounge bars and beachfront venues, Mykonos probably isn’t the place to go if you want a good night’s sleep, but its entertainment credentials cannot be bettered. It also hosts its share of picturesque villages and coastal tours, should you find yourself awake during daylight hours.


The biggest Greek island is a hub of culture, packed with remnants from its Roman, Arab, Venetian and Ottoman eras. The palace of Knossos is a site steeped in its rich history, with parts of the surrounding area dating back to the Bronze Age. The Terrain in Crete is equally diverse, boasting an array of rocky and sandy beaches. At Samaria Gorge National Park, it’s possible to walk for hours immersed in nature. Explore the remote villages accessible via trails or rent a boat to journey to a spot of splendid isolation.

Top 10 Greek Islands to visit in 2022


A breathtaking combination of old and new, Rhodes preserves a fascinating mosaic of ancient cultures within its city walls while outside, it continues to adapt to the times. Churches sit alongside Roman ruins, a Venetian fort, and more, making it a prime stop for history buffs. White its archaeological museum uncovers more secrets from its treasure trove past, the Museum of Modern Greek Art offers a contrasting mix of contemporary culture. The eateries in the old city are known for fine dining and further afield, beaches and bays await anyone who wants to explore Rhodes’ natural heritage. 


A popular destination for day-trippers from Athens, Hydra also welcomes artists to leave their mark on the picturesque landscape. In the mid-20th century, Hydra began to attract an international community of creative minds. Now, it continues to do so through an annual show that features installations by noted sculptors displayed in converted spaces such as a former shipyard and a slaughterhouse. The ban on motor vehicles on the island only adds to its bohemian feel. Donkeys are a popular mode of transport and it's possible to settle in and stay at a self-catering house or apartment. 


An epicenter for archaeological discovery, Delos contains a wide range of historic monuments, including the remains of a marble theatre built in the first century BC. Its temples and statues dating back to the Hellenistic and Classical Greek periods offer more tantalizing hints of its past. Unlike many of the other Greek islands, Delos is not particularly hospitable terrain, but visitors can soak up the unique experience and perhaps share in the sanctuary it provided for Apollo.


The place to go if you wish to revitalize yourself through either adventure or relaxation, visitors to Skyros can do everything, whether it’s diving into cave exploration or retreating into mindfulness. Dance, the arts, and wellbeing retreats are among the activities on offer and can help you unwind in an age of constant connectivity. Make the most of your creativity, learn a new skill, or reconnect with a part of your life that has been pushed aside by your daily routine. 


A paradise for nature lovers, Tilos is mapped with a network of pathways that take its visitors into the wild. Once there, you can while away the hours by spotting many rare birds and other species that create a living monument to ecology. Here, flowers and herbs flourish alongside local creatures. The Byzantine Monastery of Agios Panteleimonas stands at the end of the only road on the island. A bold structure, it is decorated with florid frescas which contrast with the ‘ghost village’ of Mikro Chorio. Wander through the abandoned streets here for a different kind of connection to the past. 

Top 10 Greek Islands to visit in 2022


As you would expect from the site where St. John supposedly wrote the Bible’s Book of Revelations, Patmos has both great historical and religious significance. Landmarks such as the Holy cave of the Apocalypse have long since transformed into places of worship and the presence of the church on the island ensures that the atmosphere remains respectful and secluded. Patmos, however, is not without glamour: stunning villas and sophisticated bars keep its well-to-do visitors happy, while local shops and bakeries ensure the island retains its local, welcoming atmosphere.

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  1. Joaquin Eli BacodMay 18, 2022 at 4:31 PM

    Isa sa perfect place tlga ang greek . Ang dmi dn pla tlga dito na place na tlga nman mggnda at nkaka enjoy pasyalan . No 1 tlga ang Santorini 🥰 dream ko mkapunta dito . ❤️

  2. Yay! There's a lot of beautiful and amazing plaaces to visit in Greek. I will definitely add this to my bucket list! 🥰❤️

  3. Ang ganda naman diyan ms.blair,kay ganda naman puntahan diyan ,sarap maexperience magtravel ng ibang bansa,pero anyway,thank you for sharing ms.blair🤍kahit Hindi ako makapunta diyan,happy pa din ako kahit sa post lng,nakita ko yung kagandahan diyan💚🤍🤍🤍

  4. We saw some of them ,or let me say familiar on tiktok! And even on travel documentary! Yours article/ blog are absolutely amazing description of them !

  5. We saw some of them ,or let me say familiar on tiktok! And even on travel documentary! Yours article/ blog are absolutely amazing description of them !

  6. Wow grabe yung top 10 po na yan😍😍kahit isa lang jan mapuntahan ko ang saya na siguro ang gaganda naman kasi lahat . Talagang breathtaking ang view😍

  7. After this pandemic, I'll surely visit at least one of them. Here in the Philippines, there are many resorts trying to copy Santorini. One of them is the Thunderbird in La Union.

    1. Yeah I've been in Thunderbird many years ago and it is impressive. Sana makapunta ulit!

  8. I never thought there's a lot of island in Greece. My favorite one to visit is Patmos because it has deeper meaning that we need to hear.

  9. i havent been to any but it has been my dream to visit santorini since sisterhood of the traveling pants! my mom though has been in santorini pre-pandemic. lucky her!

  10. I went to Greece last 2018. The sights and views are simply breathtaking! Their food and culture is interesting. I enjoyed my stay there.

  11. OMG! One of my dream destinations... I'm crossing my fingers for this and love the top 10 in your list.

  12. Visiting those places would be a dream come through. I’m just amazed at how beautiful the blue of the ocean looks from there!

  13. Wow! sana kahit isa manlang mapuntahan ko.. super gaganda ng places nato


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