Visiting Tesselaar KaBloom, Festival of Flower this Autumn

Visiting Tesselaar KaBloom, Festival of Flower this Autumn
One of the activities I enjoyed truly here in Australia is the opportunity to visit many open gardens and farms. A few weeks ago, I had an awesome opportunity to visit the famous flower farm in Melbourne’s Dandenong Range.

Located in the Victorian town of Silvan just right the Dandenong Range along Monbulk Road, this 25-acre flower farm is one of the best garden destinations you shouldn’t miss during the blooming season. The farmers of Tesselaar hand-planted seedlings from the summer season to ensure their flowering throughout the Autumn season. 

History of the Tesselaar Family

The Tesselaar Flower Farm is considered a love affair spanning generations. 

Visiting Tesselaar KaBloom, Festival of Flower this Autumn

In 1939, Cees and Johanna Tesselaar left Holland on their wedding day and sailed on one of the last ships (the Strathallan) to leave Europe before the outbreak of World War II.

Stopping in every port along the way, the Tesselaar’s settled in Melbourne after learning that it was the place to go if they were to grow bulbs. Soon after arriving in Melbourne, a man heard Cees was looking for a property and drove him out to see a farm in Silvan. Cees instantly fell in love with the property and saw his whole future mapped out on that farm. Unfortunately, due to distance and facilities, Cees decided not to purchase the property.

Attracted by the large expanses of land on the outskirts of Melbourne, Cees and Johanna settled on two acres in Ferntree Gully where they grew their first crops of tulips, gladioli, and daffodils.

After five years, the Ferntree Gully property became too small, and an improved transport system meant Cees and Johanna could now move further out of Melbourne. During their search for new land, Cees came across the Silvan property again. On impulse, Cees walked in and asked the farmer if his property was for sale, it was and Cees bought it instantly.

With its rich volcanic soil and cool climate, the new property was perfect for growing bulbs. It was also on the main road so attracted passers-by on weekends, which would often stop and admire the exotic flowers growing in the front fields. 

By 1954, the crowds were so great that Cees and Johanna decided to officially open the farm to the public. 

Fast forward 66 years and third-generation nurseryman, Paul Tesselaar is continuing this family’s strong tradition of sharing the color and delight of millions of beautiful blooms with the public.

Visiting Tesselaar KaBloom, Festival of Flower this Autumn

The immigrant couple truly achieve their Australia dream! I wish to own a small plot of land that I could cultivate and nourish to form my own little garden. It takes years of hard work, time, and patience before achieving this kind of spectacular beauty.

Tesselaar KaBloom - Festival of Flowers

Tesselaar KaBloom - Festival of Flowers began in 2018. Continuing a proud family tradition, the Tesselaar’s have been opening their flower farm to the public since 1954.

Visiting Tesselaar KaBloom, Festival of Flower this Autumn

This year’s festival showcase over 300,000 plants across 200 flower beds. 
Over 3 million flowers were on display with colorful, sweeping fields of cleomes, snapdragons, salvias, marigolds, dianthus, and more. 

Visiting this place will positively vanish all your worries and anxieties, it is like being in a fairy world surrounded by magic. Though during weekends, it tends to be quite crowded, it is still a relaxing place to visit with family and friends, and spend the day, or even avail of their afternoon tea party packages.

Visiting Tesselaar KaBloom, Festival of Flower this Autumn

Visiting Tesselaar KaBloom, Festival of Flower this Autumn


Aside from enjoying your walks to the wide vast flower fields, spectators can also enjoy outdoor art installations and other entertainment that kids would love such as circus workshops, and train tractors storytelling with the resident woodland fairy. They also host treasure hunts, garden games, face painting, and even egg-hunting parties during the Easter long weekend. 

There are food and drink stalls, souvenir shops, and a lot more!

You can also bring your fur babies, but make sure they are on a leash and bring your own doggie bag.
There are a number of tables and chairs available for you to use. You are also welcome to bring your own picnic rug, chairs, or picnic for that matter, and relax for the day. However, it is advisable not to bring your own alcoholic drinks as there is a licensed bar available.

Visiting Tesselaar KaBloom, Festival of Flower this Autumn

I decided to dressed-up in a cottage-core-inspired outfit to fully immersed myself in this beautiful garden. You are more than welcome to take as many photographs as you like and shoot your videos for your content. Just be mindful of other guests, and never pick any flowers in the garden. They have bunches of bouquets available for purchase in their shop. 

Avoid going into the garden beds, except to some allowable spaces. Flying your drone is not allowed. 

Ticket Admission:

AUD 29.00 entry fee per adult 
FREE entry for children ages 16 and below.

Tesselaar KaBloom Festival of Flowers is an autumn event that will re-open in March/April 2023.

Tesselaar Spring festival, called The Tesselaar Tulip Festival will be from September 10th to October 9th, 2022.

Visiting Tesselaar KaBloom, Festival of Flower this Autumn

How to get there:

Via Private Transport
The best way to get to Tesselaar KaBloom is to get a group of family and friends together and take a scenic drive through the Dandenong Ranges to Tesselaar KaBloom, which is located within 60 minutes of Melbourne. They have FREE off-street parking spaces for cars and 15 off-street parking spaces for buses.

Via Public Transport
Public transport is an alternative method for getting to Tesselaar KaBloom for people who do not have access to a vehicle. It is important to pre-plan your public transport trip to ensure your day is hassle-free. Instructions are as follows:

Board a Train to either Lilydale or Belgrave Station - both are around 20 minutes from our farm.
Board the Route 663 Bus from Lilydale or Belgrave Station to Tesselaar KaBloom.

Visiting Tesselaar KaBloom, Festival of Flower this Autumn

Tesselaar Spring Festival, called The Tesselaar Tulip Festival will be from September 10th to October 9th, 2022. I am super excited about this upcoming event for the spring season.

If you are planning to visit Melbourne next Autumn, don’t forget to add Tesselaar Festival to your travel itinerary. 

Tesselaar Flower Farm 
357 Monbulk Road, Silvan.
Phone: 03 9737 7777 Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5pm.
Website: https://kabloom.com.au/

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