Dopamine Dressing for Grey Days

dopamine dressing
I used to believe that the winter season is the most depressing season, coz many people wear black, more neutral shades, greys, and more black.

However, I realized that I shouldn’t follow what society dictates. Just because your favorite movie star is wearing a black winter coat to meet her boyfriend at the park, doesn’t mean you do the same.

When leaves from the trees start to fall and become dormant during this season, would it be a great idea to bring back colors to attract more positive, energetic vibes this gloomy season?

What is dopamine dressing?
If you’re new to the term, dopamine dressing simply refers to wearing pieces of colorful clothing that are likely to give our brains a hit of dopamine (the neurotransmitter connected to feelings of pleasure or reward). A term recently popularized by fashion psychologist Dawnn Karen (though dating back to 2017 runways) says we can use clothing to catalyze the oh-so-coveted dopamine spike and get a mood boost as a result.

Pinterest’s 2022 predictions claimed that dopamine dressing would jump up in popularity this year. Its annual report shared that feel-good outfits would be a key trend in 2022 writing that “People are heading somewhere over the rainbow this year with vibrant outfits and colorful palettes”.

Specifically, terms like ‘vibrant outfits,’ ‘rainbow dress women’ and gradient dress have spiked in popularity on the platform, jumping up by as much as 16 times the search volume.
I love wearing fun and colorful clothes coz it gives me a vibrant feeling. What we choose to wear each morning is hugely significant in how we enjoy our day. 

Dopamine dressing refers to a person’s motivation to dress in a way that will result in a positive outcome, like feeling more confident, competent, or happy.

dopamine dressing

In today’s blog, I would like to share with you one of my recent upcycling projects for this winter season. My 15-year-old stepdaughter recently did her closet decluttering and gave me her outgrown onesies. Some parts have stains on them, however, because of its colorful textile, I believe that I can still rework these onesies and make something for myself this winter.

I began my work by washing them all and after drying, I start unstitching their parts. I checked the zippers and buttons and found that they are still in good condition which will be useful material for my other DIY project.

dopamine dressing

Usually, I don’t have a particular design in mine and just go with what my instinct tells me. Using the jumper pattern that I made months ago, I started to mix and match the textiles on hand. After this project, I still saved some of the textile remnants for the next project. 

I am to minimize creatively waste as much as possible!

dopamine dressing

dopamine dressing

dopamine dressing
I realized that this outfit made me look like the friends of Rainbow Brite! I love it!

And here is the result! It bursting with colors! Bold colors aren't exclusive for one season only.
Katy Perry would be so proud!

I decided to still use the unicorn hoodie coz it looks cute. The owl-print textile is a remnant of the previous project.

This upcycled jumper feels so comfortable and warm perfect for this chilly weather. I also recently wear this jumper during the recent kid’s birthday party, and the kids are all impressed including the host. I reckon I did a good job there. 

BTW, I’m not totally dismissing wearing full black. Black is classic and sophisticated. However, I’ll make sure that I won’t be wearing black just for the sake of it. I’ll wear black with glam and sparkle!

What do you think of this latest look? 

Would you consider adding dopamine dressing to your mood?

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  1. ang cute ng term na dopamine dressing. nakaka good vibes and brings out bright smiles because of its colors. ganda ng pagcombine mo na materials. turned out great!

    1. Sayang kasi yung tela, okay pa naman. Yung ganito kasing overall clothes hindi maganda i-donate.

  2. Yay love it po ang ganda ng kinalabasan. Nakakabuhay din yung color😍first time ko marinig ang dopamine dressing na yan sa TikTok page mo po.

  3. Love this! Ang Ganda po and Ang colorful po. Wow thanks for sharing this po, now I know na po kung ano yung dopamine dressing. Super creative nyo po talaga and super amazing Ang result po nito. Lovely outfit 😊❤️

  4. I like your unicorn hoodie♥️,btw,ang ganda na words na dopamine dressing ,,eh pala,we wearing a pieces a colorful clothing,pero anyway ,ang ganda NG results,kahit anong damit,pwde pa pala mapakinabangan to become a beautiful piece!great job Ms.blair🤗♥️

  5. Omg wow ang ganda ganda nman . Galing niyo pong gumawa tlgang bagay na bagay . Ang fashionista! ❤️

  6. This can be applied on gloomy days , instead of wearing black, it can be on the other way around!
    It does makes you feel good and wonderful! Satisfying and rewarding! Happy weekend ❤️


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