Dressing like a Gucci Girl, but on a budget

Dressing like a Gucci Girl, but on a budget
For many amazing seasons, Italian fashion designer Alessandro Michele made GUCCI a more exciting luxury brand for a lot of modern fashionistas, including us in the world of secondhand and frugal shopping. Those layering pieces, the flamboyant colors, textures, and designs are truly inspirational, which made me look for similar pieces on a budget. 

And although he parted ways with the brand, his groundbreaking creativity still sits in my mind rent-free, he encourages us to have fun with fashion and find our own authentic selves.

I can still dress the part without spending my hard-earned Aussie dollars, and still helping to support local shops.

The moment I found this GUCCI-inspired cardigan ($4) during one of my visits to Drouin Anglican Op Shop, I knew that this piece deserves to be included in my growing collection of timeless treasures. It was sitting lonely in the men’s clothing racks along with the usual plaid shirts. I guess no one wears a stylish knitted cardigan anymore.

I grabbed it along with this cute Tweety Bird novelty bag ($4). 

Gucci GG-jacquard wool-blend intarsia-knit cardigan.

Except for the colorway, the cardigan per se is quite similar to the Gucci GG-jacquard wool-blend intarsia-knit cardigan. 

Dressing like a Gucci Girl, but on a budget

Dressing like a Gucci Girl, but on a budget

In this first look, I wear this burnt-orange wool-blend intarsia-knit cardigan with the upcycled winter skirt I made. My Doc Martens boots also made this whole look complete.

For the second look, I switched the skirt to black biker shorts from Kmart ($10), and use the cute googly-eyed handbag that also bought from the op shop. 

Dressing like a Gucci Girl, but on a budget

Dressing like a Gucci Girl, but on a budget

Dressing like a Gucci Girl, but on a budget

The autumn season is finally here with us which means that it is the season for more snuggling outfits, yet colorful and conscious driven.

Why chose buying secondhand?
Data from Australia's Department of Climate Change, Energy, Environment and Water showed the average Australian bought 27kg of new clothes each year and discarded about 23kg into landfill.
Overproduction and over-consumerism are huge problems that pollute the environment. We can do our best to help minimize textile waste through conscious shopping and reusing our clothes. 

If you are interested in op shopping adventures around Drouin VIC, you can visit the following shops:

57 Commercial Pl, Drouin VIC 3818

65 Roberts Court, Drouin VIC 3818

131-133 Princes Way, Drouin VIC 3818

121 Princes Way, Drouin VIC 3818


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  1. Love the design of the cardigan. Ang ganda ng pairing ng cardigan na ito sa winter skirt and biker shorts. Nakadagdag din iyong boots and of course iyong handbags. Ang cute.

  2. Ang galing mo talaga magdala ng damit Ms.blair at bagay na bagay po sa inyo 💯

  3. great job carrying this one. I bet only a few can flaunt this like you do. Great job!

  4. That's true, there's so much waste on over production and over-consumerism. i support sustainable fashion, too.

  5. It looks so good on you. I agree on buying secondhand clothes. Nasa nagdadala talaga.


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