Red Tees and Rosé: Ladies Unleashed on the Greens - A Guide to the Ultimate Golf Escapes for Women

Red Tees and Rosé: Ladies Unleashed on the Greens - A Guide to the Ultimate Golf Escapes for Women
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Women’s golf has come on in leaps and bounds over recent decades. Pro, am, or just for fun, more women are packing their golf clubs in search of adventure and leisure, sprinkling a spirit of liberty on the greens on both sides of the Atlantic.

Swinging Sisters and their Grand Escapades in Golf

A spark of excitement was ignited over a quarter of a century ago at West Essex Golf Club when a day out for a humble group of ladies turned into grand escapades indulged far away from home. From the humble beginnings where a handful of ladies indulged in a golf outing, the enthusiasm towards the game spewed into a popular celebration, each year bringing together more than 30 women, each with their love for golf and companionship.


Fraternizing over Fairways - Paving Paths Beyond Borders

Outreaching their home ground in England laid the desire of these women to traverse borders and embrace golf courses abroad their clubs have made contact with. Le Touquet in France, for instance, was a destination not too farfetched yet offering fairytale landscapes and a haven truly meant for lady golfers. Now let me think, does car insurance cover golf cart accidents
Just asking.


Golf Getaway: More than just Putts and Pars

Although it is the golf game, the dew-kissed greens, and the clear blue sky that calls to these ladies, it is the entire package that matters. Firm believers of the 'work hard, play harder' ideology, these women who don't crumble under the pressure of perfecting their swings, also believe in the need for good food, and good company to laugh and reminisce with.


Setting Leisurely Goals at Stoke by Nayland Hotel, Golf & Spa, East Anglia

A favorite among the attendees of the West Essex Golf Club's outing has been the Stoke by Nayland Hotel, Golf & Spa. The irresistible allure is the resort's excellent value for money, catering to a golfer's need for reasonable and thrilling golf courses, as well as those who relish a good session at the spa.


Grandeur in Greens - The Goodwood Estate

Further down south in the charming English county of West Sussex, you will find the Goodwood Estate, an embodiment of everything a lady golfer could ask for. With two magnificent golf courses - The Downs Course and the Park Course - there is much to explore and enjoy.


All in all, for today's vibrant female players, Golf is not just a sport, it is an experience, one that gets better with the company of their friends. So, for those seeking a bit of fun on the fairway, remember, these vacations are much more than holing the putts, they're about relishing the journey together. As the old saying goes, the greens are indeed always greener when you're golfing with friends!

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