AXA Introduces "Better She"

AXA Better She: first menopause health management program in Hong Kong
AXA introduced the “Better She” Programme, the first menopause health management program in Hong Kong. Better She encourages women to embrace this significant life stage.

AXA Hong Kong and Macau are proud to introduce the "Better She" Programme ("Better She"), the first menopause health management program in Hong Kong. Better She is designed to support and inspire women as they navigate the physiological changes during the menopausal period. An innovative addition to the successful health management solution "BeOnTrack Programme" launched last year, Better She encourages women to embrace this significant life stage and aims to raise public awareness about menopausal health for women in Hong Kong.

Stepping beyond the traditional framework of insurance protection, Better She provides a diverse array of personalized services that support women's physical and mental health during menopause. These services range from health check-ups, gynecological consultations, symptom relief treatments, mental health support, and more. For just HKD 10 per day, customers can fully immerse themselves in a 12-month journey towards holistic health. This program motivates women to take control of the physiological changes during menopause, reclaim their health, and be on track 100% of themselves.  

Despite the Physical and mental Challenges of Menopause, Only a Third of Women Seek Medical Help

Women constitute half of the employment-population in Hong Kong. As such, addressing the challenges they face during menopause is crucial. They have to experience significant physiological changes during the menopausal phase, such as discomfort from hot flashes, night sweats, increased heart rate, and osteoporosis - all linked to considerable hormonal fluctuations. A recent survey reveals that 56% of women in Hong Kong experiencing menopausal discomfort endure symptoms for one to five years, with over 40% reporting swings, anxiety, or even depression. Despite the prevalence of these challenges, most women choose to bear menopausal discomfort alone, and only one-third seek medical advice.

Better She Supports Women to Reclaim Their Health And Be On Track to 100% Selves

Better She supports women in reclaiming their health during menopause. It provides gynecological check-ups, symptom relief treatments, and psychological consultations. Beginning with a comprehensive gynecological examination focusing on breast and ovarian health, customers receive a thorough health analysis from a gynecologist. Tailored treatments are then provided to alleviate and prevent menopausal discomforts. Meanwhile, relevant mental health services are arranged to assist customers in managing stress with a positive and proactive mindset.

Recognizing that each woman experiences physiological change differently, Better She services and treatments can be customized to meet an individual's needs, guided by a team of experts. Customers will also receive a complimentary body fat scale or blood pressure monitor to self-monitor their health status at any time.

Emily Li, Chief Employee Benefits & Wellness Officer, AXA Hong Kong and Macau, notes, "Women play multiple roles in society, workplace, and family. Yet, they also face enormous stress and discomfort when going through the inevitable journey of menopause. Menopause is a natural life stage, but in this day and age, the majority of women still avoid discussing or acknowledging it, exacerbating more mental stress. Some even mistakenly assume the menopausal discomfort is due to regular cyclical hormonal change, failing to realize that they are, in fact, undergoing menopause. As a lifelong partner to our customers, AXA is committed to breaking taboos and encouraging women to be more aware of menopause. Unlike traditional women's health insurance, which emphasizes illness diagnosis and treatment, Better She offers a comprehensive health management solution for women in Hong Kong. In addition to gynecological examinations, it provides detailed health analysis, personalized treatments, and psychological consultations. We hope Better She will be a catalyst to fostering women's health awareness and creating a supportive community, inspiring every woman in Hong Kong to take control of her physical and mental well-being in this important life stage."

Better She supports women in Hong Kong to reclaim their health and be on track for 100% selves.

For more details of the Better She, please visit: www.axa.com.hk/en/be-on-track-for-her-better-she

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