Top 5 Must Visit Destination in China for the Year of the Dragon 2024

Top 5 Must Visit Destination in China for the Year of the Dragon 2024
Welcome to the Year of the Dragon, one of the auspicious years in the Chinese calendar!

And for many travelers and culture lovers, 2024 gives us many reasons to explore the world and experience many adventures outside our comfort zones. 

For today’s blog, we would like to share with you top must visit destination in China, and some of the reasons why you should add these on your travel bucket list.


Zhejiang, China - Top Must Visit Destination in China for the Year of the Dragon 2024

Located on the east cost of China and facing the East China Sea, Zhejiang is blessed with more than 2,000 islands off its coast. It is also province in eastern China that boasts a rich and diverse culture, natural beauty, and historical heritage. It is a popular destination for travelers who want to experience the charm of ancient water towns, the tranquility of Buddhist islands, the elegance of tea culture, and the modernity of cosmopolitan cities. Here are some of the best places to visit in Zhejiang:

The capital city of Zhejiang and one of the most famous tourist cities in China. Hangzhou is renowned for its heaven-like West Lake, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that offers stunning views of pagodas, bridges, gardens, and mountains. Hangzhou is also a center of tea culture, where you can visit the peaceful Longjing Tea Plantations and taste the famous Dragon Well green tea. It is also home to many historical and cultural attractions, such as the Lingyin Temple, one of the largest and oldest Buddhist temples in China, the Six Harmonies Pagoda, a majestic octagonal tower that overlooks the Qiantang River, and the Grand Canal, the longest and oldest man-made waterway in the world.

Putuoshan, China - Top Must Visit Destination in China for the Year of the Dragon 2024
Avalokitesvara (Guanyin) in Mount Putuo

An island in the East China Sea that is regarded as one of the four sacred mountains of Chinese Buddhism. Putuoshan is named after Mount Putuo, where Avalokitesvara (Guanyin), the bodhisattva of compassion, is said to reside. It is a place of pilgrimage and worship, where you can visit many temples, statues, and caves dedicated to Guanyin. It is also a place of natural beauty, where you can enjoy the stunning island scenery, sandy beaches, and lush forests.

A city in northern Zhejiang that is famous for its water towns, which are ancient settlements built along rivers and canals. Jiaxing is home to two of the most representative water towns in China: Wuzhen and Xitang. Wuzhen is a well-preserved water town that dates back to the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD). It has many attractions, such as the Hundred-Bed Museum, which displays various types of antique beds, the Folk Custom Museum, which showcases the local traditions and festivals, and the Shadow Play Theater, which performs an ancient form of puppetry. Xitang is another charming water town that features nine rivers, 104 bridges, and numerous alleys and corridors. Xitang is known for its tranquil atmosphere, especially at night when the lanterns light up the waterways. Xitang is also a popular filming location, as it was featured in the movie Mission: Impossible III.

Xitang, Zhejiang China - Top Must Visit Destination in China for the Year of the Dragon 2024
Xitang, Zhejiang China


Jiangsu, China - Top Must Visit Destination in China for the Year of the Dragon 2024

Jiangsu is one of the best destinations to visit when in China because it offers something for everyone. Whether you are interested in nature, culture, history, or cuisine, you will find it in Jiangsu. It is also a province in the eastern part of China that has four popular cities: Suzhou, Nanjing, Wuxi, and Yangzhou. Each city has its own charm and features that will make your trip unforgettable.

Known as the city of silk and gardens, you can admire the exquisite craftsmanship of the Suzhou No. 1 Silk Factory, explore the elegant Humble Administrator’s Garden and Lingering Garden, and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of Zhouzhuang Water Town. Suzhou is also a paradise for food lovers, as you can taste the famous Suzhou-style dishes, such as squirrel-shaped mandarin fish, sweet and sour spareribs, and steamed white fish.

Nanjing is the capital of Jiangsu and a city with a profound history and culture and was the capital of six ancient dynasties and the Republic of China, and it witnessed many important events in Chinese history. You can visit the Memorial of the Nanjing Massacre, which commemorates the victims of the Japanese invasion in 1937, the Sun Yatsen Mausoleum, which honors the founder of modern China, and the Ancient City Wall, which is one of the largest and best-preserved city walls in the world.

Taihu Lake, Wuxi - Top Must Visit Destination in China for the Year of the Dragon 2024
Taihu Lake, Wuxi

Wuxi is a city that boasts beautiful lake scenery and cherry blossoms. Wuxi is located on the shore of Taihu Lake, one of the largest freshwater lakes in China. You can take a boat ride on the lake and enjoy the views of islands, bridges, and pagodas. Wuxi is also famous for its Yuantouzhu Park, which is a popular spot for viewing cherry blossoms in spring. You can also visit the Lingshan Grand Buddha, which is one of the largest Buddha statues in China.

Yangzhou is a city that combines classical elegance and modern development. Yangzhou is renowned for its Slender West Lake, which is a scenic area that features pavilions, temples, gardens, and bridges. Yangzhou is also a cultural center that has produced many famous poets, painters, and scholars. You can visit the Yangzhou Museum, which displays various artifacts and artworks from different dynasties, or the He Garden, which is a masterpiece of Qing Dynasty Garden Design.


Shanghai, China - Top Must Visit Destination in China for the Year of the Dragon 2024

It is hard to deny that Shanghai is one of the best destinations to visit in China because of its rich variety of attractions that showcase the history, culture, and modernity of this metropolis. Whether you are interested in architecture, art, nature, or shopping, you will find something to suit your taste in Shanghai. 

Here are some of the reasons why you should visit Shanghai:

The Bund 
This is the iconic waterfront promenade that displays the contrast between the colonial buildings on one side and the futuristic skyscrapers on the other. You can admire the classic skyline of Shanghai from here, especially at night when it is illuminated by colorful lights. You can also take a cruise on the Huangpu River or a sightseeing tunnel to cross it.

Yuyuan Garden, Shanghai - Top Must Visit Destination in China for the Year of the Dragon 2024
Yuyuan Garden in Shanghai

Yuyuan Garden & Bazaar
This is a classical Chinese garden that dates back to the 16th century. It features exquisite pavilions, bridges, ponds, and rockeries that create a tranquil and elegant atmosphere. You can also explore the nearby bazaar that sells souvenirs, antiques, snacks, and handicrafts.

Oriental Pearl TV Tower
This is one of the most recognizable landmarks of Shanghai. It stands at 468 meters high and has 15 observation levels that offer panoramic views of the city. You can also visit the Shanghai Municipal History Museum at its base or enjoy a meal at its revolving restaurant.

Shanghai Tower
This is the tallest building in China and the second tallest in the world. It reaches 632 meters high and has the fastest elevator in the world that can take you to the 119th floor in less than a minute. You can enjoy a bird's-eye view of Shanghai from here or visit its exhibition center and art gallery.

Nanjing Road
This is the main shopping street of Shanghai that stretches for 5 kilometers. It is lined with hundreds of shops, malls, restaurants, and entertainment venues that cater to all kinds of customers. You can walk along this pedestrian street or take a sightseeing tram to experience its lively atmosphere.

Zhujiajiao Water Town
This is an ancient water town that preserves the charm and style of old Shanghai. It has more than 1,000 years of history and features stone bridges, wooden boats, narrow alleys, and traditional houses. You can take a boat ride along its canals or visit its temples, museums, and markets.

These are just some of the many attractions that make Shanghai a wonderful destination to visit when in China. You will never run out of things to do and see in this vibrant and diverse city.


Heilongjiang China - Top Must Visit Destination in China for the Year of the Dragon 2024

Located in the northernmost province of China, bordering Russia along the Heilongjiang (Black Dragon) River. It is famous for its winter wonderland, where you can enjoy the spectacular ice and snow festivals, ski resorts, and hot springs. Heilongjiang is also home to some of the world's most impressive volcanic landscapes, such as the Wudalianchi Global Geopark, where you can see dormant volcanoes, lava fields, and mineral springs. Heilongjiang has a rich and varied ethnic heritage, with 35 ethnic groups living in harmony. You can experience the customs and traditions of the Hezhe fishermen, the Ewenki hunters, and the Daur cattle herders. 

Heilongjiang also has a strong Russian influence, especially in its capital Harbin, where you can admire the Russian-style architecture, such as the Church of St Sophia and Zhongyang Dajie. Harbin is also known as the music town of China, where you can enjoy classical concerts and opera performances. 
Here are some of the best places to visit in Heilongjiang:

The capital city of Heilongjiang, Harbin is known as the "Ice City" for its annual Harbin Ice and Snow Festival, which features spectacular ice sculptures, lanterns, and snow activities. You can also admire the Russian-style architecture of the Church of St Sophia, Zhongyang Pedestrian Street, and Volga Manor, or visit the historical Unit 731 Museum, which documents Japan's biological warfare experiments during World War II.

Harbin City, Heilongjiang China
Harbin City, Heilongjiang China

China Snow Town
Located in the Shuangfeng Forest, China Snow Town is a picturesque village that is covered with thick snow for more than seven months a year. You can enjoy the fairy-tale scenery of snow-covered houses, trees, and hills, or experience the local lifestyle of sledding, skiing, and staying in wooden cabins.

Yabuli Ski Resort
The largest and most popular ski resort in China, Yabuli offers a variety of slopes for different levels of skiers and snowboarders. You can also try other winter sports such as ice skating, snowmobiling, and snow tubing, or relax in the hot springs after a day on the snow.

Laohei Shan
A dormant volcano that rises 515 meters above sea level, Laohei Shan is a natural wonder that attracts many visitors. You can hike to the crater lake, which changes color according to the season and weather, or explore the surrounding forest and grassland, which are home to many rare plants and animals.

The northernmost town in China, Mohe is a remote and peaceful place that offers a unique experience. You can witness the phenomenon of the aurora borealis (northern lights) in winter or enjoy the long daylight hours in summer. You can also visit the Arctic Village, which is the closest place to the North Pole in China or cross the Heilongjiang River to Russia.

Heilongjiang is a destination that will surprise and delight you with its charm and diversity.


The Palace Museum, China - Must Visit Destination in China for the Year of the Dragon 2024
The Palace Museum, Beijing China

Beijing, the capital of China, is a city with a long history and a rich culture. It has many attractions that showcase its glorious past and present, as well as its natural beauty and modern charm. Here are some of the best places to visit in Beijing:

Tiananmen Square
This is the largest public square in the world, and the symbol of China's national pride. It is surrounded by many important buildings, such as the Great Hall of the People, the National Museum of China, and the Monument to the People's Heroes. It is also the gateway to the Forbidden City, the former imperial palace of the Ming and Qing dynasties. Book your tickets in advance via KLOOK

The Palace Museum
Also known as the Forbidden City, this is the most well-preserved and largest ancient architectural complex in China. It was the home of 24 emperors from 1420 to 1911, and now houses a vast collection of cultural relics and artworks. You can explore the splendid halls, courtyards, gardens, and galleries, and learn about the history and culture of imperial China.  

The Great Wall of China
This is one of the most famous landmarks in the world, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a massive defensive structure that stretches for thousands of kilometers across northern China. There are many sections of the Great Wall that you can visit near Beijing, such as Badaling, Mutianyu, Jinshanling, and Simatai. Each section has its own features and scenery and offers different levels of difficulty for hiking.  

The Summer Palace, China - Must Visit Destination in China for the Year of the Dragon 2024
The Summer Palace 

The Summer Palace 
This is another UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the largest and most exquisite imperial garden in China. It was built in 1750 as a summer resort for the Qing emperors and covers an area of 290 hectares. It consists of a natural landscape of hills, lakes, and islands, as well as artificial structures such as pavilions, bridges, temples, and palaces. You can enjoy the stunning views, admire the architecture, or take a boat ride on Kunming Lake. Book your tickets via KLOOK.

The Temple of Heaven
This is a complex of ancient sacrificial buildings where the emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties worshipped heaven and prayed for good harvests. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and a masterpiece of Chinese architecture and landscape design. The main structures include the Circular Mound Altar, the Imperial Vault of Heaven, and the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests. You can also see many locals doing exercises, playing games, or singing in the park. 

Wangfujing Street
This is one of the most famous shopping streets in Beijing, where you can find a variety of shops, malls, restaurants, and snack stalls. You can buy souvenirs, clothes, books, electronics, or traditional crafts here. You can also taste some local delicacies or exotic snacks at Wangfujing Snack Street, such as Peking duck, scorpions, or starfish.

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