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Top 5 Must Visit Destination in China for the Year of the Dragon 2024

4:58:00 PM
Top 5 Must Visit Destination in China for the Year of the Dragon 2024

Dianjiang Peony Culture Festival

12:00:00 AM
Dianjiang Peony Culture Festival

Where to Celebrate the Qixi Festival Date Night in China

12:00:00 AM
China Travel, upscale restaurant in China, travel, taste, Qixi Festival, Chinese Valentine's Day, luxury restaurants in China, Beijing Travel,
August 17, 2018 is Qixi Festival or Chinese Valentine's Day!

Hainan, China offers Visa-free policy for 59 Countries

12:00:00 AM
Have you ever dreamed of visiting the beautiful places in China but worrying about the visa process?

Shangri-La Hotel Xiamen

12:00:00 AM
Shangri-La Hotel Xiamen

Tired of Boring Campus? This European Castle-Style University Encourages Posh Study-Life

8:22:00 PM
Sichuan Southwest College of Civil Aviation, Aviation school in Asia

Top Flower Bed Destination Travel in China: UPDATE JULY 2016

8:08:00 PM
flower tourism in China, flowerbeds in China

Travel Buzz: 6-day visa-free transits for Shanghai effective January 30

6:41:00 PM

Garden Inside the Train?! Check Out These Colorful Trains in China

6:30:00 PM
colorful artsy trains in China
A couple take phone in a decorated carriage in Guangzhou, South China's Guangdong province

When in China: Newest Romantic Tourists Attraction in China - Flower Gardens Tourism

9:30:00 AM
Newest Romantic Tourist Attraction in China - Flower Field Tourism

Romantic in Pink: Wild Pink Grass Field in Shanghai, China

8:35:00 PM
Wild Pink Grass Field in Shanghai, China

Cat Cafe in Shenyang

9:00:00 AM

When in China: Cat Cafe in Shenyang

Shangri-La Hotels And Resorts Brings Luxury to An Elegant Oasis in Tangshan

9:30:00 AM
 Considered the "Treasured Land to the East of Beijing," Tangshan has been a trove of history, lush parks and arts and culture for centuries, which is why the city - just two hours by car from Beijing - will be fitting for the 301-room Shangri-La Hotel, Tangshan, opening today August 28, 2015. 

Shangri-La Hotel, Tangshan - Exterior

When in China: Green hats as punishment for traffic violations

8:01:00 PM

Traffic rule violators made to wear green hats

On this street in southern China, you can visit Starbucks Coffee - or rather, 'Sffcccks Coffee'

6:00:00 PM
It looks like Starbucks from a distance, but upon closer inspection, something is very off here.

12 essential apps for China travelers on a budget

12:00:00 PM
Getting around in China can be tough for newcomers, and even tougher if you’re short on cash. As a fairly recent college graduate without much to spare myself, I’ve compiled 12 apps I used or really wish I had known about when I first arrived in the country. May your travels be merry and many!


Waygo is a translator with a specific vocabulary: food and transport. All you do is hold your iPhone camera over the Chinese text, line it up in the box, and when the app recognizes the characters, the box turns orange and you get a proper translation. Waygo doesn’t claim to be a complete dictionary, you just get a couple of words rather than a befuddling list of definitions — enough so that you know what you’re ordering or where you need to go. It’s far superior for these purposes compared to your average dictionary app and doesn’t require an internet connection.

You can also translate several lines of characters at once, which is a clear time-saver when you’re tackling a menu, be it a Western or Chinese cuisine. Your first 100 translations are free (each individual line of text counting as one translation), after which time you’re limited to 10 per day. If that’s not sufficient, then you’ll need to upgrade to the paid service, a one-off payment of GBP 11 ($18). An Android version has been promised for sometime, but isn’t available yet.

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