4 Ways To Prepare Your Home For Your New Dog’s Arrival

4 Ways To Prepare Your Home For Your New Dog’s Arrival
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Bringing your new dog home can be exciting as it comes with several benefits. For instance, dogs offer companionship, help you stay active, and create a calm and secure home for you and your family. Unsurprisingly, around 48% of Australian households have at least one dog, reiterating their position as man’s best friend. That said, adopting a dog can be challenging, particularly when you want them to feel healthy, safe, and a happy member of the family. Below are four top tips for preparing your home for the new dog. 

1. Gather supplies 

One of the first steps to take is to ensure you have all the goodies ready for your furry friend’s arrival. You may grab a comfy bed, a collar and ID tag, a leash for walkies, food and water bowls, and some toys. A crate or playpen that’s big enough for them to stand up and turn around is also a good idea. If you know what they’ve been eating, get a small bag of the same food to keep things consistent. You can change it later, but mix the old and new food slowly to avoid a sore tummy. 

2. Create ideal spots in your home

Your new dog will be nervous in a new place, so choose easy-to-clean spots for its bed, food and water bowls, and playtime zones. Spreading out newspapers on the floor for the first few days can be a lifesaver during potty training. Also, baby gates are best for blocking off any no-go zones and gradually giving your dog more freedom as it learns the house rules. 

With your new pet arriving, you and your family will likely spend more time outdoors playing with it, so it is best to secure your backyard. Consider installing the right fencing to secure your outdoor space, eliminating the chance of your new friend encountering hazards like traffic or wandering off. 

3. Equip your home with special cleaning items 

Unpleasant doggy smells can sometimes arise, making it essential to get an odour neutralizer when preparing for your new arrival. Even if your puppy isn't allowed on the furniture, accidents happen, so it is smart to get some stain removers and upholstery sprays. Paper towels are also a must-have for any mess, and don't forget the “pooper scooper” and bags for walks. These are vital to make things stress-free.

4. Ensure all pets are healthy

4 Ways To Prepare Your Home For Your New Dog’s Arrival
Image: Sam Lion/pexels.com

Before bringing your new dog home, confirm that your existing pets are up-to-date on their jabs and are in good health. Introducing a new dog can be challenging, but a healthy household helps ensure a happy dog. Take your new furry friend to the vet within a week for a check-up, some shots, and treatments for fleas and ticks. Most shelters and breeders may do this alongside microchipping, vaccinations, and neutering, but double-check and book an appointment if needed. This way, everyone, including existing pets in your home, can be healthy and live in harmony.

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