Review: Miss Saigon in Melbourne

Review: Miss Saigon in Melbourne
My husband and I watched Miss Saigon in Melbourne back in December 2023.

'Miss Saigon' is a masterpiece of musical theatre, with stunning set pieces, spellbinding music, an unbelievably talented cast, and a gripping story. The production has won Tony and Oliver Awards for its excellence, and its only minor flaw is its slightly lengthy runtime, which is not the fault of anyone involved. The dazzling sets and impressive lighting design create a spectacular backdrop for a truly mesmerizing night at the theatre.

Review: Miss Saigon in Melbourne
Miss Saigon at Her Majesty's Theater, Melbourne in December 2023

The performance is led by remarkable actors. Abigail Adriano, a Filipino-Australian actor who plays Kim, captivates the audience from the moment she appears on stage. She portrays an innocent and gentle character with a powerful voice that fills the room in every song. At only 19 years old, she demonstrates amazing acting skills, showing a convincing character arc throughout the performance.

Nigel Huckle, an Australian actor who plays Chris, conveys intense emotion when he sees Kim. Their chemistry as a couple is undeniable. The show evokes a lot of emotion that can be felt almost tangibly, thanks to the extraordinary cast.

Review: Miss Saigon in Melbourne
Nicholas Kong as The Engineer

Nicholas Kong (the ensemble for Seann Miley Moore), who plays The Engineer, provides comic relief that balances the high stakes of the story. Although it was quite a disappointment to miss the flamboyant Filipino-Australian artist Seann Miley Moore on stage, Nicholas delivered his energetic performance that gave me occasional goosebumps. 

The music is operatic and sweeping, full of heart, and dominates most of the production. It is a musical with very little dialogue, relying almost entirely on the power of its musical numbers to connect with its audience - something it does with ease. For this reviewer in particular, there is something hauntingly beautiful about the harmonies and vocals of 'The Ceremony (Dju Vui Vai)' that has stayed with me.
Other musical highlights include 'The Movie in My Mind', 'Sun And Moon', and 'Maybe', with the latter delivered stunningly by Kerrie Anne Gre.

Review: Miss Saigon in Melbourne
glad that my opera glasses always comes in-handy

Review: Miss Saigon in Melbourne
Overlooking the Her Majesty’s Theatre from our place at Rydges Melbourne. 

Review: Miss Saigon in Melbourne

'Miss Saigon' is a captivating and thrilling musical with stunning sets and superb performances. It tells a powerful story of love, loss, and sacrifice in the midst of war. Don't miss this amazing show if you get the opportunity to watch it!

Miss Saigon in Manila

Miss Saigon, the acclaimed musical that captivated audiences in Australia, is returning to Manila, Philippines, with a stellar cast and more local Filipino talents. The Asian tour of Miss Saigon is brought to you by GWB Entertainment, and the Manila season is presented by GMG Productions at The Theatre at Solaire. Tickets are exclusively available through TicketWorld. Don't miss this chance to see Miss Saigon, showing at The Theatre at Solaire from March 23 to May 12.

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