Is Your Business An Easy Target For Burglars?

Is Your Business An Easy Target For Burglars?
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Business premises are a common target for burglars. This is particularly the case with companies that have lots of cash or valuable items (such as jewellery or electronics) stored on their property. Most burglars are very selective as to who they target and will look for vulnerabilities. Below are some of the vulnerabilities that could make you a target. 

Old locks
A skilled burglar will be able to pick a basic lock. Many old doors have these types of locks and can be common points of entry for burglars. Visibly worn locks that can be easily prized open are also a big danger to look out for. Consider whether it’s time you upgraded your property’s locks. Locksmiths can help you to choose more secure locks - which could include digital locks and alarmed locks. Explore these types of locks to boost your premises’ security. 

No exterior lighting
Burglars have less chance of being detected if they target unlit properties at night. If your business premises have no exterior lighting, it could make you a more attractive target. Consider adding some lighting around the exterior of your business property. Motion-sensing lighting is a common option as it can save you energy compared to regular lighting while still scaring off intruders. Make sure this is placed around vulnerable areas of your premises such as windows or doors. 

No cameras
Cameras are a major deterrent against burglars. No thief wants to be caught red-handed on video and most experienced burglars will avoid properties that have any surveillance. Consider installing a security camera outside your property if you haven’t already done so and make sure that it’s placed in the right location. If there are multiple points of access to your property, don’t be afraid to install multiple cameras. You can install cameras inside to protect against insider threats.

Untrained staff
Some burglars will target properties while staff or customers are still in the building. This typically happens late at night during quiet hours. It’s important that your staff are trained on how to react in a burglary situation  - which could include knowing who to alert. There could also be defense strategies that could be put in place like keeping a low amount of cash in the till at night or installing alarm buttons that quickly notify the police. It’s also important to introduce protocols to defend against more sly burglary methods - such as accompanying all visitors or making sure they wear ID while in the building.

Lack of background checks
Sometimes employees can be the perfect burglars. They already have access to areas with valuable items or data and may understand existing security protocols. To make sure that a potential burglary isn’t an inside job, it’s important to vet all potential employees thoroughly. A previous history of theft-related crimes or dismissal from previous jobs for stealing is never a good sign and should be something to look into. You won’t always catch all burglars by doing this, however, you could potentially stop some thieves in their tracks. 

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