7 Ways You Could Be Wasting Water

7 Ways You Could Be Wasting Water
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Wasting water can lead to high water bills and in some areas water shortages. By being more conservative with your water usage, you can save money and prevent local water restrictions. Below are just some of the ways that people commonly wastewater (and how to use less).

Not fixing leaks
There are certain leaks such as burst pipes that you should obviously never ignore due to the potential water damage they can cause. However, dripping taps should equally not be ignored - while they may not cause much damage because the water is going directly into the sink/tub, they can quickly increase your water bill. Call a local plumber to fix any type of leak the moment you notice it. 

Washing half loads of laundry
Only washing a few items of clothing at a time could cause you to waste huge amounts of water. It’s better to let laundry pile up and wash full loads so that you’re using the washing machine less. Aside from white clothing, most coloured clothing can be mixed together nowadays - so don’t waste your time sorting clothing into 10 different colours. 

Not filling the dishwasher
Constantly using the dishwasher can also use a lot of water, which can cost you money in both water bills and dishwasher tablets. Make sure that you’re not washing a few plates and cutlery at a time. Instead, try to fill the dishwasher each time.

Running water while brushing teeth/washing dishes/shaving
Another common way in which people waste water is by leaving the tap running while doing tasks like brushing teeth, shaving, or washing dishes. When brushing teeth or shaving, there’s generally no need to keep the tap running unless you’re rinsing your toothbrush or razor. As for washing dishes, it’s more economical to fill a washing-up bowl. Yes, certain items may need rinsing beforehand, but you don’t need to scrub them under a running tap. 

Bathing instead of showering
The average bath uses up a lot more water than the average shower. So while it’s nice to relax with a bath now and again, you ideally shouldn’t rely on them for washing yourself. Try to take more showers. Of course, make sure they’re not long showers - as you could end up using more water than you would in a bath.

Flushing trash down the toilet
Flushing the toilet uses more water than any other task within our home. Therefore, flushing the toilet less is the best way to consume less water. Make sure that only bodily waste and toilet paper are going down the toilet. Items like sanitary products, q-tips, wet wipes, and dental floss should never be thrown down a toilet - not only does it lead to unnecessary water usage, but such items are the most common causes of blockages. 

Not using a rain barrel for gardening
When it comes to using water for feeding plants and your lawn, one of the best natural sources is rainwater. It not only hydrates plants but provides the soil with all kinds of minerals that aren’t found in tap water. You can collect rainwater in a rain barrel. By collecting this water and using it for gardening purposes, you can reduce the amount of tap water that you use - and save money on your water bill.

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