When Ultra Luxury and Art Combines - Would you get your lady-love a hand-painted Hermes Bag?

 Would you get your lady-love a hand-painted Hermes Bag?

If you are an avid followers of fashion and business trends, you probably know that The Hermes Birkin handbag is the most exclusive purse in the world, and literally dubbed as one of the best and less risky investment nowadays than buying stocks or buying gold in the market.
To be clear, the study was conducted by Baghunter, a website that sells luxury handbags, so it's obviously not coming from an unbiased source. But it's still a fascinating look at the Birkin's constantly high demand in a world full of fickle shoppers.
I know that some of us doesn't like talking about the numbers (well even I myself) but this figures matters on us fashionistas.
Researchers compared the S&P 500, gold and Birkin bags to see how their value changed over the past 35 years.
The stock market had a return of a nominal average of 11.66 percent, with a real return average of 8.65 percent; gold had an average annual return of 1.9 percent, with a real return average of -1.5%. And those numbers assume that you don't buy or sell within that 35-year time period.
Birkin bags, on the other hand, increased in value by 14.2 percent over the same time period. Gold and stocks can be volatile, increasing and decreasing in value all the time, but the Birkin bag only became more and more valuable over the time period.
The value really shot up in 2001, when it increased in value by 25%, but every year has shown an uptick. And just last year, a Birkin bag was sold at auction for a record price of $223,000.
Why is the bag so valuable? Because it's scarce. There's a years-long waiting list for a new Birkin, and that has led to a booming resale market. Fortune reports that you can get them repaired for life, which means you can pass it down to children and grandchildren—or you could just sell it on eBay for as much as six figures.

Modern Filipino Artist paints Birkin as a canvas.

Due to the popularity of the Birkin Bag, some socialites and artists are making a difference showing their artistic side along with the bag. That's why we couldn't help but noticed the recent works of Filipino Artist, Ms. Love Marie Ongpauco-Escudero (aka. Heart Evangelista) as she posts on her two IG accounts all her commissioned hand-painted Hermes Bags.

UPDATE: July 8, 2016

Ms. Ongpauco will be having her first exhibit of her Hermes Collection this coming September 3, 2016.

I admit her style and crafts are very vivid and beautiful, perfectly adds up statement on your original bags. Her works are very inspiring to us most urban women, to continue her passion and crafts along the way.

We managed to stalk her IG account and share you these beautiful hand-painted Hermes Bags, painted by her.

Some of you might question, "Is it worth it?" or the more blatant question "Does it diminishes the value of the Birkin Bag?"

We think not..
The value of the hand-painted Birkin Bag won't diminish because it was created by a known artist, which, for each exhibits her pieces are always a sold-out.

In luxury industry, the value of a luxury goods depends on how we consumers think the value of it. It all depends on our perceptions and lifestyle on how we see the things are. In terms of hand-painted Birkin Bags by Love Marie, the value of both items - the bag and the artist, rises up. They are both hot items in the market, and there is still no indications of depreciation for both.

So, is the hand-painted Birkin Bags perfect as a gift for your lady-love? Assess first if the bag sits your lady-love's style, and how she sees the bag for not just a Bag.

It is all worth it if these perfectly fits your lady's style and taste.

PS. You may wanna check out some Filipino Celebrities and their Birkin Bags.

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