How to handle Difficult Co-workers

Ever found yourself in a sticky situation with a colleague? Of course you have! Because we all have different beliefs, principles, and work ethics, it's perfectly normal for tensions to arise between ourselves and people we just don't see eye to eye with. But since this is the workplace, we have to remain professional and mature when it comes to such incidents.

Be the better woman by heeding these simple tips for handling difficult coworkers with grace.

1. Distance yourself from the person. If you must interact with the offending party, do so via e-mail or SMS. Keep interactions short and purely work-related.

2. Acknowledge your flaws. Don't put all the blame on your colleague. Understand that you may be at fault too.

3. Change your perspective. Instead of dwelling on the rift between the two of you, tell yourself that you won't let your colleague affect your performance.

4. Try to look at your coworker in a new light. Instead of focusing on the things that bother you about the other person, focus on his or her strengths.

5. Prepare a battle plan. If the two of you have to work in the same project, be clear early on about each other's roles in the task at hand.

6. Engage in dialogue. Confront the other person, but be mature about it. Be extra careful about coming off as offensive.

7. Inform your superior or HR. If the issue still can't be resolved, don't hesitate to seek advice from your boss or human resources.


  1. Good info. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Throughout my employment, I have had experienced conflicts with a co-employee. But I did not take it as a negative impact to me or to my job. I just do my best at work and show my boss that I am efficient in everything I do.


  3. I just ignore them, thanks for the advice

  4. I normally stay away and remain civil but never hang out with the person. :)

  5. Yeah wherever you work you will always find someone who is not compatible with your personality and you will always clash. It's just a matter of learning that some things are not meant to be that you cannot force to befriend someone you don't like. Just be true to yourself and always be civil. ;-)

  6. plan depends on the person you're dealing with. Yahweh bless.

  7. I am just thankful that my co-workers are easy to work with. We play a really good team and I think that is the best part!

  8. Super agree with 4. Try to look at your coworker in a new light

    i believe each of us has something even the worst co worker has something good in personality...instead of being irritated, I look at them in a new light...

  9. this is rightfully needed by bosses who does have good IQ but poor EQ

  10. one more thing: Smack that b****'s face with your "takong" hahaha.. nah just kidding. The best way to combat annoying co-workers is to ignore them.

  11. Aww!! Where were all these tips when I was in a situation like this? Hehe...

    Reminds me of my TOYOTA Davao years. :D

  12. Handling difficult situation in a workplace needs tact and firm in making a decision on what to do. I would rather prefer suggestion number 2: "Acknowledging you flaws." There's nothing wrong to admit if everyone is at fault. Accepting one's fault is an honest admission of getting things done perfectly.

  13. well this scene is very common in the office or any working environment. it is part of it without them work would be boring hahaha.. well I just go with my work.. and still be nice (plastic).. haters will always be losers.. so just be cool, get in with the flow.. do your work and surpass their work..still be good so others will have nothing to say on you

  14. Thanks guys for your comments! Most of the workers kasi doesn't know how will they handle these kind of situation...

  15. I find it better to talk to the offending person or individual personally and avoid scandal in the public and work things out.


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