How to make a QR Code for your Website

How to make a QR Code for your Website

Do you own an iPhone, BlackBerry, iPad or any smart phones? If you can observe nowadays, most commercial websites have their QR Code.

These are like those dots on a square peg (I know right!) and if your are a newbie, you might think there is a hidden secrecy out there that needs this code.

Actually the idea of being mysterious is also a huge PLUS nowadays in digital media.

Visitors who own a smart phones could scan this QR Code and they can view the said website on their phones.

But what exactly is this QR Code?

What exactly is a QR Code?

In short, it’s a barcode that you can scan (usually using an iPhone, Android phones or any kind of  smart phones) and when you scan it you are taken to a web site. Wikipedia’s definition of QR Code is as follows:

A QR code (short for Quick Response) is a specific matrix barcode (or two-dimensional code), readable by dedicated QR barcode readers and camera phones. The code consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background. The information encoded can be text, URL or other data.

QR really means “Quick Response”. The bar code that you are seeing is really a bar code just like the ones that are typically used on UPS packages or even FEDEX packages. It can be scanned from just about any direction. Anyhow, you probably have already seen them in ads, and just like I've said earlier in most commercial websites, posters, brochures, and it's everywhere!

Actually, I find this QR Code idea to be genius, especially for lazy and techie humans because all you can do is just scan the QR Code image using your smartphone (make sure you have installed a QR Code Reader, no specific brand necessary) and it automatically diverts you to its path - usually website, or addresses.

No need to type for those looooonnggg website, which is sometimes annoying especially if you just have your nails done, LOL.

How to Make Up a QR Code
The process of making or getting a QR code is pretty simple, really. There are several web sites that will allow you to make a QR code within seconds. The one I used for the QR code above is Kaywa, a site that has both a QR Code Generator and a QR code reader. You’ll need a QR code reader app installed on your iPhone or Blackberry or Android Smart Phone in order to actually scan the bar code.

Kaywa QR Code Generator

UPDATE 12.23.2016 - When I first posted this article in April 2012, Kaywa is still offering its QR Generator for free, but now they are already charging you if you will use their services.

But you may also use the QR Generator below:

QR Code Generator

1. First, go here: or

2. Enter the URL, Text that you want displayed, a Phone Number, or even an SMS (a message).

3. Generate it.

Once it’s generated, you can save it and display it wherever you want. I prefer to screen capture it and save it as a .JPG file so I can then share it around with others, just like I have done above.

If you do not have a QR code reader app installed, then you need to go ahead and do that. That way you can scan any other QR codes that you come across, not only in printed ads but also at certain locations, some merchants display their QR codes that will then take you to their web site.

How to make a QR Code for your Website

You can make your own QR Code then add it to your business cards - having this code give you that kind of EXCLUSIVITY.

Have fun making your own QR Code, and let me know if you have made and post it to your blogs or websites.

xoxo, Blair

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  1. Wow!! Thanks for sharing this. Will do this on my site.

    1. your welcome Ms. Ness, nakikiuso lng po hehehee

  2. I will try to create one for my website when I have enough time.

    Jem of Experience of a Super Mommy

  3.! I often see QR codes around but never fully understood its use for websites...will tinker ;)

    PS. I don't think Magnum Gold is available in the Philippines but I won't be surprised if it comes there soon...

    1. QR Codes are good coz it can be viewed with our handy smart phones..
      RE: Magnum gold yeah, nothing seems impossible in Pinoys needs.. kapag may demands, magkakaroon ng supply :)

      Thank you for visiting !

  4. I've always wondered what those codes were for but did not bother to look it up, now I know. :) Thank you for this very insightful post. :)

  5. I dont have idea with this before and why do people have this code.. lol.. so noob. oh well, not that tech but Im dying to have any of those smart phones now unfortunately it's not the time yet to own since I have lots of priorities to do. So much for that, this post indeed a big help to those who dont have any idea what is this all about and how this works. ;)

  6. I don't own an Iphone or a BB, and this makes me sort of a loser, so it doesn't make sense to me. But when I do I would refer back here and review everything up, so God help me...

    1. .. you should try it too Joy. You see, our sites should be readers' friendly so placing a QR Code that will be convenient for them is a good idea.. gives good traffic too!

  7. I think I should try having that installed on my iPad. Technology is always interesting.

  8. Does this feature work for any brand of smartphone?

    1. yeah it works, just download the QR Code Scanner app, and your all set.

  9. One of the great usage of this QR Codes is include it on your calling card!

    1. yeah it is.. I have mine on cards! Thank you for visiting :)

  10. One of the great usage of this QR Codes is include it on your calling card!

  11. I may be needing this in the future.


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