Washing our delicate V, with just water and ordinary soaps are not enough to protect the sensitive skin and to stay fresh all-day. If we just ignore this important area, our V-skin will get dry, its pH will be not consistent, and worst will look ugly! Yeah, no body wants an ugly-looking V!
Let's not overlook this delicate part as this is the most important parts of our body, other than our faces. That's why it is important to know the best regimen for our V-zone.

I've been using Lactacyd for many years now, that was introduced to me by my Mom way back in high school. Until now, Lactacyd feminine wash is still part of my daily regimen and shopping list.
I love its freshly, milky scent that makes my V-skin feeling smooth, fresh and comfortable. Lactacyd also boost a woman's confidence as it secrete the unwanted odor especially during our period. No more awkward moments and uncomfortable wearing skirts as Lactacyd is my soulmate!

Using ordinary soaps for cleansing may cause some irritations because of some harsh substance from your soap. Lactacyd protects me from itching, irritation and odor.

Don't you know ladies that having an foul scent V is a total deal breaker? Yeah even your puppies will run away because it is totally disgusting, hahaha.. If you have your bfs, you might also noticed that during your period, your guy tends to distance himself from you, because men has the ability to detect a woman's natural scent and having a foul scent is a NO NO!

Its liquid comes out semi milky. Just a little amount of it is enough to wash your V. Don't forget to add some water and lather it gently.

Lactacyd Feminine Wash is available is all department store, beauty stores, and drugstores nationwide. Use Lactacyd and be part of the freshly V woman.

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