Caring for your skin when living in the tropics

Despite its breathtaking beauty and pristine waters, Boracay is included in the list of the worst places to get a sunburn, according to However, this precaution is not solely focused on the well-acclaimed tourist spot, as it is the Philippines’ geographical location that actually makes it more prone to a bigger risk of sun-related skin damage.

The Philippine archipelago is located right above the equator in Southeast Asia, which means one thing: the sun’s rays do not travel far to reach the ground. The sun delivers more skin-damaging UV and IR rays per length of exposure. In this part of the globe where the sun is almost always out, even during the rainy season, it is but the usual survival instinct to wear less or lighter clothing, thus exposing more skin for the sun to burn.

Studies suggest that certain kinds of food may help shield against sun damage because of their anti-oxidant properties – these include Lycopene-rich food such as Papaya, Tomato and Carrots. Fruits like Kiwi, Oranges, and Strawberries, which are rich in vitamin C, also help protect the body from free radicals when exposed to the sun.

However, deliberately caring for the body’s biggest organ, the skin, should be of utmost importance – and this comes in the form of daily sunscreen protection. For us living in the Philippines, being in the tropics intensifies both the strength and amount of solar radiation we experience. “We don’t only experience the sun during summertime, it’s all year long. Since most of our time is spent in the outdoors, sunscreen should not only be optional, but a daily must”, says Dr. Flordeliz Abad-Casintahan, Dermatologist and Medical Director of Galderma Philippines.

Unprotected exposure to solar radiation like UVA, UVB, and Infrared are an instant recipe for skin disaster. A complete and thorough application of sunscreen every day can help prevent skin damage caused by solar radiation.

Daylong, from the makers of Cetaphil, is clinically proven to protect from UVA, UVB and IR radiation, which do not just cause sunburn, but also deep down cellular and DNA damage such as early cell death, premature skin aging and sagging, and DNA lesions that can lead to carcinomas.
Made especially for daily use, Daylong has a uniquely light, oil-free and liposomal formula that leaves no sticky and heavy feeling, and feels good on the skin without leaving white marks so that you can enjoy wearing it every day – because Daylong is committed to provide sun protection that is daily, deep, and complete.


Daylong sunscreen products are available in Watson’s and SM Department Store branches with Watson’s starting September 2014, and in Mercury Drug branches. For more information, visit, like DaylongPH on Facebook and follow @DaylongPH on Twitter and Instagram.

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