Every Fashionistas' Dream: Sneak Peek Inside Kim Kardashian’s Closet

Kim Kardashian has been one of the most talked about and sought after member from the Kardashian-Jenner family. The American television and social media personality has allowed a sneak peek inside her closet. Along with throwing the doors of her closet open, she has also given expert tips on organizing a closet in the most professional Kim-style.

Kim’s prime concern while buying a house is the storage area as she needs a large space to accommodate her designer clothes as well as accessories. In one of her homes, Kim Kardashian has converted a guest bedroom into a master closet to house her current obsessions, which include Balmain jackets and Alexander McQueen minis. The fashion icon’s shoes and handbags have their own walk-in too.

A digger for big and chunky pieces, Kim is devoted to diamonds and behind lock and key, is a cache of extravagant baubles. The drawers are neatly stuffed with chandelier earrings, pavĂ© cuffs, and cocktail rings by fave designers Lorraine Schwartz and Loren Rydinger. Boasting of her dazzling collection Kim announces, “I don’t borrow for the red carpet; I’m lucky enough to have my own.”

Lastly, the lady rolls out some valuable advice based on her experience of managing the ever-bursting closet and making it look like a well prepped boutique. Recommending Real Simple Solutions Slimline flocked hangers she states, “Always use the same style of hangers throughout.” To up the ante, she suggests showcasing the most beautiful pieces and arranging the dresses from long to short. Jackets are best sorted by texture. To keep the mess out of sight, she prefers to hide T-shirts in a cupboard or drawer as it’s hard to keep them nicely folded.

Final words of wisdom from the curvaceous diva also rings a noble bell. Kim advises to toss anything that doesn’t fit. She sells such pieces on eBay and donates the proceeds.

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