How OLAY Skincare Restore the Youthfulness of my Skin

How OLAY Skincare Restore the Youthfulness of my Skin

I love putting on make-up, just like the others. I thought it will make me look better (prettier and beautiful).

During those days, I’ve ignored my skin problems because I always thought that these could be hiding by my make-up. But, I was wrong.

I fucked up my own face!

My pimples and acne got worst, and got more oily skin (even my Mom used to joke me that I could fry something on my face). I started to worry and question my judgments about beauty.

But things have changed as I grow up. I still love make-ups, really. But I seldom use them… they’re just sitting there un-touched, and sometimes I’m just happily staring at them, take a picture... and that’s it.

My cards haven’t swiped.

Now, I always got a second thought before buying these. Should I buy it? Should I REALLY NEED it?

Then I decided to stop buying these kinds of cosmetics, and focus on others.

And I’m glad that I tried OLAY Skincare.

And my life is changed and becomes for easier and more beautiful.

It happen last November on a one afternoon shopping trip at SM Beauty Store in Makati, and I got attracted with the huge discount OLAY Skincare has. If I would like to bring back my clear, healthy skin then I should try this. Anyway I have nothing to lose (well except the promise of losing this oily and pimply skin).

I even tried to have a quick skin-test to know exactly my needs.
Yeah, I'm so shy to see my skin problems, hahaha!

Upon knowing and realizing about my skin problems, I haven't hesitate to ask help from OLAY ladies and they recommend me these products.

Luckily, OLAY products had a HUGE SALE! So I've got what I've needed, and even received a free handbag :D

And I’m so thankful for that trip. I couldn’t be happier.

Here are the skincare that I’ve bought all OLAY label. These goodies work with me and I’m very satisfied.

OLAY Total Effects Pore Minimizing Toner

 After cleansing my face with my usual facial cleaner/foam cleaner, I used OLAY Total Effects Pore Minimizing Toner. After a week of using it since, I’ve noticed the huge changed on my face. Yeah my pores are still visible but, my face is not oily anymore! NO more face frying! Yey!

I used it twice in a day, all over my neck and face, once in a morning and another before bedtime and it works!
I have this 150ml and until now I haven’t finished my first bottle. So economical!

It might do not reduce the appearance of my pores, but it helps to make my face smoother, clearer, healthier and more even skin tone.
OLAY White Radiance Cellucent serum essence

Did I mention previously that whitening products doesn’t work with me?

Olay White Radiance Cellucent Serum Essence is another whitening skincare that I love although yes, it fails to whiten my skin 

Here’s what I love about this serum:

makes my skin stone evenly.

protects my skin from over exposure.

removes my dark spots and pimple marks.

makes my skin smooth and plump looking :D
OLAY White Radiance Cellucent white cream moisturizer

So after putting some serum, OLAY White Radiance Cellucent white cream moisturizer comes next.

Yes, it is another moisturizing whitening cream. It’s unscented (well, has a little scent actually, so mild). It’s not sticky at all and very easy to blend to your skin. What I love about this?

makes my skin more plumpy

- made my skin truly moisturized and hydrated.

- lighten my blemishes, and for continuous use makes my blemishes disappear.

- gives me a luminous effect

I religiously use this twice in a day, morning and before bedtime. And sometimes, I use it each time I washed my face, put some little power and viola – a clear, healthy face, no need for make-up just your regular lipstick for a kissable look.
 OLAY Regenerist micro-sculpting wrinkle relaxing cream

This is one of my newest favorite.

The day I’ve embraced the truth that I’m getting mature, I started to focus and invest on some anti-aging skincare products available on the market. Like this OLAY Regenerist micro-sculpting wrinkle relaxing cream. The cream is so light, and easy to apply. Plus it is unscented.

I usually apply it under my eye and the side, some for my forehead and a little on my both laugh-lines. Surprisingly it gives me good result and I love it!

Most of the time, I just wear it under my favorite BB Cream and a light face powder, and viola I’m ready to face to world again 

It might seem expensive to some, but trust me it is worth your money, ladies.

I'm still using these products, and based on my months of experience I am very satisfied with these an I truly recommend it.
So, what's your OLAY experience?
Tell us more here!

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