Would You Date a Uni-Ball Guy? Does Size Really Matters?

Does the size of men's scrotum really matters?

Admit it, women mostly fantasize about dating a guy with a nice arms, great abs, and medium (to large shaft), and we don’t much bother (actually we admit we don’t bother at all) about the size of their balls but, just like women with our boobs, men are also sensitive on how big (or small) the size of their balls.

In an animal kingdom specifically the canine world, dogs with big balls are seen to be the dominant, the ruler of their group. And we thought it’s the same with humans, but I was wrong.

Being a man doesn’t measure on the size of their testicles.

Being a MAN is about having the right attitude, behavior, gesture and manners to be a legitimate MAN. It can’t be measured on the size of your balls, or the size of his dick. It is all about being respectful and gentleman, not only in the eyes of every woman, but also in the eyes of everyone.

I once dated this guy from New York City, working as a consultant for a prestigious corporate company here in Manila, who has small nuts I’ve ever seen. Unlike Samantha who dated the biggest one, my experience is I barely notice he have balls. What matters to me then is how good we are together and how good the sex is.

A friend of mine dated this guy from Amsterdam, and according to her, he has a huge sagging scrotum and turns out a complete jerk. Obviously, she dumped him.

I’m saying if you are looking for a relationship, size doesn’t matter.

Yes, it is created in pairs a very sensitive accessory for men, but it doesn’t make you less MAN if you have a smaller nuts.

Some narcissistic males, they believe that having bigger nuts makes them feel more confident.  They even undergo a surgical procedure just to enhance their accessory just like women who undergoes breast implants – a testicle shopping.

 Well of course, no matter how big or small or how many they have, their sensitive accessory also need a little attention. Giving them a gentle hand massage, will make them feel good. Or while giving blowjob, don’t forget to give attention to his nuts – a little licking or kissing will make your man excited. 

What makes a man having a Uni-Ball?

It might be genetically or maybe caused of testicular cancer, a version of breast cancer for most women.

That’s why it is also encourage for men to have a regular testicular checkup in order to avoid this kind of cancer, and of course to know if your are physically healthy.

Nobody wants to have cancer as accessory, right?

I know some of you will ask, and I'm telling you that my boyfriend's balls looks beautiful for me.

...correction - it's perfectly beautiful!

 I mean maybe because we are in a relationship, and I really don't give emphasis or more importance on its size - I'm perfectly happy with it :D

 After all, what matters is how he always rock my whole world, ended up being sored and happy.. (wink)


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