One Way To Protect the ‘Timeless’ Beauty

Every woman wants to protect their ‘Youth’ forever. However, as the time continuously flows, youth isn’t something that we can always hold. However, definitely there are some ways to keep it with us for little bit longer. 

One big reason why women crave for youth is because they continuously see the stars who always flaunt their moisturized and resilient skin. Women feel jealous whenever they see the beautiful female stars inside the television that most women have once experienced following the methods of star’s skincare.

One common tip of stars’ moisturizing is that they all take care of dryness within the ‘3 seconds.’ Even though it’s a very short amount of time, this is the prime moment when you can take control of moisture and wrinkles after washing up your face. 

For women, who don’t know what to do to have moisturizing skin, we prepared the skin care tip which can be done in 3 seconds right after the wash up. 

Tip 1 -  The 3 Seconds mist moisturizing
Mist, which women frequently spray on their face whenever they feel dry, is the most immediate way to supply the moisture. It’s recommended for beginners since you just need to spray on your face right after the wash up. 

However, moisture mist is not enough for people who have dry skin. In this case, choose the mist which includes the oil or hyaluronic acid that makes your skin moisturized from inner side. 

After spraying the mist, softly beat your skin with fingers to absorb the moisture. Surround your face with palms after rubbing your palms together.

Tip 2 - The 3 Seconds Oil Moisturizing
The 3 seconds oil moisturizing has always been famous during the dry winter. Applying the oil within the 3 seconds after the wash up absorbs the good nutrition and creates the skin oil membrane, which prevents the moisture from drying out. 

However, it could be burdensome to people who have oily or trouble skin. Make sure to choose the right oil that fits to your skin so that you don’t have to worry about troubles. 

First of all, people who have dry skin should choose the oil that could control the oil-moisture balance. Oils such as lavender, rose, and jasmine are recommended and universal Argan oil is preferred. 

To people who have oily skin, oil that cleans the pore while protecting the moisture is recommended. Tea tree and lavender oils are effective on trouble and blending lemon or ylang-ylang oil is recommended. 

Tip 3 - The 3 Seconds Cream Moisturizing
The 3 seconds cream moisturizing is recommended to women who feel mist is too dry for them, while oil is too rich. You have to apply the moisturizing cream within 3 seconds right after you open pores with steam tower. 

In this way, you can increase the cream absorbing rate and can present the moisturized skin. Even more, applying the cream after blending one or two drops of face oil is recommended.

If you feel tired of blending the cream and oil, then apply the cream that contains Vitamin E and argan oil so that your skin can present the smooth and moisturized skin for whole day. Here, using the product that contains high moisturizing effect, rather than purified water, is always recommended.

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