Beauty Hack: How to Recycle Empty Beauty Containers

Wondering about how you can give new-life to those pretty and empty beauty containers that you have over months?

Just like many others, I'm a typical pack-rat. I literally saves those pretty containers that I've got after emptying it for months, and I know for sure that I can still use it.

One hack that I'm sharing to your is how to remove that printed labels in the bottle. Just simple. I use acetone (yes the one I'm using to remove my nail-polish) to also erase those prints. Pour a little amount of acetone liquid onto a cotton ball, then start rubbing the container until the printed label is gone. Look at what I've done with this empty OLAY Moisturizer container.

When the label is gone, I simple washed it and towel dry the container, and viola! A new container was born. Now I use it to contain my favorite snail slime moisturizer. I transfer it to this smaller container so I have carry it around with me easily.

What's your beauty hack ideas? Share it with us on the comment below.

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