How to Choose a Mermaid Wedding Dress

Know your best mermaid wedding dress for your dream wedding!

Many young girls dream of wearing a sexy wedding gown with a huge flowing skirt on their wedding day. As grown women, not everyone wants to be all trussed up as they walk down the aisle. Some women prefer their gowns to be sleek and elegant. Of all the figure-hugging gowns in the market today, the mermaid wedding dress is by far the sexiest. Women looking to tease their grooms need to consider this lovely piece.

Here are the simple tips on choosing your right mermaid wedding dress

Take Accurate Measurements

You may want to get a professional seamstress or tailor to take your measurements when you are ordering a mermaid dress. They will know how to adjust so that you will be comfortable. Usually, this means leaving approximately a finger’s width under the tape for some areas like the waist.

Wear Appropriate Undergarments

You need to invest in a set of seamless undergarments. Putting on ill-fitting undergarments results in many unsightly bumps and lines along your supposedly smooth silhouette. Wear the set of undergarments you intend to wear on your wedding day to your dress fitting to ensure adjustments can be made to keep them hidden.

Stand with Your Feet Apart

When measuring the circumference of the skirt, keep your feet at least six inches apart. This will create enough room for you to walk comfortably on your wedding day. You may want to practice taking smaller steps to avoid tripping over the hem or ripping the skirt.

Select a Suitable Fabric

You can play around with colors or contrasting textures to create a more interesting dress. Typically the top part would be made from satin or silk because these fabrics create a more structured bodice. Using these same materials for the bottom will create a slimmer flare, whereas materials like chiffon and organza make it much more dramatic.

Match the Top with the Skirt

The choice of the bodice style should complement your figure and skirt. While sleeveless and strapless sweetheart necklines tend to be more popular, you can always choose to have a mermaid gown with sleeves to balance out the flare of the skirt. However try to avoid long, loose sleeves as they will ruin the effect created by the bodice.

The mermaid dress is a lovely versatile piece for any curvaceous bride wanting to make a grand entrance. Full-figured women who aren’t too fond of their bottom may want to swap to either the trumpet or fit and flare instead. After all, these two styles are just as lovely as the mermaid gown.

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