How to Make Your Summer Fabulous with Kayu

Kayu beach bags by Jamie Lim Designs

Bikini (maybe 10 pairs).... check!

Flip-flops – check!

Sunscreen lotions… lots of it – check!

Good book and sunglasses – ooh so check!

How about your tote beach bags???

I think beach bags are one of the best summer accessories that every beach bum should have.

Bags are the only accessory that doesn’t makes you fat. My apology but it’s true.

The truth why I love beach bags – they are eco-friendly and so artistically handmade. Carrying something knowing that it was made by more than two (2) people weaving, is such a good pride. And I like the fact that it is made by local artisans – if you gonna spend your cash on something, why not spend it for something locally-made with heat and sweat.

No more unstylish cargo backpack that you use for your backpacking trips with your buddies. Besides, a good beach bags is a very nice ice breaker, who knows – you’ll gonna meet your new girt best friends!

So I got soooooooo effin inspired by the design of Jamie Lim, carrying the label Kayu.

Kayu beach bags by Jamie Lim Designs

It fun and fresh… and beachy fabulous!

I remember back in college when I proudly carry a beach bag made in hand-crafted buri and abaca, which I decorated with fabulous colored fabrics and beads, and happily strutting around my school campus like a Dolce and Gabbana babe. Three days later, I saw at least 20 female students carrying similar bags like mine. That day I was labeled a trendsetter, LOL

By the way, who says you can’t carry a beach bag in the city? In the office or even in formal parties?
These pieces are eco-fashion, fresh designs and also not mass-produced.

Take a look of Jamie’s design inspired by the all-year summer, created by her artisans from Southeast Asia, particularly in Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia – countries that celebrates 365days of summer and we are just sooooo effin lucky!

Kayu beach bags by Jamie Lim Designs

Hand purses starts from $69.00 and bags costs up to $208.00, which I find it way toooo expensive.

I know somewhere in Bicol Region and down to Visayan and Mindanao that sells these for as low as $5.00 for purses, and $10.00 for handbags.

While writing this review, I am actually thinking of phoning my Amigas from the south and order some bags to strut here in the city, LOL.

Forget about the price, (as I understand they are selling it outside the Philippines) her designs are so pretty that even most socialites and city’s fashionistas wouldn’t think it is made in the Southeast Asia.

xoxo, Blair

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  1. Ooh, I love those bags. When I go to the beach, I usually carry my stuff in a backpack, but I should totally get a beach bag like that, thanks for the inspiration ;)

    1. backpack is very convenient (especially when you are always in a hurry) but beach bags gives you the complete feel and look when in a beach or in any place summery :)

  2. Thanks for your review,they're really fab.


  3. Some of those bags are amazing. I'd love a few for my holiday soon.

    1. Me too! Though these pieces are quite pricey, anyway it gives me inspiration to create my own.. or recycle some of my bags

  4. Oh i cant waot for summer and get to a beach with a good book..Great posts amd great bags too!

  5. I don't have a beach bag (yet). SO it was a lovely read for me. Eco-friendly and so artistically handmade is great. The pictures of the bags are great. My favorite would be the one with the pineapple on it :). But I also really like the pink dotted one. Can you order from europe?

    1. Oh I love those too! Yes, you can order via

  6. This bags are so amazing, my favourite has to be the pink anchor one!

    Fab choices!

  7. OOOww... these colorful Tote/beach bags, totally eye catchers. But yeah these are over priced.

    1. I do agree... since I'm located at the source, I can get more than 20pieces of beach bags for the price of this 1 bag.

  8. They look so pretty I wouldn't mind having one of those!

  9. Oooh.. I love these bags.I am more of a backpack person stating comforts as the reason. But yeah a beach bag once in a while especially something as pretty as this shouldn't hurt;)

  10. Great collection of bags right here. I would like to get one of those for my wife.

  11. Oh , I can think of 6 or 7 I would buy :) Very pretty collection , some are just gorgeous. And so summerly.


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