No Kiss-Ass Tips on Having a Silky Healthy Hair

Hello Girlfriends!

Welcome back to my website and now I’m sharing you another review, and some revelations…

Ohhh sounds intriguing right?

Hhhmmm not really actually, hahahaha but then I’m going to share you this which have been pending for months.

But first let’s discuss how I manage to maintain my very long hair without damaging it, making it longer, stronger that literally a baby could climb-up using my hair, hahahaha ala-Rapunzel.

Nope, my hair is almost down to my waist, not soooo long hair like Rapunzel’s.

And I guess this would be my longest hair – I have no plans to make it much longer :D

Whatever you are doing with your hair, I do it too!

I shampooed my hair every other day, and regularly conditioned my long hair. Then I cleanse my scalp and hair with vinegar treatment twice in a month (link here) (or at least once) to remove all those sebum and dirt that wasn’t removed by shampooing. Also I put some hair mask during weekends, then rinse my hair the usual way.

So basically it is a no secret at all… just doing it differently!

And ooopss! I usually let my hair air-dry… I only blow-dry my hair once a week!

Yup, I rarely went to hair salon to fix my hair – maybe during grand event that I need hair styling.

I only visit hair salon (The List at Bonifacio Global City) once every year between months of April and May to have my annual hair treatment which includes hair-cutting :D

Palmolive Cream Conditioners review

And also, having enough sleep and eating the right healthy foods are a must to achieve that healthy hair. The more greasy foods that we eat, our hair becomes brittle and dry, hence hairs are easy to break and those ugly split-ends!


We got to admit that sometimes we are not so generous enough when applying conditioners on our hair. We tend to use more shampoo than conditioner which is oh so wrong.

Conditioners helps our hair to have moisture and bring back those natural glow of our hair. The longer your hair (just like mine) the more conditioner you need to apply.

Having a long hair is said to be a luxury! Yes, maybe…

But we don’t need to buy those ooh so expensive hair care line available in the market, just because one hot celebrity is endorsing it.

How about you try these Palmolive Cream Conditioners!

Palmolive Cream Conditioners review

I’ve been using various Palmolive Shampoo and Conditioner (check my other post here) that are available in Asian market (yup because there are Palmolive variants that are only available in other countries in Europe and US, because of different market and hair type).

So basically the latest Palmolive Cream Conditioner is NOT SO NEW for me. It is still the same Palmolive Conditioners, but they have enhanced its formula and make its cream conditioner more creamier. In short, Palmolive have generously added formula for make our hair more healthier and happy!

Which I love :D

I don’t need to be convinced to switch (link here) Because Palmolive hair care line is always been in my bathroom cabinet as long as I remember, thanks to my Momma, LOL.

I remember my Momma always bought these brand because it is always readily available in the store near our home, and it saves her time.

During those days, you can’t complain or make a request to switch for the shampoo and conditioner, unless the brand is not available, then she will take the other.

The rule of the house: “Never complain. Complain only if you are already the head of the house.”
Which for me makes sense. Or rather I respect that. We respect that rule at home.

Like, whatever my Momma serves us, we don’t complain. We are happily accepted it.

Same as in buying some shampoo and conditioners. Whenever I’m staying at my Momma’s home, I don’t complain – I always thought she knows the best, hahahaha.


Okay I also want to share you another story related to Palmolive Cream Conditioner.

Last June 2016, I was invited by my blogger friend and help her to be part of her video campaign for Palmolive. During that time, I was feeling ohh so bored, and just looking for a little excitement. So I don’t expect much from that campaign.

So we were three stars in the video campaign (it’s like a sequel of her first campaign), and it was exciting experience. It was honestly my first time to star in a video campaign, and I felt really awkward in front of the camera, with people staring at me.

Hahahaha I was so distracted we have to retake and shoot, and then I stammer a lot because I felt so nervous. And I talk so fast whenever I felt nervous, hahahaha silly me.

We shoot the video campaign for Palmolive Silky Straight Cream Conditioner (the purple one).

That’s why we were wearing purple! LOL

Palmolive Cream Conditioners review
Bloggers Phylicia, Kaycee (the main star) and me!

So basically I enjoyed and learned a lot while shooting this campaign. I learned that I must need to overcome my slightest fear in from of the camera, and also learn how to poise accurately, LOL.

Palmolive Cream Conditioners review

More wires and cameras around ready to serve us, LOL so cool! Soon when I opened my own creative studio, I will have these babies around :D

Palmolive Cream Conditioners review

With our technical assistant at NN (I totally forgot his name, never mind). During the shoot, I am totally distracted by these flashy lights on my face and it felt soooo hot and uncomfortable (that’s why you’ll notice those fucking awkward expression written on my face).

Palmolive Cream Conditioners review
A screenshot of her final post

My hair is already silky and healthy and thanks for my regular hair routine, plus I also use Palmolive shampoo and conditioners for years! Yup and I am not scared to admit that I use these brand. I even use their bath soaps (link here) because I find them refreshing especially during my bath time at night.

So basically I don’t need convincing or switching for this product because I’m already using it.


My reviews and recommendations are based on my actual experiences, tastes and weeks (or even months!) of trying and testing. I NEVER shares anything that wasn’t appealing to me per se, as I don’t like to deceive anyone.

Why I’m sharing you this?

I’m telling you that not all campaigns that you see online truly works. And if it works (Palmolive products works on me!), the people in those campaign might not actually using it.

I guess I could share this because in my opinion, it is still deceiving.

Palmolive Cream Conditioners review

Yup! The very EXACTLY QUESTIONS I don’t want to hear, even from my cat.

Whenever I like something, I would honestly and happily rave for it, and to the point I’ll give it to you pro bono.
But saying that you like and use the product, for the sake of the job? Not my style.

One star in the video campaign, admittedly off-cam that she never use Palmolive brands because it causes her itchiness/dryness/etc of sort. I respect her honest opinion…

Who would like to use something that would cause you irritations, right?
The video campaign was been shoot and edited many times. I felt sorry for the agency because they’ve been doing a lot of work – but then that’s their job! And catering a demanding and picky clients like Palmolive is part of it.

To make my sharing more specific, I didn’t sign anything (contracts or MOA) from NN agency for this video campaign. I just gladly joined to helped-out a friend (the main star) who needs someone to complete her video campaign.

In short I did it whole-heartedly without expecting in return (although she said it is a paid campaign, but whatever – I didn’t sign any documents so I have nothing to expect).

I’ve been dealing with contracts and compliance issues all my life so I know the rules.

NN agency and its talent (the main star) are the ones who got paid by Palmolive to create the video campaign.

Hahahaha I was a generous bitch for giving it pro bono!

Anyway, I was so happy helping her, and also the experience helped to discover my flaws…

If I want to further stay in the business, I need to learn to overcome those flaws. And make it work.

So after the shoot, we call it a day….


My boyfriend truly loves touching my silky healthy hair, and even sniffing it coz he said it smells really good. The only request he ask is to braid my hair whenever in bed, coz its messing our sleep, LOL.

Hahahaha, sorry love!

Palmolive Cream Conditioners review

A hugeSHOUTOUT for my PR friends from Perkcomm agency for sending these Palmolive Cream Conditioners, a month after the video campaign shoot. I love this agency coz they are very thoughtful to their media friends. Even though they are not the agency being commissioned for the video campaign, I truly believe they are doing great for the assigned social media campaign.

Well, thanks also for Palmolive – even though my Momma already hoarded these conditioners months back.

But I’m giving a HUGE SHOUTOUT for Palmolive Marketing and PR Team – In case you are looking for truly reliable blogger for your next campaigns, you can directly contact me ( Email: ) because I’ll give you the best deal!

PS. I have no agency fee :p LOL  ooops sorry I now hired a Manager!

Palmolive Cream Conditioners review

So if you want to have a silky healthy hair, you got to try and add Palmolive Cream Conditioner to your hair care routine.

Though these variants are quite cheap, their quality are superb. They are available in almost all supermarket and beauty stores nationwide here in the Philippines.

Palmolive Cream Conditioners review

But if Palmolive causes you itchiness, then feel free to find something else.

Your hair care if the most priority!

PS. Next time I’m going to visit the duty-free store and buy some Palmolive hair care that is only available in US, to check if it also suits me or not. Jut to have a fair judgment, isn’t?

Palmolive Cream Conditioners review

Have you ladies and gents tried and tested Palmolive Cream Conditioner and its other variants?

How is it with you? Please share your experiences here because I would LOOOOOVVVEE to know yours as well!

xoxo, Blair


  1. My hair is so worn out and damaged from the summer sun. I would love to try out this fix!

    1. sometimes when I'm going to walk under the sun without my hat, I spray my hair with hair-sunscreen protection. :)

  2. You have fantastic hair! I wish I had straight healthy hair like yours!

    1. Hehehe, may little secret is not tying my hair very often.

  3. My hair always needs help. It's thick and frizzy. So I'll check this stuff out.

    Your cat photo made me giggle by the way.

    1. Hehehe thanks! Many think he's chubby.. its just his fur! Truth is he is slim.

  4. I've never tried Palmolive Cream Conditioner or any of their other products. What I'm using now is argan oil based and it's awesome! My hair has never been healthier!

    Beth || Visit me at

  5. The only Palmolive in the U.S. that I'm familiar with is dish soap. Is it possible its the same company?

    1. Hello Nicholette,

      Yeah it is the same company. But here in Asia they don't distribute Palmolive dish soap... Palmolive bath soap yes!

  6. Love the cat pics! lol. Wow your hair is very long, I don't blame you for only blow drying it once a week. Blow drying hair is hard work. That's great that you have found a hair product that works for you, it can be hard to find good hair products.

    Lennae xxx

    1. Thank you Lennae! Yeah my hair is quite long, lol. But I'm not thinking of letting it grow much longer. This is my ideal length for my long hair. Maybe next summer I will cut this and donate my hair to charity to make a wig!

  7. Palmolive has always been a favourite product of mine, their range is immense and I have never been disappointed. I have not yet tried this cream conditioner though.

    1. Hello Sheri,

      We are both Palmolive girls! LOL Yeah I love them, and their scents are so fresh.

  8. I really want to try a vinegar treatment I have heard really good things about it! Do you use apple cider vinegar or regular vinegar?

    1. Hello Nicole,

      I use both. Apple cider is quite pricey here in the Philippines, so I prefer to mixed it with my drinking water and drink it, lol. Then I use a regular vinegar to wash my hair, like at least twice in a month, just to thoroughly cleanse my hair and scalp. They are both good!

  9. I'll have to try the vinegar wash. My hair is long for the first time in ten years. I had it super short and got it cut every four weeks. Now it is every seven and I have to work on proper maintenance to keep it shiny. I also air dry now.

    1. Vinegar is a natural cleansing agent and its not harmful at all. You can do vinegar washing once every month.

  10. Never washed my hair with vinegar, but great tips indeed. I have fine hair and would love to have some bounce on it.

    1. Just a little vinegar, and mixed it with water. Soak your hair and scalp for few minutes them rinse it thoroughly with plain water.

  11. These are great tips! I have heard that vinegar is a great tip! Your hair always looks so healthy in your pics!

    1. Thank you! My hair haven't visited the salon for a while.

  12. I absolutely love how quirky your beauty posts are! I feel as if I'm getting reccomendations from a real life friend ;)

  13. I'm in the process of growing my hair out but got a bit antsy and trimmed a few inches off before I went to Europe. It's my goal to get it right back to [almost] bra strap length by the end of the year and simply maintain it during 2017. I'm not quite sure if I'm ready for waist length hair.

    1. When travelling it is very convenient to have a medium shoulder-length hair. Because I'm telling you having it much longer is honestly a bit heavy, lol

  14. I wish I was young enough to have long hair again. In my "older" age, the simpler the better. Your hair is so beautiful!

    1. Hello Jennifer!

      I'm enjoying it now because I already accepted the fact that someday these long hair will be required to get shorter and shorter as I age :)

  15. I struggle with dry hair so I may try this. Thanks for the idea.

  16. I do agree that enough sleep and proper nutrition affects the condition of your hair. How our hair looks may actually give other people an idea on how healthy we are. The shinier, the better! Don't you agree? :-)


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