Traditional Dresses around the World as Presented by this year’s Miss Earth

Hello Ladies!

How many of you likes to watch the beauty pageants on television?

(If you watched it live then that’s more awesome!)

Okay I can’t deny my fascination with beauty pageants. I grew up watching it on television with my family and my best friend, which are usually aired every Sunday evening. So we have this tradition of eating dinner much earlier than usual because we need to get ready to watch (and be our own judge) cheering for our own candidates each year. Some might thought it’s quite weird, but it became a family-bonding moment.

We all watched and admire each candidates on how poise they are, how they could manage to walk on 4-inches heels and not looking down (gosh I tried it and its hell!) and not tripping off with their gorgeous gown and well airbrushed make-up. Watching in front of that television, the feeling was so intense and exciting, and there are times a bit frustrating when long commercial break comes-in, thus my opportunity to run to the bathroom for a quick pee. LOL

It’s like a superbowl for beauty pageants. We have our own bets, judging for their wits and glam, and yes – physical features also included.

One of the segment I do enjoy a lot is the presentation of their versions of National Costumes.
I haven’t got a chance to watch this year’s Miss Earth Pageant 2016 either on live or via television, however I managed to follow their Facebook Page to get an instant updates.

Miss Earth Pageant is an annual beauty pageant with a cause presented my Carousel Productions. Ladies are competing from all over the world to get each year’s title of Miss Earth. The winner will represent the organization to various charitable and environmental causes that they sponsor all over the world.

Is it that fabulous?! Beauty with a Cause!

Before I proceed, I would like to give a huge shout out for the Miss Earth and Carousel Productions – please send me invites next time! I would like to watch it live! LOL

AS I’ve said earlier I like their presentation of National Costumes.

So I’ve checked the latest photos of this year’s Miss Earth and I enjoyed scrutinizing their dresses.


National Costumes of candidates from Chinese Taipei (now Taiwan), Indonesia, Mongolia, Japan, Macau SAR China, Korea, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

National Costumes from the Orient nations are more traditional and conservative. Style and fabrics are very unique and well-crafted. Usually it consumes yards and yards of 2 to 3 different fabrics to make one (1) traditional national costume.

I personally admire the dresses from Chinese Taipei, Macau, Japan and Korea – the embroideries are divine, very detailed and of course I just love long dresses. Surprisingly, wearing these dresses might be a little heavy but will keep you warn inside.

Wait until you wear the real kimono – which composed of 3 to 5 layers of dresses all wrapped around your body to create a distinct look.

But wait? Philippines is also an Oriental country right? Where is her national costume?

Here it is with Miss Earth Philippines Imelda Schweighart.

Miss Earth 2016 National Costumes

I’ve been watching beauty pageants for years and loving Philippine fashion, but never has it come in my mind that the traditional national dress of the Philippines as presented like this.

This is like a graphic online RPG character cum mythic character combined.

According to the reports, this version of Philippine National Costume modeled by Miss Earth Philippines Imelda Schweighart, is inspired by the Philippine Eagle. This was called “Half Human, Half Eagle”

I’m telling you ladies, there is no half-human, half-eagle ever existed in my country (only on some RPG games and cosplays). It was reported that this dress was conceptualized and designed by a certain Patrick Starr.

And half-eagle with an armour???

Update: Imelda Schweishart, tendered her resignation to as Miss Earth Philippines last October 31, 2016 after receiving tons of back clash online. This was after the scandal she created when she openly likened  Philippines' President Rodrigo Roa Duterte to Adolf Hitler, in a conversation with Miss Earth Austria, captured in a video.

Another is when she rants about the yellow gown worn y Miss Earth Katherine Espin, that is supposed to be her gown, but the designer said it is not Imelda's discretion to own it as she didn't paid for it. Oopss drama!

After the crowning ceremony last Sunday, Imelda Schweishart rants to her supporters (again captured on video) that winner Miss Earth Katherine Espin undergone plastic surgery. Imelda's crying to her fans that Katherine has "fake nose, fake chin and fake boobs" and does Miss Earth (according to her) should be "all natural".

Definitely  a huge thumbs down from me. No wonder she is the most hated Beauty Queen in the Philippines.

By the way, an ideal Philippine national costumes looks like these:

Excerpt from Mutya ng Ibalong Pageant 2016.


Miss Earth 2016 National Costumes
National Costumes presented by candidates from Palentine, Nepal, Myanmar, India, and Pakistan

Traditional costumes of other Asian countries particularly those located in West Asia, are mixed influenced of both Asia and Middle Eastern traditional designs.


Miss Earth 2016 National Costumes
National Costumes presented by the candidates from Belize, United States of America, Guatemala, Mexico, Canada and Panama.

Northen American countries have very diverse influenced of Red Indians, and also during many previous years of colonization of Spanish and French. USA national costumes is inspired by their flag per se (which my country can’t do it because wearing our flag as costume is against the PH law). I admire Mexico’s traditional dress because of its detailed craftsmanship and its classiness, that I personally think also have a similar influence to our country’s national costume. While Canada’s national costume reminds me of the old Red Indians, or a huge huge maple tree! (sorry, can’t help it).


Miss Earth 2016 National Costumes
National costumes presented by candidates from Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, Ecuador, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay and Venezuela.

I think the national costumes in Southern America (also known as Latin America) are the most festive of all. Maybe because of its influence of Amerindian (aka Native American) ancestors. They are more on huge head dresses, adorned with various colored feathers.


Miss Earth 2016 National Costumes
National costumes presented by the candidates from Ghana, Kenya, Mauritius, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Namibia, Uganda and Zambia.

Miss Earth 2016 National Costumes

When I saw their photos I was so stunned with their unique beauties, they look liked African Barbies – they have these beautiful smiles that captures the attention of their audiences.


Miss Earth 2016 National Costumes
National Costumes as presented by candidates from Portugal, Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Italy and Sweden.

Belles from the European countries have also unique and diverse cultures. The dresses of Belgium, Italy and Denmark looks like they are warrior belles, while the Sweden seems so modest and looking for peace. Sweden’s dress somehow has a similarity with Philippines traditional dresses (not the half-human, half-eagle presented this year).

Overall, this year’s Miss Earth presentation is very interesting and gives me lots of ideas for the next year’s Miss Earth.

Miss Earth 2016 National Costumes

Beauty pageants are one of the toughest and stressful competition, full of effin drama ( like lost gowns, shoes, online bashing, etc.) but in the end online one belle wins… Congratulations to Miss Ecuador, Katherine Espin for winning this year’s crown!

Miss Earth 2016 National Costumes

Have you watched this year’s Miss Earth 2016 Beauty Pageant? Who is/are your bets?

xoxo, Blair


  1. Aww
    Beauty with a cause indeed
    All these women look stunning, no doubt.
    I grew up loving beauty pageants too, all the glamour attached to it.
    And there's Miss Nigeria (my country!) -- she looks amazing!
    Hehe :-)

    1. I like her dress, Miss Nigeria looks like a Barbie doll and her eyes are very expressive :D

  2. I don't watch this. But some of the dresses are gorgeous! Some are not my taste at all, but most have really pretty colors.

    1. colors are very overwhelming, right? fun it's fun!

  3. For the most part, those dresses are beautiful. I was on the lookout for the USA and please tell me that woman isn't wearing a flag as a dress. *sigh*

  4. Each one of them are looking stunning. Got to see so many traditional attires.

    1. Yeah, and it was really inspiring. They are all beautiful!

  5. Wow! So many beauties gathered at one place. They look gorgeous in their colorful outfits!

    1. Yeah, I wish I attended their pageant this year. I'm looking forward to attend next year.

  6. This is such a beautiful way to showcase different cultures! All the gowns were so stunning in their own ways!

    Sondra Barker
    Pretty Fit Foodie

  7. I love this presentation of dresses! What a cool event to attend and cover. I love the Oriental beauties, they truly do look elegant and impressive.

  8. I don't watch beauty pageants but I do have a fascination with the different clothing styles from the different countries. I always love learning about different cultures!

  9. Some of the dresses look super stunning, some others look a bit like a fancy dress costume. But very pretty ladies overall :)

    1. I agree with you Nadine, especially the costumes from South America... looks like they love festivals!

  10. I haven't watched any beauty pageants lately, but this post was really interesting as it showcased a mixture of cultures and dressing styles, it's quite fascinating. Good job compiling these

  11. My home country Zambia is there and nicely represented shame the phillipines one wasn't so traditional.

    1. Yeah I felt shameful too. I think her team wants to standout the crowd, but when we say traditional it should be next to reality not superficial. I have that face palm each time I see her costumes

  12. The dresses are gorgeous. I feel bad for Ms. Philippines though. Maybe she didn't dress herself?

    1. I believe Miss Philippines have assigned team, but then their aims are too ambitious it became superficial.


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