3 Reasons Why Diets Don't Work

3 Reasons Why Diets Don't Work

Practically all of us, professionals and ordinary people, talk about nutrition, research it, sell and consume food, caring for specific nutrients and often - about concrete doses. Vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and of course, calories. We believe that the more accurately we watch the supply of nutrients, the better we control the result – our health. Unfortunately, this is not true. Nutrition isn’t a mathematical formula, where 2 + 2 = 4. It’s almost impossible to calculate a diet or food intake.

Today the term "diet" is one of the most used in the field of healthy nutrition, it has turned into something fashionable and popular. Almost everyone of us keeps to a diet, but in most cases does it wrong, that further damages our precious health.

After all, a diet is first and foremost a healthy dietary regime, rules for eating healthy food. Therefore, one shouldn’t confuse this concept with food rationing, because the right nutritional basics is the most important and necessary process for the normal work of the whole organism.

The world is obsessed with diets. And hundreds of methods for weight loss have been invented. But for some reason the number of fat people in the world doesn’t decrease. What is the reason? Why don’t diets work?

Reason 1
We don't know how much nutrients will be used by the body. There is practically no direct relationship between the amount of consumed nutrients and their quantity. This is called bioaccessibility.

In fact, it's very good. We can’t predict how many nutrients will be absorbed and used by the body. The human body is very interesting. It can be safely compared to a perfect computer, which in real time can easily determine how much nutrients it needs at one time or another. And necessary quantity is always different: it depends on the season, state of health, physical activity, and even weather.

Reason 2
We don’t know the nutrient content of the products. When you go on a diet, you can see how much your body needs these or other substances per day to lose weight. However, in practice it’s impossible to calculate how many of them are in a particular product.

The nutrient content of the foods we eat varies much more than we can imagine. Look at the research of one of the antioxidant vitamins - beta-carotene. Its content in different samples of the same product can differ by a factor of 3-19 times, and even 40 times, as in peaches.

It's true. You can take 2 peaches, and in one the quantity of beta carotene is 40 times more than in another. It depends on the season, soil composition, conditions of storage and processing and even location of the fruit on the tree.

Consuming any product at each point of time, it's impossible to say exactly how much nutrients are available to your body and how much it uses.

Reason 3

We don’t know how nutrients interact with each other. Consumed substances can affect each other's activity. For example, calcium reduces the bioaccessibility of iron by 400%, and carotenoids (for example, beta-carotene) increase its absorption by 300%. The interactions between the individual components of our food are strong, dynamic and have serious practical consequences.

We can’t know how many kinds of chemicals are eaten with one bite, dish, in a lunch or day. Hundreds of thousands? Millions? Practically there are no limits.

Fortunately, the task is much simpler. If we eat the right foods in quantities that saturate, but don't over-charge us, our bodies naturally metabolize their components and give us exactly what is needed at the moment. Our body is able to make an inconstant concentration of nutrients in foods much more stable in our body tissues, separating the necessary from excess.

But any diets and even the best nutritionists won’t help you to overcome excess weight, until you realize that it’s really necessary for you. The main thing is to change the way of life, to understand that this struggle isn’t for short-term weight loss, but for a long and such a welcome result. It's very difficult to make this way by yourself. Find a person who will support and help you on Vip Bride.

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  1. Great information here. Many people struggle with diets and getting them to work. I can see why now.

  2. Great insights and another way of looking into ineffective diets! All about quantity versus quality foods and how to effectively keep the weight off.


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