Someone Tried to Extort me and Here’s What Happened

Someone Tried to Extort me and Here’s What Happened
WARNING: Please read along and hope my story will help you, and others to not become a victim.

Today March 28, 2018, was a beautiful Wednesday morning. I’m excited to finish all my deliverables today, send email updates before I start my looooonnngg weekend.

I’ve listed all the activities to do, where will I go, etc.

Then I got this random call from someone.

Working in the social media and marketing industry, I’ve already used to receiving calls from unknown numbers from these people in the industry.

But today’s call is quite different.

I got a call from this guy and informing me that someone hired him, and wants me DEAD.

Yeah, you read that right…

At first, I didn’t hear him clearly, so I asked who he is and what’s the purpose of his call.

Then he told me his name (Jessy Mendez, seriously I don’t know if it’s his real name) and that someone hired him “….para ipa-tumba” (Tagalog street term which means TO KILL, or BE DEAD).

My first reaction was…


My mind started to recall any incident that might cause me to be DEAD, to be in this situation.
But I never recall anything. The only thing I harmed recently was that naughty couple of cockroaches making love in front of me. LOL.

Someone Tried to Extort me and Here’s What Happened
The extortionist mobile phone number

But other than that….. nada.

So during the call, my mind was so active but calm, and I remember to press that RECORD call button on my phone. I managed to record a minute of the call before I decided to end it.

Why I ended the call quickly? For my own safety. Of course, I never know what might happen.
After I hanged up the call, I looked outside my glass window, overlooking the whole Bonifacio Global City and admiring its beautiful sight. I had this few seconds of silence, and it dons me…..

“was that really happened to me?”

Yup, someone tried to EXTORT me for MONEY in exchange for my life.

I sighed again and had a deep breath.

Those things I read and heard both online and somebody about extortions are not just hearsay. It is true and I experienced it.

But luckily, I didn’t become emotional that will lead me to a more unexpected, and messier situation.

What comes next is, I decided to screenshot the mobile number and the time of call, for my reference.
Then I tried to search this number via google and found this article in 2016 linking to another extortion of a Filipino-Chinese businessman (link here)


Someone Tried to Extort me and Here’s What Happened

This is serious and true!

If I wasn’t calm and too emotional, and not focused I might turn to be their next successful victim.

My Realization:
The incident was so random and I didn’t expect it will happen to me, and I do hope it will not happen to anyone else. After having few minutes of silence, I realized that;

1). Being alert, calm, and focus-minded will save you from any further trouble.

2). That learning and maximizing my phone’s call feature helped me to avoid that extortion.

Where did they get my number?
I assume that they got my business contact number from my social media accounts, or from my website. After this incident, I have that feeling that these people are targeting many individuals working in the social media industry, coz most of our contact numbers are flashed online.

Someone Tried to Extort me and Here’s What Happened
phone features that we must familiarize.

Here are some of my “first-hand experienced” tips I could share.

1). Always be calm, but alert and focus.
Being too emotional would lead us to more trouble in a long way, so when you encountered this kind of incident, be calm but alert and focused. Screenshot the call number for future reference, and do not do anything that will harm you.

2). Learn the ins-and-out of your smartphone.

Admit it, your phone(s) is always with you, and sometimes you rather leave your wallet at home but not your phone in your hands. Some of our phone’s feature like that “record call feature” is under-utilized but very important, and could save lives. Be familiar with these features from your phones.

3). If someone asks you for money, don’t be emotional and send money immediately. You will lose, and the extortionist will succeed.

4). Always have the police numbers on your contact list. PNP Trunklines : (02) 723-0401
     Am adding the Philippine National Police directory here if you need it.

5). Report the incident to the nearest police, and be vigilant.

And here are the other tips I could share especially for those working in the social media industry.

1). Have separate phone numbers for your business purposes and contacts and private/personal contacts. Trust me it helps a lot. The same goes for your emails.
2). Never post and share your personal information online, and yes including your families. 
3). Be vigilant. There are many pretentious humans around.

Also, a good reminder for our local ex-pats, because sometimes they are also been targeted by these scams and extortions.

As of this writing, I still can’t believe it happened to be. Because I am alert and focused, I prevented their extortion to me, and am hoping that sharing my story with you would help you and others to be aware of what is happening around us, and how we can prevent it.

PS. Watching many spies and Bond movies helps a lot! LOL

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  1. What a horrible thing to have happen. Glad youbshar d and you did something that I would never have thought of.

  2. Wow this is so scary. But thanks for sharing because it's a good reminder we must all be careful and watch out for this kind of stuff. You were so smart to record it and research the number.

    1. Yes. Our personal data's are very important, and we should treat it like gold.

  3. Wow! this is frightning. You did all the right things and gave great tips for others that may experience such a scare.

    1. Thank you Tina. I decided to share this incident here so that the others will be warned as well. The caller seems like making this in random numbers and whoever took the bait will be the victim. Documenting this now will help prevent any possible incident.

  4. Oh my goodness! Thank you for sharing this information. Grammar advice on action steps. Now, to learn how to record a conversation on my phone. Yikes!

    1. Smartphones nowadays are so cool that it have safety features that are not so must marketed to the customers but truly helpful, and can saves lives.

  5. That's a terrible thing to have happen. Your steps to on what to do, though, are perfect and should be taken into consideration by everyone.

    1. Thank you Sarah.
      Nowadays, I noticed that many people can easily get distracted by anything, which became the target of these kind of extortions. If we are calm and aware, we can prevent it.

  6. This seems to be happening more often. So glad you were able to avoid getting your personal data stolen. Good lesson for all of us

    1. Thank you dear!
      I learned from old business minded friends that if you decide to go public, it is wise to keep your personal identity. Thus, it is wise to have a separate mailing / business address, and not disclosing your personal address. Same goes to phone numbers and emails.

  7. I cannot believe this! It is not only outrageous and scary that there are people that will go to these lengths! Just insane.

    1. I know right! Nobody wants to be dead, and if you have money and want a peaceful life, we will give their demands.

      If you are not focused person, you can be a victim.

  8. This must have been so scary when it happened to you. But I am glad you are sharing it in your blog so that if he calls someone else they know exactly what to do.

  9. Definitely it must have been one harrowing experience. The tips would be useful for everyone.

  10. Helpful post. Times like these, we should always be alert and calm. Be attentive too with you surroundings. Thanks for sharing us.


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