Visiting JINS Philippines

JINS Philippines

For the last two years, I’ve joined the reading-glasses-wearer-club and even though at first I find it uncomfortable, I learned my ways to accept the fact that I need it.

So I got my first reading glasses with bold black frame, and I find it cool. But my friends sometimes thought it made me look more intimidating because of its frame, which made me look like that scary librarian back in high school.


Okay, they might be right.

So I decided that this year I will get a new frame, something that is not too intimidating, hahaha
After my whole day event at WTC, I made a quick stop at SM Aura, and my eye got caught by this new store opening. Like a curious shopper, I decided to pay them a visit.

JINS Philippines at SM Aura Premier

I learned that JINS eyewear was a Japan-based brand and this is their first store here in the Philippines. They are known for impeccable frames that are stylish in all wearers, plus its lenses are equipped with innovative and world-class high-index aspheric lenses. Compared with regular lenses, aspheric lenses provide less distortion, clearer field of vision, and allow clients to select their choice of frame design without worrying about the thickness of the lens.

Because that is one thing that worries me – having a visible thick lens like my old grandmas.

JINS Philippines at SM Aura Premier

JINS Philippines at SM Aura Premier

JINS Philippines at SM Aura Premier

They have many frames designs which are so stylish, just like those frames proudly wear by your favorite K-drama idols. They have bold frames, light colored frames, those cat-eyed frames to die-for, and even small frames.

JINS Philippines at SM Aura Premier

JINS Philippines at SM Aura Premier

The store is spacious to cater enough costumers, they have this comfortable waiting area, and top-notched equipment for your new prescription eyeglasses. In just 30-minutes you will get your new pairs, so no need to wait for long.

While I wait for my new pairs, I decided to play around the other eyewear they have in display.

JINS Philippines at SM Aura Premier

To test their promising services, I let one of their staff (named Mydel) to suggest which type of frame suits me, that isn’t too intimidating. She patiently found me my new pair that she thought is suitable to the shape of my face, and also to my skin tone. Hhmmm I say I like how she handle needs!
They also have many color of lenses like these:

JINS Philippines at SM Aura Premier

Prices of their eyeglasses starts at Php3000 up to Php7000 which I think is reasonable. When I got my own JINS eyewear, I received a 20% discount for their opening promotion!

JINS Philippines at SM Aura Premier

JINS Philippines at SM Aura Premier

JINS Philippines at SM Aura Premier

If you are going to visit this branch, I recommend you to be assisted by Mydel – she is good and will take care of you!

Offering good warranty services also affects my decision to buy a certain item.
JINS Philippines gave me this warranty card with the following details:

SUNGLASSES – lifetime free service (includes nose pad replacement, adjustment and cleaning)

1. Free repair or replacement (if not repairable) frames with the same or lower SRP if damage is incurred through determined manufacture defect, which includes but not limited to breakage under normal usage and item disintegration within 1-year timeframe.

2. Free replacement for loss of item under the following conditions:
*must present legal documents (like police repost, affidavit of loss, etc.)
*subject to brand management’s evaluation and approval 

3. One-time exchange of frames due to taste and preference within.

7 day from day of item claim

1. 50% discount on replacement frames due to loss or damage not covered by warranty
2. Lifetime free service (includes nose pod replacement, adjustment and cleaning)

1. Free replacement of progressive lens to single vision lens due to inability to adapt
2. Free lens replacement due to change in prescription within a 6-month period.
3. Free lens replacement of progressive lens due to inaccuracy in processing prescription.
4. 10% discount on replacement lenses due to loss or damage not covered by warranty.

1-Month Full Refund for valid returns, under the following conditions:
• Items purchased should be in good and sellable condition
• Limited to one (1) refund per customer, must bring valid ID.

Warranty Card and Receipt:
• Refund should be done at the shop of purchase.
50% Off on your replacement pair under the conditions below:
• For items purchased in JINS Philippines
• If item is damaged, due to conditions not covered by warranty
• Item should still be under warranty time period
• Replacement pair should be the same item as the damage one, or same price if same item is not available
• Damaged item should be surrendered to JINS.

JINS Philippines at SM Aura Premier

I got this square rose-colored frame with upgraded lens grade from JINS Philippines with 20% discount!

JINS Philippines at SM Aura Premier

JINS Philippines located at the 2nd Floor of SM Aura Premier

xoxo, Blair

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