Review: Biotherm Aquasource

Review: Biotherm Aquasource

Summer I finally here and it feels annoying having that sticky dry feeling of our skin, and how we wish its already a monsoon season. Having a dry skin is one of our least favorite and I will pay good money for the product that will help my skin be as angelic as ever.

If you are looking for a water-based moisturizer and serum that are perfect for this summer, maybe you may consider trying Biotherm Aquasource.

Biotherm Aquasource Concentrate Serum for Dry Skin

Biotherm Aquasource Concentrate Serum

This serum gives 24-hour intense hydration in just one application! It helps to makes our super dry skin glowing, improved skin texture making it refined while skin complexion appeared more luminous.

How to use:
Shake to activate the power of millions of moisture micro-droplets. Then dispense 3 to 4 drops and apply gently on your face.

 Additional tips:

1. Use it underneath your daily moisturizer for maximum hydration and revived glow.
2. Mix it with your daily moisturizer; its lightweight texture will be absorbed faster and deeper for an instant skin glow.
3. Mix a few drops with your foundation in the palm of your hand before applying.
4. Light points: apply a few drops to highlight your face’s best features – cheekbones, cupid’s bow, the tip of your nose.

Biotherm Aquasource Concentrate Serum
Since it is water-based, it is very easy to absorb to the skin, and no no sticky feeling!

Biotherm Aquasource Regenerating Gel Moisturizer

Biotherm Aquasource Regenerating Gel Moisturizer

This new Aquasource Gel Moisturizer is infused with legendary ingredient discovered in the French Pyrenees source: Aura Leaf, a medicinal plant with miraculous properties. With continues use, it helps to replenish skin’s natural moisture reserves, gorging skin with moisture to restore it natural ability to glow.

Visibly glowing skin and with 48-hour of intense regenerating hydration in one application. Even the most dehydrated skin and dullest complexions are visibly transformed.

How to Use:
Use every morning and / or evening on cleansed and toned skin. Place one dose into the palm. Using both hands, smooth over the face in an outward pattern starting from the center. Then finish with the neck.

Biotherm Aquasource Concentrate Serum

These babies have these two main ingredients, Life Plankton, and Medicinal Aura Leaf makes this serum and gel moisturizer super special.

Life Plankton originally hails from the mineral-rich thermal springs of the French Pyrenees mountains, pure thermal plankton contains 35 nutrients, proteins, vitamins, amino acids, carbohydrates, lipids and trace elements that help revive the skin’s vital functions and which are essential to its health.

Aura Leaf is an ancient beauty secret to restore skin’s radiance. This rare medicinal plant, found in French Pyrenees, has hydrating and illuminating properties that revives skin’s ability to glow.

With religious usage, you will achieve that visibly glowing and healthy skin in 10-days.

Try these Biotherm Aquasource and let me know how it does on you!

xoxo, Blair

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  1. Looks so hydrating.. I think i;'m going to like this product too..Such a nice review u got there..

  2. Thanks for sharing this, I myself have really dry skin. And with the weather being so hot lately I have been thinking of using a moisturizer of some sort.

  3. biotherm? not bad the price range but if suits your skin so why not right?

  4. Macam best je , first time know about this .. hurmm menarik


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