Where to Dine Affordably and Feel like Crazy Rich Asian of Manila

Where to Dine Affordably and Feel like Crazy Rich Asian of Manila
Simple food, lah!

Its official – am still the CRA-hangover– one of the successful project of the century that everyone is talking about it. In addition, make everyone became so curious and asking the questions like, “are Asians truly rich?”

Well many truly rich, old-money Asians have mastered the art of being fully discreet however, the nouveau rich generation seems like have not understand its value and continue embracing the Instagram-world.

It is like a secret box that are now fully exposed!

Moreover, for many of us this world is very intriguing and of course wishing that we could have a taste in their menu.

Thanks for the world of Internet – I gather some places that we, commoners would dine affordably and classy and feel a few hours our richness and take home with a few souvenir shots taken by your not-so-rich smartphones.

Nuel Café

Location: El Magistrado Bldg., Barangka Drive, Mandaluyong City Philippines

Nuel Café in Mandaluyong City
This is not an old furniture shop, but a themed-café located in Mandaluyong City. The owner cum-chef of the restaurant, decided to create this little ambiance of luxury that is affordable to many of his patrons.

Entering the café is like visiting your long-lost Auntie who married a rich-old haciendero, and you will be surrounded with fine furniture, glittering chandeliers and quaint tea sets.

Nuel Café in Mandaluyong City

Nuel Café in Mandaluyong City
You can enjoy your cappuccino for Php120, pairing with a tuna sandwich for only Php120 as well. Moreover, if you are a pasta-kind-of person then they have it. You can bring along your girlfriends here and pretend you are dining with the old-money families in Manila.

How to get there:
From Boni MRT/EDS, ride a jeep bound to Stp n' Shop or Gabbys. Drop-off at McDonald's Barangka Drive. From McDonald's walk for about 2 to 3-minutes to El Magistrado Building where it is located.

Photos: by Aubrey Diamante, Facebook

Air Summit Gourmet

Location: Kamayan sa Palaisdaan Resort, Lucban, Quezon Province

Air Summit Gourmet in Lucban Quezon Province

Air Summit Gourmet in Lucban Quezon Province
Haven’t experienced dining first class aboard? Then Air Summit Gourmet got you covered. This local restaurant in Lucban Quezon gives you a feeling of travel first class. The owners who seems have passion on traveling overseas, bought an old airplane and refurbished it into an impressive restaurant, right next to a resort.

Air Summit Gourmet in Lucban Quezon Province
You will be greeting with staffs/uniformed cabin crew, and get this boarding pass upon completion of your order. Leave your heavy baggage with you and just enjoy your dining experience. Do not worry because seats seems comfortable and no armrest to fight for.

How to get there:
Via Public Transport:
From Cubao/Buendia, ride a bus heading to Lucena, drop off point is at Lucena Grand Terminal about 3 to 4 hours travel time. Then ride a jeep heading to Lucban, and drop at Kamayan sa Palaisdaan Resort (20-30minutes travel time), the Air Summit Gourmet is next to the resort.

Photos: by Travelust PH, Facebook

Manila House Private Club

Location: 8F NET Park Building, 5th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City Taguig

Manila House Private Club in Bonifacio Global City
If you want to experience genuine fine dining and be surrounded by truly rich, expensive items plus many good prominent people, then Manila House Private Club is where you should go. Although this place is for members-only, they also accepts non-members when there is no parties going on. Foods are prepared by their utmost chef-of-the-week from various places.

Manila House Private Club in Bonifacio Global City
The experience is surely one of a kind and I lied, this place is not like your neighbouring high-street restaurant so be prepared to bring your Mastercard or Visa. However, dining here is the more cheaper and accessible than those restaurants in top Sentosa.

Plus, you don’t need your passport with you. Just call first and make a reservation.

Manila House Private Club in Bonifacio Global City

How to get here:
From Ayala Station, right a BGC bus going to the CBD district and drop-off at RCBC bus station. Then cross 5th Avenue Street to the NET Park Building.

Photos: Manila House Private Club, Facebook

You don’t need to fly to Singapore just to enjoy being Crazy Rich Asian. Also, I recommend that you use GRAB because Crazy Rich Asian never use public transport, and deal with poor air-conditioning.
Another tip – complete the whole dining experience wearing your bling and your most expensive ZARA. You should never caught dining and wearing your rubber slippers. It is tacky and not ultra-rich.

Hope you enjoyed my recommendations, and a little bit of nouveau rich humor.

xoxo, Blair


  1. Ang gaganda lahat.. Instagramable! I want to try the Manila House in BGC para kunyari rich din ako hehe..

    1. Yeah you must! Manila House also showcased occasional exhibits and fairs!

  2. Bet ko yung Nuel Cafe. I have great appreciation for elegant furniture na mukhang pang mayaman! :) Been eyeing this in Manda for quite some time na.

    1. Would be a nice place to host a small blogger party, dba?

  3. Grabe pang crazy rich Asians talaga! Perfect for date nights. Will ask my boyfriend to bring me there haha!


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