Review: Palmolive Expertique Hair Mask, Hair Oil and Hair Serum

Palmolive Expertique, Palmolive Philippines,

Hello ladies and another hair care product review again!

So few months back I shared my review about Palmolive Expertique Shampoo and Conditioner, which gained a lot of praises from our readers. Thank you very much for liking my review and if you bought that products and works for you then I am happier!

Today’s review is the PART 2 of Palmolive Expertique line which I will share you my thoughts about their hair mask, hair oil, and hair serum. I had a great time using the complete line, which saves me a lot of bucks from visiting a salon just to have a gorgeous salon-treated hair.

If you love your hair just like you love your skin, then this review is for you. And if you are searching for an affordable hair care products that do an amazing job, then this review is even better for you!

Palmolive Expertique, Palmolive Philippines,

Palmolive Expertique, Palmolive Philippines,
For those who haven’t read my previous Palmolive Expertique Shampoo and Conditioner review, then click this link so you can follow the story.

Palmolive Expertique, Palmolive Philippines,
So after trying the Palmolive Expertique shampoo and conditioner (which I love the result!) I decided to buy the remaining products – Palmolive Expertique Intensive Hair Mask, Palmolive Expertique Beautifying Oil, and the Palmolive Expertique Anti-Frizz Serum.

Palmolive Expertique, Palmolive Philippines,
After washing my hair using Palmolive Expertique Shampoo and Conditioner, then it’s time for a more extensive hair treatment in a bottle. I towel dry my hair then apply generous amount of this Palmolive Expertique Intensive Hair Mask, then leave for 2 to 5-minutes (I once let it stay for more than 10-minutes and it was great!). Treat you hair with this hair mask for once a week, for a gorgeous and healthy hair.

Then rinse your hair with lukewarm water which I most prefer so that your scalp will have a good treatment as well. Towel dry your hair then apply the next product.
Palmolive Expertique, Palmolive Philippines,

Palmolive Expertique, Palmolive Philippines,

Some of you doesn’t like oil to your hair, but actually using the right kind of hair oil is recommended. So after towel drying your hair, then use this Palmolive Expertique Beautifying Hair Oil. Dispense 1-2 pumps and apply on ends of your hair, and not on your scalp. Massage your hair evenly then use a hair dryer to dry your hair. Don’t let it dry using your electric fan because it will give you a different effect, plus the fan usually are not clean and the dirt will stick on your hair.

Palmolive Expertique, Palmolive Philippines,

Then spray your hair with this Palmolive Expertique Anti-Frizz Serum, which helps to protect hair against frizz and flyaway, and helps to seal and calm stressed-out strands. Then continue blowing your hair with hair dryer, and style your hair the way you want it. 

Palmolive Expertique, Palmolive Philippines,

You’ll notice the amazing result even on your first usage! I admit it was mind-blowing and I like how it works well to my hair. Every Saturday, I gave my hair extra R&R using these Palmolive Expertique line, and this helps to maintain my gorgeous hair, and saves me money on visiting a salon that charges me a lot. 

This complete line is a great investment for your hair. You can consumed the three for 4months or so, depends on the length and thickness of your hair, and how often you use them.

Additional tips:
• Use a lukewarm water in washing your hair. Your hair also feeling the stress and the lukewarm water would help to make it calm, getting smooth again and manageable.

• Never go out the house with wet hair! This is a mortal sin in hair care beauty, and this causes the immediate damage of your hair. Wet hair easily magnets the dirt the minute you goes out the house – more if you are commuting with all those smokes, dusk and pollution!

• Invest on hair dryer. You can get an affordable hair dryer from any drugstore. In the Philippines, you can get an affordable hair dryer from Watsons.

Palmolive Expertique, Palmolive Philippines,

Have you tried this Palmolive Expertique complete line? I would love to know your stories and experience too!

xoxo, Blair

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  1. Love this detailed review! I'm still on a trial an error for my curly hair. Whenever I use some conditioners, it makes my hair soft but it's not that curly. I wish there's a product specifically for curly hair haha!

    1. There are almost none hair products available locally specific for the curly hair. But try to check that one from L'Oréal Paris collection for that specific product (I heard it was amazing!) but usually available from salons to buy.


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