How to Save and Earn Extra Money as a Filipino Immigrant in Australia

How to Save and Earn Extra Money as a Filipino Immigrant in Australia
For many Filipinos here in Australia and continuously thriving and chasing their ‘Aussie Dream’ kudos to all of you. It is indeed hard to live in a new country, but here we are still as hard-worker as ever with smiles on our faces.

As a permanent resident here in Australia, I learned a trick or two, and some trades on how to save some money, and avoid financial misfortune. And possibly earn some extra for your next celebratory shopping treat, or maybe send money back to your families in the Philippines. 

If you know of any ways to save and earn an extra dollar, please let us know so that we can continue to update this post!

Ways to Save Money as a Filipino living in Australia

Whether you are a skilled worker, an international student, or someone who immigrated through a partner visa, these tips might be a huge help to you.

1. Living in the city, suburban, or regional
As much as living in the city is a very amazing experience, we all know the fact that the cost of living expenses is also expensive. Make your options wider by considering living in suburban towns, or better yet in regional areas. 

Example: I am currently living in Warragul VIC just a 55-mins drive going to Melbourne, or almost an hour using the V-line train. Rental prices are cheaper than in CBD Melbourne, the cost of living is cheaper, plus the lifestyle is more relaxed and stress-free.

2. Rent a house or a room
It depends on your current situation. If you are alone with no family or children, then renting a room is a practical choice. But if you have children, it is practical and convenient to rent a house probably in a suburban area where the rent prices are much lower. You can use this guide to calculate your estimates, and how much savings you can get. Always consider your options.

3. Getting home furniture and/or appliances
Did you know that you can get home furniture, home decor, and appliances for free? Australia has one of the most notorious wasteful societies, and you can see several functional home furniture and working appliances being dumped on the curbside which you can get for FREE. Checking on FB Marketplace, and several local PIF (pay-it-forward) groups on Facebook are another option if you want to be more discreet. 

You can also visit the nearest op shop (aka charity shops) for affordable goods that you needed for your home including clothes, sheets, kitchen and homewares, children’s clothes and toys, and even seasonal decorations. And if you can’t afford it, many op shops like St Vinnies and Salvos are giving goods for free. Just ask the shop attendants or volunteers in the shop. 

4. Buying a brand new or second-hand car
Having a car is considered a necessity here in Australia, but it doesn’t need to be always brand new and expensive. If you are a newbie, consider the option of getting a second-hand car and check the mileage. This saves you the stress of paying your monthly mortgage, including the unnecessary emotional stress brought by accidental or deliberate scratches in your car. Later, you can always upgrade your second-hand car as there are always people who sell their cars for quick cash. The same goes for buying gadgets including smartphones.

Just make sure that your annual car registration is updated, and drive safely and cautiously to avoid accidents or road penalties.

5. Buy in bulk
Consider buying in bulk, or in bigger sizes, especially for items that you regularly use. This saves you extra money on your budget, and also the cost of gas and time on driving to the nearest shop.

6. Be a product tester
Many companies around Australia will be willing to send you free products for trial in exchange for review or feedback. From bathroom toiletries, cleaning supplies, doggy foods, and even free clothes! Maximize your Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok accounts to share your finds, and get more clients.

How to Save and Earn Extra Money as a Filipino Immigrant in Australia

Ways to Earn Extra Money as a Filipino living in Australia

It is always a good idea to earn extra cash from your little side hustle for any future expenses. Maybe for your next summer getaway!

Disclaimer: Please note that some of these tips might not be applicable to you. Please make sure you check on your visa status.

1. Share your knowledge of the Filipino language online.
Did you know that you can offer Filipino language tutoring services online for anyone who is willing to learn the language? The average fee for online tutorials costs $30 to $60 per hour depending on your skills and knowledge of the language. You can either apply to a company or offer your services as a freelance tutor. 

There are also companies that hire Filipino translators which you can also consider.

2. Love pets? Be a pet sitter!
This is one of the recent lucrative part-time jobs that you can get anywhere in Australia, especially if your neighborhood is full of pets! An average of $60 per night or per visit depends on the location. What does a pet sitter do? You play with them, walk with them, and attend to their needs like food, and water, including bedtime routine, and it is a fun and rewarding experience. Some pet owners will require you to stay in their place the whole period of pet-sitting, or just a day/night visit. And if you are a good pet sitter, chances are your services will be in demand in the community. 

3. Good with little kids? You can offer a babysitting service
Quite like pet-sitting except this kind of service needs extra details as you will deal with children. Expect the clients will ask for your consent for a background check (you can provide them your latest AFP Clearance, or the client will do their own request), and prepare to have your valid Working with Children Clearance. 

You can earn an average of $20 per hour even more depending on the clients and the task you will be assigned.

4. Know the basics of sewing? Offer an alteration service.
This might sound surprising, however, there is still a good demand for these services. You can earn a minimum of $15 per item for adjusting the hemlines, or even adjusting the sizing, or fixing the missing buttons, and your pricing goes up depending on the client's needs and requests.

5. Join free online paid surveys
You can do this during your idle time, even your 5-mins can give you cash to buy your next groceries! Sign-up and download the YouGov app which gives you paid survey opportunities and rewards you with points, which when accumulated can be converted to gift cards or pays you via Paypal. Available for download via Google Play and Apple Store.

6. Join the rewarding customer loyalty program by your favorite shops.
Woolworths has its Everyday Rewards app, where you can get points for every dollar you’ve spent, and for every 2000 accumulated points is equivalent to $10 off your next shopping purchase. The same goes for the Flybuys app

7. Got your own trailer? Rent it out!
Having a trailer is deemed a necessity but not everyone has it. If you own one and just parked in your garage, why not sign-up at localtrailerhire.com.au where you can rent your trailer to someone and earn extra cash on hand. 

8. Be a Dasher Gal!
This is a good opportunity especially if you live in a busy community, and have extra time. A friend of mine here in Warragul earns an average of $600 to $800 per week picking up orders and delivery + tips as a dasher!

9. Be a fruit/veggie picker
This is one of the most common part-time and even full-time jobs that you can get here in Australia. It is rewarding but honestly a bit tiring according to many experienced pickers. However, the opportunity to visit many places is a good plus. Pickers earn an average of $30 per hour. This lady even earns $500 a day!

10. Help your old neighbor spring clean their house
Everyone needs a helping hand, and if you are good at making tiles and sinks shine bright like a diamond, then this gig is for you. You charge an average of $25 to $35 per hour, or even more depending on the client's needs.

There are so many ways to save and earn extra bucks. As long as you have that can-do attitude and are a good member of your community, you will always find ways to get a side hustle. 

If you know of any ways to save and earn extra dollars, please let us know so that we can continue to update this post!

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  1. This list is super achievable if you want to earn extra in Australia. My most favorite from this list would probably be the pet sitter :D Ms. Blair, do you live alone ba?

    1. Yeah, kayang-kaya mo ang pet sitter! Nah, I live with my husband.

  2. Very much detailed and accurate information! Learning a lot From you ! Saved for future references

  3. Thanks for sharing this po. This is very helpful especially sa mga first time sa Australia. Helpful and wonderful tips 💯🥰

  4. yes to number 3 re free furniture and from those who pay it forward... also, are you doing the sewing / alteration business? you must be because you are very good at it.

    1. Yes, I finally accept alteration jobs in our community. I started with my friends, and they I got other customers with their recommendations.

  5. Dream ko ang makapunta dito . Very informative and helpful tips ito , para sa lahat na dn ❤️

  6. Ang dami! grabe! mukhang super busy ka dyan! nakakatuwa naman na pag hinahanap mo talaga ang opportunities, yun ang makikita at makikita mo


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