Lifestyle Hacks on How to Protect Yourself from Financial Misfortune

how to avoid financial misfortune
Have you ever been in a situation where you feel so much stress and anxiety because of your bad financial situation? Money management is part of our journey as an adult and if you do it right, you will be on the path of good financial freedom and protecting yourself from financial misfortune.

Here are my tried and tested tips on how to protect ourselves from financial misfortune

1. Use your credit card wisely.
Be smart in managing your credit card expenses. 

You must pay the above minimum or if possible, the full amount due and not pay the minimum payment in order to save on paying interest. 

Having one up to three credit cards (or more) is okay, as long as you follow the same payment system of paying it off before the due date. Credit cards help me to manage my expenses, give me a good credit score, and make my financial lifestyle more comfortable. My good credit score gives me an opportunity and approval of my other financial loans.

2. Use feng shui for your personal finance
I practice feng shui in my personal finance that shields me from misfortune and helps me attract more positive wealth.

Money doesn’t grow on trees, but trees will give you positive energy to attract wealth. Planting more trees or potted plants around your house is an excellent way to attract auspicious energy. It also preserves the green space in your house to a happier and more abundant home. Don’t use artificial plants ever because it only attracts dust which leads to bad energy for your health and wealth. Don’t let your plants die because it is a bad sign for finances. 

3. Start decluttering and organizing your stuff
Decluttering also helps to smoothen your lifestyle and attracts positive money management. How? By decluttering and organizing your stuff, you will find items that you’ve already forgotten you had! Sell your unwanted and unused items in Gumtree or eBay and use those proceeds to pay off your outstanding debts. 

By organizing your stuff, don’t forget to organize your monthly stacks of bills too! Keep them near your desk where you can easily see them, so you won’t miss any due dates.
Keep your place tidy and clean. In this way, you save yourself from any health hazards which will lead to money misfortune. 

4. If you have valuable items that you are totally not ready to part ways with, you can use a pawnshop service to borrow some cash to pay off your outstanding debt.

5. Organize your email and smartphone notifications.
Start switching off notifications or uninstall all your shopping apps and unsubscribe to all shopping websites to shield you from the temptation of online shopping and flashback deals. 

thrift shop, charity shop

6. Consider shopping from charity shops in your community
Never underestimate the power of many charity and thrift shops. They got everything from clothing, kitchen, and homewares, gardening tools, children’s toys, including Christmas decorations at a most affordable price. In Victoria, many charity shops will give you items for free. You can also browse Facebook Marketplace for free unwanted items around your neighborhood, instead of spending your money. 

7. Save, save, and save!
Always allocate up to 20% of your earnings to your savings. You’ll thank me later!

8. If necessary, minimize your screen time.
Spending too much time scrolling your Instagram feed will only give you the temptation to spend more and get the latest crochet bikini like Dua Lipa.

9. Consider having a side hustle. 
Be smart on using your social media presence and use it to earn additional income that you can add to your emergency fund. My blogging and social media experience help me to increase my savings and enjoy a lifestyle that I don’t have to pay for. Free clothes? Gifts in exchange for one IG post? And earn money from your videos? That’s a good start!

10. Consolidate your debt using a reliable financial partner that offers lower interest rates. 

What is debt consolidation?

A debt consolidation loan is a new loan that you take to repay all your previous loans. It helps to reduce your stress and anxiety, but also your interest in the loan. It is best suited for you if you have multiple loans and are in a situation where it is getting difficult to organize, manage, and keep track of your debts. 

No matter how difficult and desperate you are in fixing your finances, don’t go to loan sharks because it will not solve your money problems. Best to opt for debt consolidation. Click to learn more

Hope these tried and tested tips will help you stay away from choosing the loan sharks and severe financial misfortune. And above all, live below your means.

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