How to Apply for Working with Children Check Online in Victoria

How to Apply for Working with Children Check Online in Victoria
What is a Working with Children (WWC) checks?
In Australia, people who work or volunteer with children are screened for suitability. As part of this screening process, nominated state agencies examine an applicant’s police information including criminal charges, offenses, findings of guilt, and professional conduct reports across the applicant’s lifetime.

The screening process also considers the relevant state or territory legislation, which differs in terms of:

        * the type of history that may prevent a person from obtaining registration or a Working with Children Card (WWCC)
        * how long the registration is valid for
        * who is required to be registered.

If an applicant passes the screening processes, they may be registered to work with children and/or vulnerable people for a set period of time according to the state or territory that issues the registration.

If you or the applicant you are conducting a check for will be working with children or vulnerable groups, you will need to determine if a working with children and/or working with vulnerable people check is required to be conducted by the relevant screening unit.

The aim of working with children (WWC) checks is to keep children safe.
People who work or volunteer in child-related work usually must complete a WWC check. This involves filling out a form with details about your past employment and criminal history (if you have one) and submitting it to the relevant authority in your state or territory.

You’ll probably need a WWC check if you:
        • work as a nanny, an early childhood educator, or a teacher, or you work in another child-related field
        • volunteer at your child’s school – for example, in the canteen or in the classroom
        • volunteer in an organization that involves children – for example, as a coach or manager of a junior sporting club or drama group.
         • volunteer in any op shop/charity shop, animal shelter, community center, etc. 

There are other work or volunteer situations that require you to have a WWC check. Your state or territory authority will be able to tell you about these situations.

How to Apply for Working with Children Check in Victoria

How to Apply for Working with Children Check Online in Victoria

It only takes about 15 minutes to apply online.
Visit the Service Victoria Website (https://service.vic.gov.au/services/working-with-children ) for instructions. Make sure that you register/login to your Service Victoria account to access these services.

How we verify your identity, Service Victoria will get you to use your phone’s camera to:
        • Check your name, date of birth, document numbers, and photo
        • Make sure the names on your documents match
        • Use face and document recognition to verify your identity
        • Take a photo to use on your card 

With your consent, they will check your info with government databases to verify your identity.

What documents are needed for Working with Children Check?

Service Victoria will ask you for a range of documents. These documents will be used to verify your identity online.

You’ll need at least one of these:
        • Australian passport that has not expired for more than 3 years
        • Australian birth certificate that is not handwritten
        • Foreign passport linked to a valid Australian visa
        • Valid ImmiCard
        • Australian citizenship certificate

And at least one of these:
        • Australian driver's license
        • Australian driver-learner permit
• Medicare card

We recommend you use your passport and driver's license.

If the names on your documents don’t match, you must also prove any name changes. For example, with a:
        • Australian marriage certificate, or
        • Change of name certificate

How much is the fee?

If you are working as a volunteer (meaning non-paid), the Working with Children Check is free of charge. 

However, if you are a paid employee, the Working with Children Check costs $128.20. Service Victoria accepts payment thru VISA, Mastercard, and Paypal.

How long does it take to get my check?

It takes 3 to 12 weeks, depending on whether Working with Children Check Victoria needs to investigate your application.

In my experience, it only took 5 minutes when I received the confirmation of approval. My WWC card was delivered to my address.

Working with children (WWC) checks: Australian states and territories

How to Apply for Working with Children Check Online in Victoria

Working with children (WWC) checks are called different things in different Australian states and territories. For example, you might hear them called working with children cards, working with children or vulnerable people clearances, blue cards (in Queensland), or ochre cards (in the Northern Territory).

The requirements for a WWC check depend on your state or territory. To find out more, follow the link for your state or territory below.

Australian Capital TerritoryWorking with vulnerable people (WWVP) registration 

New South WalesWorking with children 

Northern TerritoryWorking with children clearance 

QueenslandBlue card services 

South AustraliaWorking with children checks

Western AustraliaWorking with children check

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