Golden Ride launches all-new high-tech eScooter

Golden Ride launches all-new high-tech eScooter
Golden Ride, the high-tech electric micro-mobility brand from globally renowned sustainable mobility pioneer Terravision Electric, has launched an all-new state-of-the-art eScooter in the UK.

The A6 Pro combines an array of leading attributes that make the Golden Ride eScooter an exciting choice for consumers, in the process ensuring it has a unique standpoint in an urban mobility sector that is already congested and largely repetitive in terms of product offerings.

Setting the A6 Pro apart from current eScooter products available in the UK is its compelling combination of being an affordable zero-emissions mobility solution that has impressive real-world performance; an advanced electric drivetrain; outstanding safety and comfort features; and a contemporary aesthetic that is not only immersed in Golden Ride’s Italian heritage but also takes on a form that is practical and flexible.

Golden Ride launches all-new high-tech eScooter

Golden Ride launches all-new high-tech eScooter

Golden Ride launches all-new high-tech eScooter

Designed specifically for the urban mobility space, the A6 Pro’s competitive pricing point doesn’t come with a compromise on real-world performance capabilities.

The eScooter has more than ample range to navigate with ease around large cities such as London. The A6 Pro’s 25km range makes it possible, for example, to go from the iconic Clapham Common in South London to the serene Hampstead Heath in North London on one charge and with plenty of power to spare. Likewise, the A6 Pro’s range also connects East to West London, allowing for a journey from the Olympic Park to Kensington High Street to be seamlessly undertaken. The electric drivetrain is rated at 350W allowing for fast acceleration and a top speed of 25km/h. The battery pack, which features a full battery management system overseeing critical safety functions, takes six hours to recharge, with the battery’s voltage being 36V – 7.5Ah.

The A6 Pro features three ‘driving’ modes, further underscoring the eScooter’s wide-ranging adaptability in a variety of urban environments. There is the ‘Economy Low Gear’ mode that caps a speed limit of 6km/h, making the eScooter highly applicable for leisurely outings, social rides, and in congested city centers where total safety awareness is paramount. The second mode is ‘Normal Mid Gear’ which allows for a top speed of 15km/h, transforming the A6 Pro into a mobility solution that is ideal for when quick errands need to be made. The final drive mode – ‘Fast High Gear’ – allows for the range-topping 25km/h maximum speed to be achieved, making the A6 Pro the perfect urban transportation companion for people on the go. An added feature to the Golden Ride eScooter is cruise control, which serves to boost journey convenience and ease of travel.

Golden Ride launches all-new high-tech eScooter

The A6 Pro’s sleek aesthetic allows it to seamlessly fit into the stylistic and contemporary urban environment landscape. A functional depth to the eScooter’s design further compliments the streamlined treatment, ensuring a hassle-free commuting experience thanks to an easy-to-fold operation that is performed in just three quick and simple movements, meaning that the eScooter can be carried trouble-free onto busy and crowded trains.

Weighing just 16kg, the A6 Pro has optimal dimensions – 1,127mm height; 440mm width; and 1,190mm length – to allow it to take an impressive maximum payload of 100 kg.

“The launch of our all-new eScooter – the A6 Pro – has come at just the right time for people in the UK who are living, commuting, and working in busy and polluted urban environments. The Golden Ride team has designed and developed the A6 Pro to be a gamechanger – an affordable zero-emissions mobility solution that comes with no compromise, be that in performance, design, safety, technology, functionality, and rideability,” said Niccolò Petroni, commercial director at Golden Ride.

“In the A6 Pro, the UK market has a compelling new eScooter proposition that will positively impact and enhance metropolis areas and communities up and down the country, including in iconic cities such as Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester and Sheffield.”

The high-tech A6 Pro eScooter is now available to order either at Golden Ride’s London flagship store.

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