Streamline Your Night Routine with Dr.PAWPAW's Game-Changing Multipurpose Range

Streamline Your Night Routine with Dr.PAWPAW's Game-Changing Multipurpose Range
DR.PAWPAW 3-in-1 Cleansing Balm (RRP: $24.99)

This year, Skin Streaming emerged as the hottest skincare trend, advocating for a simplified routine with only a few essential products. 

Dr.PAWPAW's revolutionary skincare line not only simplifies your nighttime routine but ensures you wake up feeling hydrated and rejuvenated after a restful night's sleep. By condensing nine steps into four multipurpose products, YOUR gorgeous SKIN saves time, and money and preserves your skin barrier, promising a refreshed morning glow.

STEP 1: 3-in-1 Cleansing Balm (RRP: $24.99)

This 3-in-1 formulation acts as a makeup remover (including waterproof mascara), resurfacer, and second cleanser. It’s enriched with Papaya Seed Oil that cleanses and resurfaces the skin, removing any dead skin cells and allowing for the Olive Oil and the Jojoba Oil to nourish and moisturize. The combination of these three key ingredients results in the skin being left balanced. 

Dr.PAWPAW 4-in-1 Face Serum
Dr.PAWPAW 4-in-1 Face Serum (RRP: $24.99)

STEP 2: 4-in-1 Face Serum (RRP: $24.99)

This hero serum effectively delivers multiple skin benefits - soothes, hydrates, brightens, and reduces fine lines - combining 4 serums into 1. Powered by a world-first ingredient Papayaluronic(™) offers the nourishing and soothing properties of the PAWPAW (Papaya fruit) extract teamed up with 8 Hyaluronic Acids of different molecular weights which absorb into all layers of the skin for instant and long-lasting hydration. Vitamin C that has been sourced from the Jeju Green Mandarin provides 10 times more Vitamin C for an instantly brighter complexion, and Bakuchiol to firm and smooth the skin, preventing and reducing the appearance of fine lines.

Dr.PAWPAW Brightening Eye Cream
Dr.PAWPAW Brightening Eye Cream (RRP: $21.99)

STEP 3: Brightening Eye Cream (RRP: $21.99) 

This eye cream is a targeted rejuvenating and lightweight vegan formula, with multiple uses. This cream can, in fact, be delicately applied to the other areas of the face prone to fine lines, such as the eyelids, the forehead, and the top lip area. Also powered by Papayaluronic(™), the eye cream nourishes, soothes, and provides instant and long-lasting hydration. Matched with Retinol, for age renewal benefits, skin will be smoothed and firmed. The first signs of fine lines will be prevented, and the existing appearance of fine lines will be reduced. The addition of Aloe Vera strategically soothes the area to minimize the risk of irritation around the delicate eye area. 

DR.PAWPAW Rejuvenating Night Cream
DR.PAWPAW Rejuvenating Night Cream (RRP: $29.99)

STEP 4: Rejuvenating Night Cream (RRP: $29.99) 

Finally, this multipurpose rejuvenating night cream is a nourishing, age-renewal, vegan night-time ritual that can be applied to the face, neck, and d├ęcolletage. Skin will be firmed and smoothed, and fine lines will be prevented or will appear reduced with this soothing and hydrating formula that is infused with a calming chamomile aroma to aid a peaceful night's sleep. Papayaluronic(™) makes the skin feel soft and instantly hydrated, and Retinol works to prevent and reduce the appearance of fine lines whilst you sleep. The night cream’s Retinol, combined with the eye cream’s Retinol will work together to give a rejuvenated look, while the Aloe Vera will bring soothing and calming qualities as well as additional moisture.

In 2024, embrace Skin Streaming with the brand that sets the standard for simplified skincare for all — YOUR Gorgeous SKIN by Dr.PAWPAW, available at Priceline.

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