How to Shop for Perfect Bra Fit? WACOAL Philippines to the Rescue!

Hello girlfriends!

So today we are gonna talk about one of the things that we ladies are very conscious about - about boob sizes. I know some of you could relate to a situation like - at the mall, parks or in a coffee shop, and that you see some ladies (and transwomen) have these two nicely-prominent-feel-the-jealousy-type of boobs, and instantly wishing "gosh.. hope my tits are that pretty.."

Yes I know life is so unfair most of the time. Like myself sometimes I envy those girls born with bigger boobs, and they can wear more sexier clothing... but I've learned to appreciate mine {... and my boyfriend loves it too!} Anyway.. no matter how big or small our boobs, born with it naturally or a product of medical science - if we don't know our bra cup sizes (and takes care it properly) still we can't wear the clothes that we want, and walk comfortably - or worst walking with sagging tits... 

..see mine is not too bad, I know it's small but I'm loving it :)

Just last month, I was one of the lucky bloggers who just invited by WACOAL Philippines for its exclusive Perfect Fit Party, wherein we discussed about How to take care our pair of tits, and how to get our perfect bra size fit. Honestly I'm still got confused with my size, and I was belonged to 80% of women who doesn't know and still wear the wrong bra size. Yes, that quite a percentage, and honestly to speak we mostly don't give a shit about what we wear underneath, right? As long as our bra colors are not visible to our clothes, and the straps are not showing, and that's it we are ready to go.  

But that it very WRONG!

Finding a perfect bra fit is like shopping for your perfect shoe fit. Doesn't need to rush. We need to be meticulous in looking for our perfect pieces because it is the first outfit that touches our lovely skin. 

Okay, okay... you will insist that you know your bra sizes. But are you sure you are wearing the perfect fit/bra style for your boobies? I don't think so.. (yes me too) Thanks for WACOAL Philippines for enlightening me with these stuffs. 

Anyway like I've said life is unfair - there are big and small tits, some are born with firm tits, some are born with sagging pairs. But with the help of wearing the perfect style, we can achieve the seductively goddess-like look, that we always wanted. 

WACOAL Brand have made years of careful research about their products. Their research team studies thousands of women with different body sizes, and they come up with the conclusion - not all women can fit in the same size that they thought. As we age, our body and cells ages too, so we need to wear something that suits our body type and age. WACOAL Philippines got some experts and they came up with products that will help us women to achieve the perfect fit that we want, in any ages at all type.

AS you can see the photo above, the lady is measuring her for her bra size. Do you know what size you are? I always thought I am 32A... but OMG I was completely wrong... when they measured my boobs, they said I was a 34B. Holy shit! I have a bigger boobs than I thought, LOL

Later on I will share to you (on a separate blog post) about my review on WACOAL Bra and Panties (yes, with pictures of me) .. and how to properly wear your bra, and other boobs related questions. 

So here's some of their latest collections, whereas they comes in different colors and materials made. If you love lacy bra and panties, they also have it. For you curvy ladies, they also have these shapers, that will entice your assets, and make it more prominent looking. 

 I have this pair! Hahaha thanks again WACOAL Philippines for my new lingerie.. (review SOON)!

So enough for the booby talks, and let's proceed to the girly ones... I guess the event was attended by more than 20 beauty and fashion bloggers, and had so much FUN, GIGGLE, and LAUGHTERS! Yeah that's what we girls do.. We also play with this group gave, unfortunate my team (that includes me) got lose... anyway better luck next time, girls!

 I also made this Katy Perry-ish design bra, as part of our activity. I don't know why I come up with this design.. hhhmmm... maybe because I just love pink, dots and anything festive! LOL

Ohhh love these girls : From left to right - Carizza, Dawn and Helen

inside the dressing room camwhoring before trying on my free brassieres WACOAL game we.. I'm loving these very simple dress that I've bought at Market Market, and these elegant brooches I've got from my recent trip to HK. My babe loves it too :D (kilig)

Also I would like to thank PEVONIA Philippines for our freebies! Yes soo generous enough - here a photo of me and their PR Manager Ms. Jennifer Casitas... So please stay tune for my beauty review for PEVONIA - your luxury beauty spa skincare products. 

Here's the popping question:

Don't be shy and ask your WACOAL Lady about your size. Our boobies needs our care too, just like what we do on other parts of our body.

For quick updates visit WACOAL Philippines Facebook page. WACOAL is available at all leading department stores nationwide. 

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