Things Couple Must Do Everyday for a Healthier Relationship

Being in-LOVE is one of the best things in life, and we will do ANYTHING to make that LOVE last LONGER. When in-love everything feels right, we feel we are in the cloud-9, feels so light and warm, and gives un-explainable strength and energy to pursue what we always aim for.  

We got you some inspirations (thank to @couplegoals) on things you, as couple should (or MUST) do together to have a healthier relationship. Do these tips (and add some spices and be creative!) for you both stick together and become inseparable.

1. SLEEPING TOGETHER - This may sounds very normal, but what we meant here is ENJOYING every single moment sleeping together, after saying "Good night" and shared a KISS. Couples that enjoying sleeping together (whether wearing your favorite pajamas, or simple both naked) gets a normal sleep, and waking up having a good mood. You'll feel excited wakgive you insing up, and kissing your partner, good morning. It will give you INSTANT BOOST to rock your busy day ahead.

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2. WORK OUT / BE FIT TOGETHER - You've been it on TV, magazines and various social media - fitness lifestyle especially for couples are the latest trend. Do it 3-times in a week (or even MORE!). Whether you love doing the weekend marathon, gym work-out or just doing the bed yoga, the important is both of you enjoying doing things together.

3. PREPPING EACH OTHER EVERYDAY. Most of men like their women to always look good, particularly those women who possesses long locks. Having it needs ample time of preparation especially in the morning. So why don't you ask your partner to help you brush and iron your hair, and fixed his ties after? 

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4. SHOP TOGETHER - Ohh we mean GROCERY SHOPPING, not those shopping that involves flashy-shoppi-bags-and ripping-your-plastic-cards kind of thing. We believe that grocery shopping is one of the toughest kind (and not all men kinda like doing). Discussing your shopping list, and sticking to it (and the sweetest is arguing if he could sneak the a gallon of ice cream on the list). 

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5. CUDDLING - If Pandas (and other animals can do it) so do you! Don't forget to spend time cuddling everyday. It relieves stress, helps to clear your mind, and also good at heart. 

6. BRING YOUR CAMERA AND TRAVEL TOGETHER - Either it would be occasionally twice in a month or weekly basis, it is the BEST TIME to get out of your comfort zone, get to know each differences, and learn how to deal with it. Discover new places and be adventurous (don't forget to document each trips!). Go for a hike, learn new hobbies and explore exotic foods together!

7. DREAM TOGETHER - Know each other's goals and dreams! And importantly help each other, hand-and-hand to reach the summit. If the one had a pause, the other should pull-up. It is like the two of you on a boat, paddling your ways to reach the shoreline. Learn to dance on the rhythm, and do it together.  

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8. ENJOY THE TIME BATHING TOGETHER - and we recommend to do it REGULARLY. You and your partner are always busy with your own works (and family), so why not have a regular bath-time together? It's a good opportunity for you to share those stories and events that happen with you last week, and listen to his opinions (or rants) - to sum it up, to have an intimate conversation with your partner. It doesn't necessary to spend lots of money for this kind-of-date, all you need is your bathroom, and a HUGE PLUS if you have a bath tub! Get some inexpensive bubble bath soap, lit some candles, and VOILA - it's your special TIME! Enjoy this time scrubbing each other's back and feel those lovely touch, laugh and have passionate kisses together.

9. DO SILLY THINGS TOGETHER - And make your bond stronger, have fun and laugh! 

10. ENJOY PASSIONATE SEX EVERYDAY - Very well said (wink).

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  1. These are great tips and suggestions and I agree with all of them. I love how you integrated the Instagram accounts too with those depicting the pictures. Can you mail me and tell me how to embed a follow page? I know how to do the post but not the actual person, thanks.


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