Who would dare to hate summer? Summer is Life!

Who would dare to hate summer?

I also have a love-hate relationship with summer. But I never once in my life that I hate it.

I know sometimes that a 30+ degrees of heat is so irritating, making you sweat a lot, which ruins your clothes on your way to work, plus the combustion heat from cars while you are stucked on a traffic (think EDSA), and you can't help but say fuck this heat.

Well that is during weekdays.

On weekends, most of us are cravings for some activities to enjoy this summer heat. Planning for an out-of-town vacation, or booking a staycation at the finest hotel (a pool is a MUST), etc. I'm so guilty with these. (Also one reason I love summer is that it easily dries-up my wet laundry)

But anyway, we are very blessed to be in a tropical country. We enjoy this fine weather and we have loads of options to do. And most of the time we can't help but pack-up of overnight bags and head to some nice place, juts like what we did last summer in La Union, wherein we  head to Thunderbird Resort to bask ourselves to the heat of the North.

Once in a while, it is nice to jump-out to your comfort zones, and learn to appreciate what other people does. While in the city, we enjoy all these modern stuffs, like easy transportation, free wi-fi access, nice coffee shops and restaurants, well-organized closets of your favorite clothing labels, etc., - that's our urban life.

Unlike the people who enjoys the rural life - limited wifi access or no access at all, enjoying the fresh breeze morning air, enjoying the early morning walks at the beach, watching childrens playing patintero (you'll be surprised that no kids are at home watching TV, they are all outside enjoying playing, sweating a lot, getting filthy and still have innocent smiles.), listening to nature's natural music, and watching the sun sets slowly, and being amazed how these stars shine brightly.

Yes, these things and moments are very rare now in the city. Things that I do misses too.
So, while on the road, I chose to shutdown my phones and just bring along my camera and my youthful spirit to enjoy evrything that my eyes could reach. I am indeed impressed to the natural beauty surrounding the Thunderbird Resort, plus its impressive amenities. It is worth it, after a nearly 5-hours of roadtrip from Bonifacio Global City.

I encourage everyone to get off your comfort zone, and see the other parts of your world. You'll never know the surprising things that you'll discover, but trust me, it will be worth your time... and lots of great photo souvenirs to share with your friends :)


Thunderbird Resort is located at Poro Point in La Union, northern part of Luzon Island, Philippines.

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