(Originally published: February 20, 2015)

Happy Chinese New Year, or I should say Kung Hei Fat Choi!
It is one of the most anticipated event each year, celebrating the festive Chinese New Year especially here in the Philippines. As a Filipino (note: I don't have Chinese blood) but I grew up to enjoy and celebrate it each year, getting excited about the latest LUCKY trends for the upcoming year, shopping for charms and goodies for new year's eve. Ah! Even shopping and preparing for my lucky dress. It's very exciting too, having quality time with our family and friends (as Chinese New Year is a special holiday here) while watching the festive Dragon dances. 

Two Above: Babyruth Chuaunsu | Two Below: Emmanuelle Aspiras

Created by Chan Lim

Part of my routine in celebrating the Chinese New Year is visiting some art exhibits in town. Last week, I passed by at SM Aura Premier and saw these beautiful Chinese Painted Porcelain Plate, created and exhibited by the The Chan Lim Family of Artists.

Created by Dr. Alex Chan Lim and Dr. Felix Chan Lim

Created by Dr. Linda Flor Gil

The art-pieces are displayed in tight-closed glass, and presented very well just like precious gems that you could see in huge museums. Each porcelain plates are crafted and painted graciously: you could see those very intricate details, painted diligently and patiently - a true work of art.

Created by Dr. Pauline Santiago

Created by Ester Lim and Ethan Vaughn Ong 

These made me realize the importance of preserving the craft and our culture, through arts and sharing it with others to encourage us to create and find our own mojo. I believe that these crafts are the most prized possession that you can pass (with no expiration) from generation to generation. 

Created by Geoffrey Lim and Iman Franchesca Cristal

Created by Jose Chua

Created by Ka Kuen Chua and Kathleen Uy Kong

Created by Genevieve So and Janice Azarias

Created by Kaye Lim and Kristine Celine Kwok

Created by Ma Flordelis Aguenza

Created by Rolex Chan Lim and Xanthe Vienne Ong

Created by Jolex Chan Lim, Kylie Nicole Padilla, Ma. Charisma Faith Panes and Zea Lim

Created by Kyra Lim

Created by Linda Chua Kwok 

Created by Marissa Ong

The exhibit runs from February 2 to 22, at SM Aura Premier, and it is open for public (free admission). I felt so lucky that I passed and have a look (and got lots of photos). The exhibit also helps me to learn more about the old Chinese culture, and now I am excited to attend the available art workshop in the city! My brain is so busy thinking of what and how should I start doing my own art. I just need to be calm and do it, one step at a time. 

On this note, I am happy to share you these photos, so whenever you pass by at this exhibit, don’t miss the chance to appreciate it and have your own snapshots too! My favorites are the porcelain plates with horses and sheep. To my excitement, I cropped it and send the photos to my friends, even telling them to save it in their phones or make it as their screensaver, hoping to bring good luck! 

Hope you guys enjoy these photos! Speak to you all very soon. Lots of love :D

Originally published: February 20, 2015

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