62 Things Every Well-Spoken Lady Knows

62 Things Every Well-Spoken Lady Knows

Being a lady is not so easy, but it doesn’t mean that you must be born with a silver spoon, or from a royal bloodline.

Being a lady must exercise full self-control, mastered the etiquettes and social manners like the back of your hand.

And the good thing is, everything can be learned to become a lady.

I’ve made this list after my constant reading books, etiquette guides, and observing people during my travels and parties attended. And I also thank my gracious friend from high society forgives me few tips!

Am rarely share listicles, however, this one is good and definitely a handy guide.

Get your notes and read my lady’s guide.

Thank me later, ladies

62 Things Every Well-Spoken Lady Knows
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1). A lady knows how to begin a conversation.

2). Although a lady would never provoke an unpleasant confrontation, she knows how to deal with one.

3). A lady always thinks before she speaks.

4). Although a lady does not fret over the past, she also thinks after she speaks, assessing the correctness of her behavior.

5). If a lady realizes, in retrospect, that she is guilty of unintentionally rude or thoughtless remarks, she attempts to set the matter straight at her earliest opportunity.

6). If a lady is subjected to rude or rude behavior, she does not offer rudeness in return.

7). A lady allows others to finish their sentences. Even in her most brilliant moments, she does not interrupt others, no matter how dull their opinions might be – or how many times she may have heard their stories before.

8). A lady does not talk with her mouth full – even over the phone.

9). A lady is slow to judge the actions of others, in either their public or their private affairs.

10). Faced with the option of using an unusual word or a word likely to be more familiar, she chooses the word that her hearers/listeners are more likely to understand.

11). A lady makes a conscious effort to use correct grammar, but she resists all temptations to sound stuffy and overly grand.

12). When a lady learns that two friends are to be married, she tells the groom-to-be,
“Congratulations,” and offer her “Best Wishes” to the soon-to-be bride.

13). A lady does not take part in major arguments over minor issues.

14). Although a lady knows how to assert herself, she also knows when to keep her opinions to herself.

15). Unless she is teaching an English class, a lady does not correct another person’s grammar.

62 Things Every Well-Spoken Lady Knows
Photo credit: meganhess

16). A lady does not use foreign phrases unless she is absolutely sure of their meaning – and their pronunciation.

17). A lady does not pretend to speak languages that she has not made her own.

18). Even when speaking her own language, a lady does not use words that she can define only by looking them up in a dictionary.

19). Even in the most heated discussion, a lady avoids raising her voice. She does not shout others down.

20). A lady never asks another woman if she is pregnant.

21). A lady never asks another woman whether she is planning to get pregnant.

22). When a lady inconveniences another person by asking him or her to shift position so that she can move through a crowded room, she says “Excuse me”, she does not say, “I’m sorry” since there is no reason for her to apologize.

23). A lady never says, “I’m sorry” unless she has given offense.

24). A lady never begins a statement with “I don’t mean to embarrass you but…”

26). When a lady initiates a telephone conversation, she knows it is her responsibility to end that conversation.

27) Unless it is an emergency, a lady does not leave overly long messages on someone’s voicemail.

28). A lady does not use her phone when she is at a table with others. Neither does she check her text messages or social media status updates, or exchange text messages with others.

29). If a lady knows there is the likelihood of an emergency call from her child’s school or nanny, or if she is aware of an impending crisis at the office, she have every right to glance at the screen of her phone. If she suspects the issue to be one she must handle at that very moment, she steps away from the table to answer the call.

30). Once a lady discovers that she must decline an invitation that she has already accepted, she promptly alerts her host or hostess, she gives a frank explanation of the reasons for her change of plan and offers a sincere apology.

62 Things Every Well-Spoken Lady Knows
Photo credit: meganhess

31). When a lady receives a number of invitations via voice mail, email, or via social network site, she accepts the first one. Even in the world of the internet, she knows it is rude to weigh one invitation against another.

32). A lady does not engage in arguments, of any sort at the dinner table.

33). When a lady is confronted by arguments that she considers foolish, she does not attempt to refute them with reason. Instead, she keeps silent, knowing that logic is useless in the war against irrationality.

34). A lady never claims to have seen a movie she has not seen or to have read a book about which she has only read reviews. She knows how to say “I haven’t read (or seen) that yet, but from what I hear, it sounds very interesting. What do you think?”

35). In civil conversation, and when attempting to meet new friends, a lady asks “What do you think?” as often as possible.

36). A lady gives direct answers, especially to controversial questions. She knows, however, that being direct is not the same thing as being rude.

37). A lady does not brag, especially about her own accomplishments or the accomplishments of her children.

38). A lady knows that the best kind of small talk consists of asking questions not volunteering information about herself.

39). A lady never says “I told you so.”

40). A lady knows how to make an apology – and how to accept one.

41). A lady knows how to extend a compliment – and how to receive one.

42). A lady avoids backhanded compliments at all costs.

43). A lady knows how to make an introduction.

44). When it comes time for a handshake, a lady extends her hand, and is ready to do so.

45). For reasons of hygiene and simple good breeding, a lady makes an effort to keep her hands, especially her fingernails, clean at all times. She never knows when she will be introduced to a new acquaintance, and she never wants to feel reluctant to extend her hand in greeting.

62 Things Every Well-Spoken Lady Knows
Photo credit: meganhess

46). A lady always carries tissues in her purse and is ready to offer one in times of great grief – or great joy.

47). A lady always attempts to make sure her breath is fresh, especially if she expects to be in close conversation with others. If necessary, she carries – and uses breath mints.

48). A lady does not spread rumors. She is even careful about where she spreads sensitive facts.

49). When sharing messages or photos on the internet, through any social network site, a lady chooses her words carefully, remembering that her thoughts may very easily be shared with hundreds of other “friends” the majority of whom she may never have met.

50). When she is invited to participate in some pleasant experience – whether it is a dinner party or a major league baseball game – a lady does not dally before saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

51). A lady feels perfectly comfortable using the word NO.

52). A lady understands the meaning of the word NO, and she expects others to understand its meaning too.

53). Whenever a lady requests any service or favor, she remembers to say ‘Please.” She is quick to say, ‘Thank You’ whenever a service or favor has been offered to her.

54). A lady knows that listening is a skill that improves when it is regularly practiced.

55). When a lady feels that she has been subjected to an insult, she immediately knows the right response. She responds by saying nothing at all.

56). A lady has definite beliefs, but she thinks before voicing her opinions. She recognizes that other people’s beliefs are valid.

57). In making an after-work conversation, a lady is wise to leave her work at the office.

58). A lady knows how to listen.

59). A lady does not openly attempt to correct the behavior of her friends. Instead, she teaches by example.

60). A lady takes no part in petty arguments over important topics. Instead, she takes action to bring about change.

61). A lady does not make promises she cannot keep. She does not make commitments she cannot fulfill.

62). A lady knows how to end a conversation.

And always remember:

You don’t need a royal title to become a lady…

xoxo, Blair

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  1. A long list to learn, keep in mind and practise daily. Thank you for this reminder. Phew, it certainly is tough being a lady!

    1. Hahaha I know right! I keep on practicing as well :)

  2. Some guys (gentlemen) need to know some of the points there too, right?

    1. Yeah, men should also learn this to understand women better and easier.

  3. 62! That's a long list... But I guess it all comes from heart, from a well spoken lady.. heheheh~

  4. wow nice list to read about.
    Hehe.. shall let my friends know too!

  5. It's really not easy to be a lady. A long list to follow but I guess it's important to say or do what we think is correct.

  6. Wah..so many need to improve. Haha. A good list. I will bear in myself to be a 'lady' :)

  7. Wow, love the list and it is not only letting all ladies what we should do but it works like a reminder to me. Thanks babe!


  8. Very cool! This was a really good list to read through! I really liked #9 especially.

    1. So true! Because we never know their stories, and we don't want to know! Thanks for visiting!

  9. so much of this is lost on present society. I love it!

    1. I am still on the process of learning these, hahaha.
      But I realized its benefits.

  10. I wish there are more woman conscious of these points!
    Well done and thanks for sharing hun!
    xoxo Sharka

  11. This is a great compilation. Nice job. Keep up the good work.


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