Review: Beuins Sleeping Mask

Beuins Sleeping Mask, Beuins clay mask, korean sleeping mask

Whenever I travel, I prefer to bring my travel size vanity and skincare and wouldn’t bother to bring those whole bottles. That’s why am always keen to saving all those samplers always given by many beauty brands. I even have those small plastic bottles from some hotels, that they looks so cute enough it is so pity just to throw them away, so I decided to bring them home with me, and I used them for my travels.

So when I’ve a got my package from Althea Korea, they included these new brand of facial and sleeping mask called Beuins in travel size pack (btw, thanks Althea for this freebie!).

Beuins is an acronym that means “beauty in skin”

Kindly clever way to play the words, IMHO.

So here are the Beuins sleeping mask samples I’ve got.

Beuins Sleeping Mask, Beuins clay mask, korean sleeping mask

Beuins Energy Sleeping Mask – this sleeping mask pack provides vitality and strengthens skin with the compound of goat milk and vitamins while tidying up the formative memory protective film of skin.

Beuins Soothing Sleeping Mask – the mask pack that soothes and softens sensitive skin healthily with Dragon blood extract.

Beuins Sleeping Mask, Beuins clay mask, korean sleeping mask

Beuins Honey Scrub Mask – The dead skin cell – removing mask pack effectively removes excessive dead skin cells with walnut powder and provides moisture and nourishment to skin as the viscous honey ingredient closely adheres the skin.

Beuins Pore Clay Mask – the clay mask pack makes skin smooth and healthy by absorbing and removing sebum and impurities from pores with soft and moisturizing Moroccan clay.

Beuins Sleeping Mask, Beuins clay mask, korean sleeping mask

Beuins Nutrition Sleeping Mask – the nourishing sleeping mask pack makes skin moisturized and radiant with ingredients such as Centella asiatica and macadamia oil.

Beuins Hydro sleeping mask – this moisturizing sleeping mask pack promotes the water circulation of skin and provides moisture to skin with ingredients such as bursting water droplets and plant-based moisturizing ingredients.

Beuins Sleeping Mask, Beuins clay mask, korean sleeping mask

I’ve used the Beuins Clay Mask few weeks ago, and I may say one of the good clay mask that I’ve tried. This one packet can be consumed up to 3 to 4 times depending how thick you apply the mask on to your face. I applied it onto my face after a cleansing my face with my recently favorite Althea Bare Essentials Contouring Cleanser, especially when I feel so tired and my face need immediate attention.

And since it is in a travel size pack, it is perfectly convenient to carry inside your vanity kit, both local and overseas travel.

Beuins Sleeping Mask, Beuins clay mask, korean sleeping mask
Then on that same week, am also using this Beuins energy sleeping mask in to help add some energy to my tiring face. It was impressive as it doesn’t have irritating scent and it was very easy to spread on to my face. It smoothly stays to my face without the sticky feeling overnight. The following day, I have to rinse it off with lukewarm water, and voila!

Feels heavenly!

Note: This kind of sleeping mask is something that I will not scare your boyfriend or husband sleeping next to you. I mean lets me real here – most of our partners will not want to sleep with someone who wear a full white face on!


Beuins Sleeping Mask, Beuins clay mask, korean sleeping mask
(Look how white my face using the Beuins clay mask, by I never sleep with it, lol).

I consumed this pack for 3 to 4x, which is very reasonable, good for a week of usage.

Since I’ve enjoying these Beuins sleeping mask and clay mask, I think I would be glad to grab its full size (cost Php440.00 at Althea Korea shopping app). For more information, you may check their website (Hangul version).

Have you tried this sleeping mask? I would love to know your thought below!

xoxo Blair

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  1. I have heard that South Korea has probably the best makeup and skincare lines in the whole world. My friend lived there for 6 years and she used to be a beauty snob for the big-name stuff and when she came back from Korea her whole life was changed!

    1. Hahaha yeah I have many friends who are like that. South Korea, including Japan, China, Taiwan and Thailand are the cities that have huge beauty industry.


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